Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Importance of Good Office Furniture

For a well run office it's really important that you look at other pieces of furniture that can help. Organisation is key and I know that office storage is really important for this. You might think that things like filing cabinets aren't essential, but they really make a massive difference.

When you're trying to get something done at work the last thing you want to do is be searching around for paperwork or someones account details. With the right storage system you can feel confident that you're going to be able to put your hands on something quickly and easily.

I should probably confess - I am writing this blog post, sat in bed with my laptop resting on my knees. I am sure I am an office health and safety teams worst nightmare, but thankfully I only sit like this every now and then.

Picture thanks to Combi Boiler Leeds

When it comes to work I try to make sure that I sit sensibly in my chair - it's easy to slouch over and feel like this is more comfortable. However I work long days and I often feel back ache if I don't properly. A good chair, which can be adjusted to suit you is essential. We all need different amounts of support, different seat heights and even different ways we'd like the arms of our chairs. 

You could also consider what else you can add to make your working environment great - and that isn't always about how you sit. Being happy where you work is essential too - so don't be afraid to put photos of loved ones on your desk, buy a desk plant and of course decorate for special occasions such as Christmas. It really does make all the difference!

When it comes to your work environment, what piece of furniture could you not live without?

Debz x

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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Pretty Vintage Dress? Owl Take That!

Lady Voluptuous you have done it again! Last week they sent me some of their Winter Collection to try and I love it - I'll be posting pics of the other dresses soon but this is my favourite so I had to share it with you.

I love the dressy style of Lady V Voluptuous dresses but sometimes you want something a bit more casual - which for me means dress and leggings. When I saw the Olivia dress go on the website, I knew she would be perfect for this. She comes up quite long in length that I would wear her without leggings too, so win-win.

I love the dark colours of this dress and of course the owl print is fantastic. I am always on the look out for dresses with unusual prints and this was definitely ticks that box. I can picture this with leggings and winter boots for those days when it's extra chilly!

I have talked very many times about my love for this brand and what Georgina Fuller Figure Fuller Fuller Bust helped create. However what I love most about this brand is that they actually listen. They're offering so many styles up to a size 32 and they really pay attention when people talk about what they want - dresses with unusual styles for example.

The fit of the Olivia is great - it's a very thick, stretchy material which makes it not only comfortable to wear but a great fit. 

What is your favourite Lady Volup dress?

Debz x

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Friday, 25 November 2016

Dear Linda: Plus Size Awards

I am sure you have heard about what happened with the British Plus Size Awards this weekend, but in case you're yet to catch up, you can read all about it here.

Today we were issued with a statement

Dear Linda

While I appreciate that unless your statement said "I'm really sorry, here have your money back" no one would have been happy, I think your statement is nothing less than a shambles - it was over 80 words into your statement before you even said you were sorry. People reading your statement are hundreds of pounds down, waited a week to hear from you and you thought it was more important to tell us about your 21 years in the industry than it was to actually apologise.

I agree you have done some fantastic work within the plus size industry, but your action over the past 7 days has literally destroyed that. People are doubting other events nothing to do with you, events that are to do with you have been cancelled and people have such little faith in what is happening that we're arguing with each other. That wipes out anything you claim to have done over the past 20 years. You ruined it and you're not even sorry.

I understand that you are protecting yourself from possible legal cases and being careful with your non committal of words, but you haven't given anyone any answers. Who were the winners? Will they get their awards? Will brands who sent you items for goody bags get their items back? Will you even TRY to get us refunds? Your testament is nothing but a subtle reminder of the good you have apparently done for the industry, while giving us literally nothing surrounding the actions of the last week.

You claim to have exhausted every avenue to avoid the cancellation of the plus size awards but this is simply not true. I know of no brands you have asked for the help of. You could have asked bloggers. You could have done a cut down event and explained to people why it had to happen - at least people would have had somewhere to go, instead of being turfed out of a venue, in many cases on the other side of the world from home - with literally no back up plan!

Your lack of passion in the statements you have issued, your refusal to show any empathy and your reluctance in giving any answers is very telling in the passion you put into saving the plus size awards and quite frankly the damage you have done to this industry is unforgivable, I only hope it's one that can be fixed.


Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Letting in Birmingham

As most of you probably know by now, I recently relocated to the Midlands. A few people have asked me why the big move but honestly I don't have an exact answer. I fancied a change and so just went for it.

When I decided to make the move I wasn't sure how I could make everything work - I couldn't find a house without a job and I struggled to find a job when I wasn't permanently located in Birmingham. In the end I ended up in a house share, which I plan to stay in for a few months before finding my own place.

I'll be honest and say I just jumped into the move - I decided I wanted to do it, so I did. I didn't really do much research and I don't really know much about my rights as a tenant. That's why when HomeLet invited me to share this with you, I jumped at the chance. I definitely should have been more sensible with my move, so sharing this with others seems the next best thing!

** Click image to make bigger **

That said, I have to say my move here has been about as smooth as it could be - touch wood. I had heard complete horror stories about living in a shared house and wasn't sure I would like it at all. but honestly it seems really fantastic. The people I live with are friendly enough, I have plenty of space and my landlord is pretty on the ball with stuff!

However, if you're planning to do the same as me - please do more research because I assume everyone isn't as lucky!

Have you moved area before? What tips would you share?

Debz xx

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*written in conjunction with HomeLet

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Getting What You Need

Last week I was invited to try out the Bidvine app for size and I have to say I am really glad I did. Bidvine is perhaps one of the most handy apps that have been released in a while, I’m confident I’ll be using it again.

The idea behind the app is that you find people who can do jobs for you, quickly and easily. I had a look for photographers, because I’ve always liked the idea of having professional shots done for the blog – but you can basically look for almost anything you need. Put in what you’re looking for (it guides you through with handy sections and sub categories), the area you are and how much you want to pay and wait for bids to come in.

You can practically look for anything on the app – photographers, cleaners, handy men, creative people and much more. It’s a London based app but it’s extending throughout the rest of the UK – I had no problems getting answers to my query based up in the Midlands, so they must be expanding pretty well!

I got a text message within an hour of signing up to tell me someone had sent a bid for the kind of job I needed – which was pretty impressive as it was around 6:30pm by the time I got round to signing up. The replies I got were really thorough with lots of information, so I can imagine that when it comes to hiring someone for you what you need the decision is made as easy as hassle-free as possible.

I have to say I found the app really easy to use which is a massive bonus for me. I love ordering stuff online but when an app is fiddly or time consuming I quickly lose interest. What I also liked is that you can message people who have sent you bids and ask any questions you have before you choose to book them for an app, and that has to be a good thing!

What would you search Bidvine for if you were going to use it?

Debz x

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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Shopping Sunday: Mens Clothing for Christmas

I've woken up today to a bright sunny morning - in fact it's pretty warm so I have all the windows open and I'm sat here chilling watching Sunday Brunch. Then I see something on Facebook to remind that Christmas is 6 weeks away. 6 WEEKS! How does that even happen? Sorry if I'm the one to remind you of this case, I know I wasn't that impressed to see it on Facebook this morning.

With the big day not far away I guess I had better start thinking about what to buy people and making some plans. When Jacamo invited me to take a look at their website, I thought it would be the ideal time to see what I might buy the men in my family. I haven't paid much attention to Jacamo in the past, surprisingly! But their range of menswear is actually pretty decent, I was pleasantly surprised.

I think polo shirts like this can be a lovely idea, because they're inexpensive and they can be worn with everything. Buying clothing for someone else can be difficult because you don't know what they like, especially if it's someone with an individual style. With shirts like this you get to give something nice but also practical. I like that Jacamo not only do plus size, but also have a tall range.  I don't know much about mens plus size shopping, but different options is always a good thing in my opinion.

If you're feeling flush you could even team it up with a blazer, if you really want to treat them well!

I actually really liked their Christmas shop section. I am a terrible window shopper online, so I get easily distracted and end up clicking through on items that I don't have much interest in, but I am just nosey! The gift finder section is set out nice and easy, so you can choose by budget, clothing style and even look at different sections for gift inspiration.  I love an easy life and this helps!

That said, I am not organised for Christmas shopping at all. Are you?

Debz xx

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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Big Move (Sort of) Down South

For those of you have that have been following my blog for a while, you're know that I started blogging when I lived in London. Although I am originally from down south by family moved up north when I was 21 and I soon followed... I loved living up North but I missed living in a big city so 4 years I moved to London.

I loved every single minute of living in London, it's definitely a place that has a special place in my heart. Even now when I visit I get an excited feeling as soon as I hit Euston, I can't explain it at all but it is definitely a place I would consider home. Sadly, London life is just too expensive for me and so after 24 glorious months I moved back home. I'll be there next week for the British Plus Size Awards though - YAY!

I loved being near to my family again and actually it turned out to be the best 2 years I could have been at home. I can't even begin to tell you how close I am to my family and living with them for the past 2 years was exactly what I needed, I couldn't and wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else.... but things change and it was time to move on!

I couldn't possibly afford to live in London until I win the lottery, so I decided to pick Birmingham! When I announced that I was going to make the move to The Midlands lots of people asked me why but honestly the only reply I could give was why not?

I have been to Birmingham a few times, I've a few friends dotted around nearby but nothing that ties me here - I wanted a fresh start and The Midlands proved to be it.

And so here I am!

I've now been here a month and I am really enjoying it! Being a grown up again is tough - having to consider things like bills, an actual proper food shop, home security etc - but you know what I really like it. I've fallen into a new job I really like, I've attended a few blogger events and starting to get really settled.

One thing I have really started to give more thought to is making my home secure. At the moment I am in a house share but the start of next year I hope to get into my own flat and really settle. I've been giving lots of thoughts of alarm systems, keeping out burglars and generally protecting my home. 

I guess I have been lucky that this has always been someone else responsibility before, but now it's time for me to give it some thought! Thankfully the internet has proved really helpful in this so I feel like I could be well-versed enough to be sorted when I am ready to move into my own place. It goes without saying that having a burglar alarm fitted is something that comes recommended.

There seem to be a few blogger events in Birmingham so you might see a bit of a turn in the content I offer here, but I think that'll make a nice change. I'm looking forward to meeting some news faces and building a new life here in Brummie land.

Debz xx

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