Friday, 18 January 2019

Buying The Perfect Wedding Dress

If you're getting married, the chances are you've given some consideration to what you're going to wear for the big day. In the past options for plus size brides have been limited, which is a shame because it can promote the culture that you must lose weight in order to get married. I've recently been asked to introduce AW Bridal to you, and I am delighted to say they have dresses up to a size 30!

Although I am not on the look out for a plus size wedding dress, I am always delighted when fat fashion gets a look in and shops offer a size range that suit people! I think it is really important that people can wear whatever they want no matter their size and I am glad that retailers are catching up with this thought too!

I've had a browse of the AW Bridal website and they see to have something for everyone. I know when I was a bridesmaid at a friends wedding a few years ago finding a dress was a worry - so I am glad to say that AW bridesmaid dresses are a thing!

Making Shopping Easy

One thing I liked about their site is that they have a really handy size chart, which you can display measurements in centimeters or inches. Stuff like this can make finding dresses so much easier - especially when it is something like a wedding dress which is essential that it fits correctly.

If you are shopping for something like this, I would recommend measuring yourself accurately rather than guessing, as this gives you the best chance of getting something that fits you well and is comfortable to wear!

Their dresses look exquisite and they really do have something that would be to the style of most brides and bridesmaids looking for a traditional dress!

Have you shopped for a wedding dress? What was your experience like?


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Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Planning the Perfect Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are probably hundreds of of magazines, blog posts and guides you can read that will tell you how to have the perfect day. However, as handy as these guides are - who really can say what is perfect?

The truth is that there is always a  big build up to a wedding, with worry about everything running smoothly and going to plan. This is fine, but I imagine that sometimes the worry of this can spoil the lead up to the big day and in some cases the day itself. The truth is that there is no real set list of what makes a wedding perfect. We're all different, have different tastes, needs and budgets. If I were planning a wedding, I think the most important thing would be staying true to myself and ensuring that whatever I do plan, I am doing it because I want to and not because I think it is what is expected or what I think my guests will like.

Planning What You Want

Whatever you plan, your guests just want you to be happy and enjoy your day. So, make sure you plan what you want to do and stick to it. That being said, there is nothing wrong with reading up on some wedding inspiration and getting ideas on what you would like for your big day. You can even Google ideas around what you would like and really plan something special.

For example, I am a massive fan of photos - I don't think you can take to many! So something like a wedding photo swap would be perfect. There are loads of ways that you can get photos involved in your wedding - for example I would almost definitely have a photo booth with some fun props! These are great ice-breakers to help get everyone chatting together and you'll be left with some fun photos and amazing memories to look back on.

Get Inspired

The internet is a hive of wedding inspiration, so you can definitely take something away from these. I think, for me, the important thing would be to not copy items exact – because whatever type of wedding I would have, I want it to be unique.

Don’t forget as well, there are many different types of ceremony you can have, even if the big white wedding idea isn’t for you. You can also use some wedding ideas of other parties and special occasions. Want a photo booth for your 40th birthday? Favours for the table when you turn 30? Guest book at your 21st? Why not!

Just remember that whatever type of celebration you are arranging, it is for you and all about you. So plan something fun, but make sure it is something that you want and you’ll enjoy. Plan it and then get on with enjoying it, because if we’re all honest with ourselves – that is the most important part!

What are your must haves for a wedding or party?

Debz xx

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Thursday, 10 January 2019

Clothing Alterations And Beyond: How To Feel Confident In Whatever You Wear

Confidence is the key to happiness. Feeling great in whatever you wear could change how you live each day.

For years, society has dictated what’s in fashion and what should be in our wardrobes. We feel under pressure to fit in with the latest trends or to buy clothes specifically ‘suited’ to our body types, even though they may not necessarily be very ‘us’. It seems to be the way of the world these days.
However, to really become happy in your own skin when it comes to how you dress, it’s important to listen to yourself. What do you feel good in? Which style of fashion would you love to wear day to day? The answers to these questions should speak volumes.
So, how can you make sure you’re always confident with what’s in your wardrobe? Here are a few steps to consider:

Don’t be a sheep!

If you don’t feel confident in your own skin, it can show. As we’ve already mentioned, you need to listen to yourself. If you’re simply filling your wardrobe with the latest winter fashion that isn’t really ‘you’, then what’s the point?
You’ll have your own unique style hidden away somewhere – everyone does! This is what you should be embracing. Want to wear dresses whatever the weather? Are ripped jeans and a baggy shirt more your thing? Go for it! Don’t shy away from who you really are.

Cheaper can be better!

To be fashionable in your own way, you don’t have to search through designer brand rails or spend a fortune on an outfit. More than likely, you’ll find something perfect on the high street or even a charity store. In fact, sometimes, you can find incredibly similar items from a selection of different clothing stores!

Clothing alterations can be a godsend.

If you have a lot of great clothes already stored in your wardrobe but they don’t really fit anymore, you don’t need to throw them out completely. Clothing alterations could be just the ticket and adjusting your current clothing stash could be all that is needed. Whether you need jeans alterations or your favourite dress taking in or letting out, you can, a lot of the time, salvage your favourite pieces.
It can also be relatively simple to make a few tweaks to an outfit to make it suitable for any occasion. If you have a shirt you like to use as an everyday item, for example, then adding a belt and some leggings can make a lot of difference! It’s all about using your imagination to your advantage.

Don’t pay too much attention to size.

Size is just a number. If you’re thinking you need to be a certain size to fit in with the fast-paced fashion world, think again. It’s more important that an item of clothing fits you instead of you forcing yourself into a size that is uncomfortable, and, thankfully, a lot of clothing brands and stores are quite accommodating. Do your research and choose what fits!

Do the opinions of others matter?

Sometimes, the opinion of a friend or family member can be invaluable to a person. We’ve all asked the question, “Does this suit me?” when waltzing out of a clothing store’s changing room. However, sometimes, you just know when something looks good on you.
A dress, for example, may not be to the taste of others around you, but that doesn’t stop you feeling a million dollars in it. So, instead of always listening to what other people say, listen to yourself once in a while! After all, you do know best when it comes to your fashion choices.

Dress to impress – the right clothes will improve your confidence!

Hopefully, these tips will encourage you to live for the moment, and to dress for you and no one else. Do you have any tips in mind to stay confident in yourself? What is your preferred style? Let me know in the comments!

This post was in collaboration with Alterations Boutique, clothing alterations specialists in the UK. For more information about what they offer, visit their website:

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

4 Reasons Why Your Family Garden Needs an Artificial Lawn

We love our gardens. There’s nothing better than letting the kids out to play on sunny days and enjoying the warm weather with a glass of something chilled in hand.  

Keeping our gardens neat and tidy isn’t an easy task, however, and can sometimes prevent us from spending quality time with our families in the great outdoors. That’s why artificial lawns are becoming increasingly popular for many domestic households, and in this article New Lawn Artificial Grass Limited give us the low down as to why a fake lawn might be a great choice for you family.  

A Clean Home  

Do you dread letting the kids outside only for them to come in an hour later full of mud and grass stains? No matter the season, keeping the great outdoors where it belongs can be an arduous task when little ones are in and out of the house.  

While we can’t promise your children won’t make a mess elsewhere, an artificial lawn will at least take some of the headache out of keeping your home tidy. When artificial lawns are laid, the installers prepare the surface with an infill. This isn’t soil based, which means you can enjoy a mud free zone in your garden. Even after heavy rain, the water simply drains away leaving no puddles or slippy patches for kids to fall (or roll around) in!  

A Flat Play Area  

Whether your family consists of children or pets (or both!), natural lawns can take a significant beating from boisterous play and inquisitive minds.  

When the surface for your new lawn is prepped, a good installer will ensure the surface is completely flat. So, when the grass goes down, you’ll find no potholes or uneven patches that may cause a problem for users of the garden.  

Not only that but artificial grass is difficult for animals to dig up. In fact, they’re less likely to go on the hunt for buried treasure as there will be nothing to sniff out beneath your freshly laid lawn.  

A Non-Toxic Garden  

Artificial lawns are often created from nylon, polypropylene or polyethylene. These are perfectly safe materials that are sometimes even used in food-grade packaging! With this, you can be sure that whatever artificial grass product you decide on, it can be enjoyed by all members of the family without the worry of injury or harm.  

You’ll also never need to use nasties like fertiliser on your lawns when you’ve got an artificial one in situ. Artificial grass is UV resistant, so doesn’t fade after prolonged exposure to sunlight, nor will it wither and die due to drought or general ill health. Because of this, you can take comfort in the fact that children and pets won’t encounter any problems when they’re out enjoying the garden.  

A Beautiful Space for Minimal Effort  

What if we told you that you could scrap the lawnmower and still enjoy a gorgeous garden all year round?  
That’s exactly what an artificial lawn can do for you!  

Beyond the occasional brush and a splash of water (and, let’s face it, the rain can probably do that for you), a fabulous fake lawn requires very little maintenance to remain fresh.  

That means you can enjoy your outdoor space without feeling guilty when the lawn starts to resemble a mini rainforest in the growing season – and it will always be ready for the kids to hold an impromptu football match no matter the how much it rained earlier on in the day.  

Family friendly, low maintenance and beautiful. If those are the top three things you want from your garden, then an artificial lawn may be just the thing for you. New Lawn Artificial Grass Limited can support you in choosing a variety of artificial turf that meets your needs, so get in touch with them today (or, you can head over to the website and order a pack ofree artificial grass samples to see how great it is for yourself!) 

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Shine With The Right Accessories This Season

Every girl wants to look her best and to do that you'll know what the coming seasons’ trends will be, but that is
not the only thing you need to get right. In fact, you also need to pick accessories that are not only on trend but
suit your colouring, body shape, and own personal style as well. Luckily, that is a topic that I can help you with,
so keep reading for advice on all things accessories below.


Nothing brightens up an outfit like a necklace, but how do you know which one from the millions that are on offer
are right for you?

Well, traditionally us voluptuous ladies are meant to wear larger styles, a this can help create a sense of
proportion. However, while this is an excellent tip, it really shouldn't stop you wearing anything you like! After all,
there is so much choice, why should we limit ourselves to just one sort of style!

In particular, this season the bold and often irreverent perspex jewellery that is now on that market can work
particularly well to lift an otherwise everyday outfit. Also, as in the coming season, we are going to see a lot of
neon and bold, acid colours, choosing a piece in these tones will ensure you are bang on trend as well.


Picking the right style from the vast variety of bracelets that are on offer can be confusing! You can end up
asking yourself whether to go with a cuff, one with charms, or even beads.

Of course, the key here is to match your choice to the outfit that you are wearing. For example, a retro style
dress with a fifties flared skirt, and polka dots can be set off perfectly with a chunky beaded bracelet.

However, if you are going for more on an edgy or boho vibe, then cuffs that are layered together can give you
that right amount of delicate volume to complete your look.


There is all sort of advice out there on how to match your earnings to the out for you are wearing. For example,
halter necks are often worn with long, dangling earring as they elongate the face and direct attention to the neck
and decolletage.

Of course, even when you have decided on the type of earring to go for, there are still millions to choose from.
Particular favourites of this coming season include geometric shapes in monotone colours, something that has an
almost modish vibe. Although vintage look metallics are also big in SS 2019, so do look out for earrings finished
in old gold, pewter, and even copper to ensure you are wearing the most up to date look.


Shoes maketh the man and the woman, for sure, but I don't care what anyone says because if they are
uncomfortable, they are less than pointless. Happily, there is a distinct trend toward the chunky platform and
flatform sole this season. Something that means you can pick footwear that is will not only help you to shine
style-wise but will allow you to walk miles in comfort as well!

Monday, 7 January 2019

Plus Size Clothing - Seeking Out Alternatives!

We all know that plus size clothing doesn't always have as many options as we would like, especially if you're above a size 22/24; where options get much more sparse.

That said, plus size fashion definitely has improved over recent years and it's worth celebrating this! Many brands are starting to offer a wider range of choice, and I really hope that 2019 this trend continues! However, we're still not at a stage we should/could be, so it's worth considering what you can do to dress exactly how you would like, no matter your size.

Men's Clothing

One of the biggest trends I have seen recently is people ignoring gender labels on clothing and wearing exactly what they want - which is great news if you ask me! Men's clothing can sometimes have more generous sizes which is good - but also if you're willing to wear things such as men's t shirts, you open up a whole new range of choice!

Think Oversize

One thing I saw taking off last year and I would love to see more of, is people wearing over sized items in a more fitted fashion. If you get an over sized dress in a size 18 then you can often wear this even if you would usually wear something nearer a 22/24. It is all about experimenting and working out what works for you.

Ignoring Sizes

I have always championed this and it is something I will continue to do. Clothing sizes aren't always worth paying attention to, especially if you're in a store. Instead try things, see how stretchy they are, how generously sized they are cut and you might just find something that will work, even when you didn't expect it!

What tips would you share for finding plus size clothing gems?

Debz xx

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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Protect Your Feet with Durable Workboots for Men

More than ever, today's fashion is so radical that some of the pieces we would never consider as a fashion detail, some people are happy to wear. One of those is workboots, which were made exclusively for employees, their safety and security several decades ago.

Working outfits were formerly synonymous for uniforms and overalls, big, heavy shoes, and many stains of unknown origin. Those were ready-made clothes, and no one would dare to wear it out of work. The workboots usually were bulky, often uncomfortable and ugly, but they served the purpose.
Today, working clothes and footwear today have many roles. Besides those standard ones, providing body covering and protection against dirt, physical, chemical, and all other work risks, these pieces now have both aesthetic and practical purpose.

Protect Your Feet and Look Good

Before they "walk in" to the runaways, workboots became the trademark of the working class. Today, professional operators, craftsmen, and DIY workers expect much more from their footwear. They want to look good while working, paying attention to cuts, models and colors, but comfort, quality of material, and durability remain a priority.
Between the design and functionality of workboots, always opt for the second one. Fortunately, many manufacturers have begun to understand the importance of aesthetics for modern men, so today they can find pretty stylish models, which can be fit into any non-working outfit.
However, no matter how impressive the workboots you like are, always look at their features. Check see the tags on them mean, and try them on. Trusted manufacturers sell their models with complete documentation and guarantee that their footwear really meets all prescribed standards.

How to Choose Proper Workboots

You know that a smart choice of workboots will make you an investment that will quickly pay off. Before shopping time, you have to know what you are looking for and what the characteristics your footwear must have (more info find on this page). The search must be detailed since it's something that you'll wear for a long, long time (not to mention that quality working shoes can save your life).

Be Careful with the Size

When buying working footwear, you should choose workboots that are half the size larger. Although these shoes are standardized, there are differences in the size of footwear depending on manufacturer and model. You should keep this in mind if you opt for an online shopping option.
Since you need the flexibility of your legs for a lot of movement on the workplace, your feet need space to sweat and breathe while you wear workboots. Comfortable shoes are necessary for colder weather too, as it provides extra space for additional insulation (thicker socks or foot pads).
When buying working shoes, it is best to try them on with socks thinner than those you wear during working hours. This way, you'll get a feeling for the size of your shoes and additional space. Tie your shoelace and walk as you wear them in the workplace.

Water-resistant or Waterproof

If your workplace implies a humid environment, you'll need water-resistant workboots. For the upper part of footwear, manufacturers are using solid, thick materials, which are treated with different chemicals for increasing water-repellency. But only if they are marked as WRU (Water resistant upper), they meet the prescribed standards.
However, be careful when shopping, as there is often confusion with terms water proof and water repellent.  In case of water repellency, your feet won't be wet for a while, only if you provide them with regular maintenance - drying workboots after working hours and its protection with specific agents.
And it’s good to know that water resistance doesn’t mean waterproofing; but quality boots water proof - men's selection  guarantees a stay in humid conditions without your feet being wet.

Rubber Soles as Insulation of Electric Hazards

The rubber is an excellent material for workboots soles. Although you can find models with leather bottoms too, for workers dealing with electricity, water or hazardous chemicals, the rubber is the best choice. This material is quite hard to form and design, so there are some standardized workboots models that suit these purposes.

Apart from being a good insulator, rubber is comfortable and provides your feet with excellent support. After longer standing and spending hours wearing working footwear, when even the most comfortable shoes start to bother you, the rubber sole brings such a relief to your feet.

Working and protective footwear are essential for your health and safety. It is always the best choice to invest in good workboots than to save a couple of dollars on footwear of disputable origin. Often insignificant price differences can be noticeable in terms of quality and durability. So don't rush to buy the first pair of workboots you run into.

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