Wednesday, 15 August 2018

How To Make Your Home More Homely

Whilst the weather forecasters are predicting that we’re destined for round two of this sizzling summer, which in many ways should be a good thing, autumn is very much on the horizon.  

Indeed, you simply need to visit a supermarket that is packed with “back to school” gear to appreciate the fact leaves will soon be falling, acorns and conkers will soon abound, and that smell of the sweet damp earth will tantalise our homemaking muscles to create a much more cozy and homely environment.

Autumn is a fantastic time for getting out and about, as it’s cooler than summer, yet not so cold it’s prohibitive, and with all the different hues of red, orange and yellow, venturing out of the city to somewhere like Kew Gardens or Richmond Park can be a really nice weekend treat.

In the kitchen, we go from cooling salads and ice cubes to warming soups and hot drinks; yet if your home doesn’t feel very homely, then you can miss out on that warm, cosy and protective feeling we all look forward to in Autumn; be this from sitting by an open fire, to wearing our favourite scarf, Autumn is definitely the season to start battening down the hatches and make yourself cosy.

That said, cosy doesn’t have to be cutesy when it comes to interior design.  Indeed, you can pair trendy made to measure S:CRAFT Blinds with softer fabrics to ensure you retain a clean, minimalist and modern feel to your interior whilst adding in warming touches such as cushions and throws.  Sometimes, simply injecting some colour into an otherwise white room can make all the difference too.

The tips below will help you make your home feel more homely this autumn, and they are particularly pertinent for those getting ready to move house, as home is much more than the bricks and mortar you purchase - it’s all about how you feel in the property, and a large part of how you feel comes down to how quickly you can make yourself at home in a practical sense.  For instance, if you’re the type of person to still have unopened boxes littered throughout your new property months down the line, you’re unlikely to feel as “at home” and settled in the new property than you would if everything was unpacked.  

Similarly, if you’ve moved into a modern property with mostly white appliances and neutral walls, it might be nice as a show home, and could even make the front cover of an interior magazine, but it’s unlikely to make you feel “cosy” so it’s important to inject some colour, and some of your own personality into the place, in order to feel at home there.

Now, let’s take a look at a few tips to help you make your home more homely this autumn:

One of the fastest and most effective ways to make a space more warm and cosy is to use the principle of layering, for instance, by layering blankets and cushions on top of otherwise dull and lifeless furniture.

We often overlook the importance of the colours of our walls, and instead head to shops looking for candles, fabrics and other nic-nacs to make a space more cosy, yet often if you’re not careful this can reach the point of clutter rather than cosy - so one of the most vital aspects is to use warm colours on your walls.

The effects of colour are subtle yet significant and they play a huge role in creating the ambience of a room.  If you head for water shades like terracotta, deep oranges, certain blues and even some browns they will create a more cosy and warm feeling than the cooler colours such as pale blues, greens and greys.

Lighting is one of the most imperative aspects of creating warmth within a property; if you are using bright white lights that flood the room with artificial light this can be very helpful for productivity, yet when it comes to creating a more warm and homely atmosphere then a more subtle and subdued light is what you’re after.

There are some great ways to achieve this, that are also very cheap, such as fairy lights, candles or even putting fabric over an otherwise bright lamp (just be careful of the fire risk).  You want to avoid intense bright light if your goal is to create a more relaxing environment; instead opt for things like Morrocan lamps or Salt Crystal lamps that radiate a warm, colourful, glow that is not too bright.

The other consideration is that your home is used for different purposes, and therefore a dimmer switch on your lights can be very helpful.  This way, you can turn up the lights bright when you are needing to work and focus - whilst if you’re looking to create a more romantic or relaxing mood, you can turn them down low.

The final tip, when it comes to lighting, is to replace the “cool tone” bulbs of many lamps with warmer bulbs - as this will instantly make the place feel much more cosy.

In a similar vein to lighting, you want to use candles in order to transform the mood and create a relaxing ambience with their soft glow, particularly if they are aromatherapy candles they can really help lower the energy and assist in relaxation and calming down after a busy day in the city.

The final tip, may sound a bit unexpected, but if you simply turn the heat up in your house just a degree or two, you will feel much more cosy… after all, have you ever been in a house where they have the heating on so low you are almost shivering as you get into  bed. The physical heat creates a sense of inner warmth and a feeling of comfort that is hard to find in a particular fabric or a certain colour of paint.

Monday, 13 August 2018

4 Tips To Help You Buy The Perfect Bra

Buying underwear is so easy for men. Most of the time, they just walk into a shop and grab the first pack of pants they can find. But for women, it’s so much harder. Getting the right bra is easier said than done but it’s so important. A bra that doesn’t fit properly or isn’t the right shape can be incredibly uncomfortable or even painful in some cases. You’re going to be wearing it all day every day so you absolutely have to make sure you get the perfect one. If your bras aren’t quite right and you don’t know where you’re going wrong, read this handy list of tips for buying the perfect bra.

Know Your Body Type

The biggest mistake that people make when they’re choosing a bra is assuming that sizes are all going to be the same. It actually varies quite a bit depending on your body type and somebody with a lot of curves is going to need a different style to somebody that is smaller. If you don’t know what your body type is and you don’t choose a bra that is right for that body type, it’s not going to fit quite right even if you think you’ve got the size right.

Get A Proper Measurement Regularly

People also assume that once you reach adulthood, your size isn’t going to change that much but it can fluctuate quite a lot. Most people just go and get the size that they usually get and assume that it’s correct. What you should be doing is getting measured every 6 months or so just to check. You might find that you’ve been wearing the wrong sized bra for a long while. You also need a professional to measure you because even though you might think you’ve got the right size, you could be a bit off.

Choose Something That Makes You Feel Good

A bra is first and foremost a functional piece of clothing that’s there to give you support, but that doesn’t mean you always have to go for something plain. Just like the rest of your clothes, you should buy something that makes you feel good when you wear it. You can get plenty of cheap sexy underwear online. Having underwear that makes you feel sexy will make you feel more at home in your outfit as a whole, you can’t build a good outfit without proper foundations.

Look After Them Properly

Bras are pretty expensive so you don’t want to be buying them all the time. They’ll wear out eventually but you can make them last a lot longer if you look after them properly. A lot of bras say hand wash only on them but they end up in the washing machine with everybody else because it’s easier. However, they’re hand wash only for a reason and if you keep putting them through the washing machine all the time, the stitching will wear out quickly and you’ll get wiring coming through the fabric and digging into your skin which is incredibly uncomfortable. Always look at the washing instructions and follow them to the letter if you want your bras to last.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be able to get good quality, comfortable bras that fit properly every time.  

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The Perfect Gifts All Year Round


There are many occasions that require finding that perfect gift, whether it’s a present for a birthday, Christmas, or even as a token of appreciation. So, what are the perfect gifts that you can give all year round?

Image result for gifts
Our favourite must-have gifts to give your loved ones include:

The Charm Bracelet

With the ability to commemorate friendships, relationships and memories, to name just a few the Charm is the perfect piece of jewellery when it comes to thoughtful gifts.

With a variety of options to choose from for every occasion, charms come in all shapes and sizes with favourites including:

Tree of Life
If you’re looking for the perfect Tree of Life charm to give to a loved one, take a look at this charm available at

The tree of life charm has a variety of stories behind its meaning. It has been suggested that the symbol itself is a reminder that everything on earth is connected. It is also said to have meaning such as harmony, wisdom and healing. The symbol is commonly used within generations of families.

Butterfly Charm
Known as a symbol of change, joy or colour the butterfly charm is a lovely addition to any piece of jewellery. A great gift for anyone who is contemplating or in the midst of major changes.

Experience Days

If your loved ones prefer to make memories than receive presents, experience days are the perfect alternative.

Whether it’s driving round in Supercars, Offroading in a 4x4 or going for Champagne Afternoon Tea, experience days are a great way of making unforgettable memories with friends and loved ones.

Personalised gifts

Take your thoughtful gift idea one step further with the addition of personalisation and give them a gift that was made just for them. It could be a mug, pillow, item of clothing or piece of jewellery, a personalised gift can be loved and enjoyed by all.       

Debz x

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Saturday, 11 August 2018

Oh, Where Will You Travel?

I am not very well travelled and it is something that I would really like to change in the future. Although I haven't given much thought to where I would want to go, I know there are some places that would be great to see! 

When I was younger, I became scared of flying and so haven't flown since. I have had plenty of chances to but always declined and stayed at home. As someone that is a massive advocate for living your best life, I guess this isn't the approach, but it's the one I have.

That said, when I saw friends looking up cheap holidays to Spain this year, or jetting off to America and having a few weeks of summer adventure, I think I want a piece of that! I definitely think sometime in the next few years I would like to travel aboard, the question is to where?

Seeing as lots of people seem to enjoy the tourist parts of places such as Spain, I think that could be a good start. I know that when it comes to Spain, there is something for everyone so once I got there, I could enjoy the exact type of holiday that I want. I've seen friends photos of Spanish beaches, food and bars and know that I would absolutely adore it if I was to get out there!

Image result for spanish beaches

As someone who gets excited walking around Birmingham parks in the sunshine and visiting Blackpool, I just know that a holiday to a place like this would blow my mind. Much like anything, shopping online for a holiday like this is a really good idea as there are some real bargains out there! By the looks of it, once I am there you can spend as little or as much as you like too, depending on the type of places you visit - perfect if you're on a budget!

Maybe I should make it my aim to go on a plane and visit somewhere like Spain before I turn 40.

Are there any travel adventures you'd like to have?

Debz x

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3 Tips to buying trendy and stylish lingerie

Lingerie is an intimate part of a woman's sexual side. They help bring out the beauty and sexiness of ladies and make them feel good and confident inside and outside. The choice of the right lingerie is very essential for a lady. Below are three essential guiding tips you can put in mind when choosing the perfect lingerie.

1. Bear In Mind the Occasion

Wearing lingerie that matches an occasion is very essential as it helps set the tone. There is lingerie that perfectly suits a date, an outdoor relaxation at the beach or just being indoors. Be very mindful of this. You would not want to wear lingerie that will embarrass you and make you look like a clown. For example, if you are heading out to the beach, perfect lingerie will be that which has bright colors. This sets that alluring tone for both you and your partner and even friends. If it is a Halloween type of occasion, it will be awesome to try out Gothic lingerie just so you blend in perfectly.

In addition, when choosing lingerie bear in mind the weather. For instance, during cold conditions, you will want to go for those that will guarantee you warmth. On the other hand, on hot conditions, you can go for the light and loose lingerie.

2. Go For the Stylish Designs

With fashion, all aspects are very important especially if you are seeking that elegant and posh look. Being an inner garment, many would tend to ignore this aspect, but it’s very essential. You would not want your partner to look at you and not feel turned on by her woman or you wear lingerie with a funny design that leaves you looking like a clown in front of your friends. To avoid these moments of embarrassment go for the best designs.

Start by going online and checking out the online lingerie stores or modeling websites for ideas. You will be able to view a wide range of designs from which you can select the ones that match your body and personal style. In addition, go for the recognized fashion brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton among others. Well, known fashion brands offer wide array lingerie with well-thought-out designs.

beautiful, bed, bedroom

Also, you can have your partner, fashion stylist or friends help you out in case you find it hard settling on the best. Overall, go for different designs to give your wardrobe that refreshing feel.

3. Pay Attention to the Fabric

The fabric of a cloth will determine if it is worth buying or not. Do not indulge in something that you are not so sure of. Always go for lingerie whose fabric feels comfortable on your skin. A good lingerie fabric is the one which is silky and smooth. Lingerie with a rough fabric will bring about abrasion, itchiness and skin irritation when you wear them. Furthermore, go for lingerie with nice fabric colors and prints. This will add greatly to your overall style and look.

In a nutshell, the above tips are essential but they will work well if you can take the time to know your body. Everyone is different and body shapes are unique. The key thing is going for what suits your personal style and guarantees you maximum comfort.

Debz xx

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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

How to get ready to move to a new house

Deciding to up sticks and move to a new house is a big but exciting decision. Maybe you’re looking for somewhere bigger to live so you can start a family, are relocating for a dream job, or downsizing and letting yourself enjoy retirement in an idyllic countryside cottage. Whatever your reasons, the fact you’re moving to a new house shows something is going right for you, so, you will want the big move to go right for you too! In this article, you will learn essential information that you will need when preparing to embark on changing your living situation.

Knowing what you have to work with

Before you can start looking at places you want to move to, you have to deal with selling your current house. Of course, this is an obvious thing to do, but you need to make sure that the profit you make from selling your current house is going to be enough to afford the ideal new home you have been dreaming about. You need to see how much has your house increased in value before you start looking, so you know how much money you have to play around with. You may find you are pleasantly surprised by the increased value of your home and can afford somewhere better. Another plus to finding out the increased value of your current house is that you get a sense of how much it goes up in value every year. If it is increasing quickly, you may even want to postpone looking for a new home so that you can sell at an even higher price.

Making the right choice

There are lots of things to think about when choosing a new home that you will want to consider seriously before putting in any offers. It doesn’t just involve looking at the interior of the house but considering external factors that could impact your life. For example, a good thing to consider in depth is the location. You will need the practical boxes ticked, such as being close to work and shops, but also being part of a neighbourhood that you can thrive in, and your family can grow in safely. When you go and view a potential property, make sure you leave time either before or after the viewing to have a walk around the local area so that you can get a feel of what this new place might be like to live in.

Turning a house into a home

Once you have made the move, there is the small task of turning that house into your home by filling it with your things and building up the character of the place. The way to start is by getting together some ideas on how to furnish your new home, starting with the bigger piece of furniture, such as a dining table and sofa, before moving onto the finishing touches that will make the place pop.

Moving home is a wonderful thing, and now you are all ready to start on this wonderful new adventure.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Am I Ready To Date?

I feel like once you start to get older and you remain single, there becomes a pressure to date. People expect you to want to settle down and have a family, so when you don’t do this, they can start to question why this is.

I haven’t always loved dating and I haven’t always had the best experiences, so there are times when I just don’t feel like dating at all. I have always felt happy with this, knowing that my love life (or lack of) is my decision and mine only. But that doesn’t stop people asking why you’re single or when you’re going to settle down. I understand, I’m 35 so a “proper grown-up” but that doesn’t mean that I want to date just for the sake of it.

I have never been one of these people who want to date just because it means a night out. I know lots of people like getting out of the house and so an excuse to go for a drink with someone else is a good way to do this. However, that doesn’t work for me. I only see the point in going on a first date with someone, where I feel like there will be a chance of a 2nd date. I know life doesn’t always work like that, but I do try to live by that if I can.

I always know when I am ready to do and when I need a break, so I would say that you can listen to your own instinct and do what is right for you.

When To Start Dating

Whether you have been single for a while or just out of a relationship, it can be hard to know when to dive into dating again. I would say there are no set rules, people are ready at time times and move at different paces. The best thing to do is go in with no expectations, that way you can just go with the flow and make it something you like – after all, dating is supposed to be fun!

Remember as well, just because you have decided to join a dating website doesn’t mean you have to rush out and meet people. There is nothing wrong with sticking a toe in the water and getting a feel for it before you dive right in. You might even just chit chat to a few people before you get a feel for someone that you really want to get out there and meet – and that’s okay too!

Dating The Right Way

One of the best things about online dating is that you literally get to decide. For starters, there are different types of dating websites out there. Want a casual hook up? Fine! Feel like you only want to date someone really local? No problem! Fancy a sugar daddy? Go for it! Adult dating sites? Go for it! Serious relationship? You got it! Of course, you do need to take lots of online dating and what people tell you with a pinch of salt, but there’s definitely great places to start!

Then of course, when you do sign up you get to choose what goes on your profile and how much of yourself you put out there. For example if you decide sex dating sites are the choice for you, you may decide to keep your profile more vague than if you’re seeking a serious, long term relationship.

When I join traditional dating websites I tend to opt for a nice selfie and a couple of full length pictures. It’s important to me that people can see exactly what I look like and that they are happy with that. I have a few paragraphs about what I am looking for, my body and my expectations. That way, everyone knows where they stand and there should be no nasty surprises. Of course, that isn’t always the case so every time I meet someone I tend precautions to ensure I am safe. Always meet in a public place and let someone know where you are going. 

Don’t go anywhere private with someone until you feel comfortable and it is always okay to go home if you don’t feel safe. Make your own way home and if they insist that you stay, remind yourself you are well within your rights to leave.

Whenever you date, whoever you date, however you date – have fun!

Debz x