Wednesday, 22 October 2014

One Million Lovely Letters - Because We Should All Be Making A Difference.

Every so often I come across something that grabs my attention and I have to write about it. Admittedly it is usually something to rant about and someone that has made me mad, but tonight it's about something so beautiful it made my eyes leak.

I know that sometimes the whole issue of body image can be tiring. With so many issues surrounding us and so much that tries to bring us down, it can be exhausting. However, I also know that for many, many people there are others battles which can make life tough too!

It is easy for me to write about how you should love yourself and what you can do to make loving your body easy but today I discovered a young lady that actually does something to help people. Not with body image issues as such, but just a boost for those who need it, how amazing is that?

I watched Surprise Surprise today and came across a lovely lady called Jodie Ann Bickley who actually makes an effort to make a difference to peoples lives with her One Million Lovely Letters project.

It's inspirational to me that someone would take time out of their day to make someone else's life a little better and the One Million Lovely Letters project is nothing less than beautiful! She writes letters back to anyone who has written to her feeling a little down or hopeless and so far has written thousands of letters to people all over the world - how outstanding is that?

I love that there are people out there who want to actively make a difference in peoples lives and there are no words to describe how inspirational I think Jodie is.

Have a read of the project website - it's beautiful!

Debz xx

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Get A Better Mirror - The To This Day Project

I have probably mentioned this poem before and to be honest with you, I probably will again. I can not stress how important it is to me to watch, read and listen to body positive influences. It saddens me that we have to go out there and find them, but it is great that they're there to be found, should we want to!

This one - The To The Day Project by Shane Koyczan gets to me everytime I rediscover it, so if you have a spare 5 minutes make sure you give it a watch. It's beautiful.

And if you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself
Get a better mirror
Look a little closer
Stare a little longer
Because there’s something inside you
That made you keep trying
Despite everyone who told you to quit

If you have any body image, confidence, fat, size related items that you think I would love to see - please share the links!

Share this post with someone who needs a little boost today!

Debz xx

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ASOS Lace Skirt - Two's Company

A few weeks ago this skirt popped up on ASOS at a price of just £13 - how was I supposed to resist this?

I wore this for dinner and drinks out on Sunday afternoon in London, after a heavy night out in London the night before (School disco party at Club Indulge was never going to be pretty). I teamed it up with a plain black cami top (also from ASOS), a grey kimono (New Look) and a pink heart shaped bag (from New Look).

It was a bit windy when I took the pics so you'll have to excuse the windswept look, but it gives you an idea of just how pretty the skirt is! It is a little outside of my comfort zone of what I would usually buy but I am really glad that I bought it - it's so pretty!

Dinner at Grill Shack and Yates cocktails - no better way to spend a hungover Sunday afternoon!

Lucia from U Can't Wear That bought the skirt too! 

As you can see she looks brill in it - read her review here

What sale bargains have you grabbed lately?

Debz xx

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Bonmarché - It Really Is Good Shopping!

I don't know if you are the same as me, but when it comes to shopping I tend to stick to the same handful of shops. I know that I have plenty of options now when it comes to plus size retailers but for some reason I still tend to stick with what I know.

To me,  Bonmarché has always been a bit of a grown up shop and as someone who wants to stay young forever, I think that has always put me off a little bit. However, actually when they emailed me about the new Ann Harvey range I was pleasantly surprised.

For starters I was pleased to see that that the range goes right up to a size 32 which is great news. I am so used to seeing plus size ranges stop at a 24-26, so anything that goes above this gets my vote!

The Ann Harvey range at Bonmarché  actually has some really love items to choose from, especially if you are looking for a dress or outfit for a special occasion.

They also have a really nice collection of more basic items which would be a good addition to a wardrobe and can be styled in all sorts of ways

For me, seeing another name on the high street and online offering sizes up to a 32 in a range of their clothing is always a good thing! I am definitely going to make sure that I keep an eye on brands like this to see what they're offering, I am pretty sure I'll be able to pick up some gems along the way by doing so!

Have you tried anything from Ann Harvey and/or Bonmarché?

Debz xx

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Will This Fit? An Evans Shape Stylist Review!

Last week, the lovely ladies at Evans contacted me to tell me about a new service they're offering - The Shape Stylists. For me, it seems like such a fantastic idea and I am so surprised that something like this isn't used more often.

I am sure we all shop in much the same way when we shop on the high street - we hold items, we feel material, we stretch items etc just to see how well they'll fit us and whether we like them. Whilst online shopping is fantastic, you just don't get this same experience - especially if you want to buy an item that hasn't been reviewed by a blogger.

The idea behind The Evans Shape Stylists is that you can chat to someone about the items you are interested in and how well you think they will fit. You can ask them about stretch, length, size and even items to be paired up with them and recommendations! The stylists themselves are store staff from up and down the UK, so you get to speak to people who really know the products and are experienced when it comes to fitting them onto plus size bodies - brilliant!

When Evans gave me the chance to try the service for myself and buy a few items, I jumped at the chance - just because I think it's quite an exciting idea! I tried not to speak to the Evans ladies too much about the service before I went into it, just because I wanted to go into it as a normal customer and see how easy it was - and I was pleasantly surprised!

I decided to be sensible and look at getting some jeans and some winter boots, as I think I really have to start to come to terms with the fact that summer is well and truly gone. My Shape Stylist was Sarah and she couldn't have been more helpful! I haven't put the whole conversation up (because I chat ALOT!) but it gives you an idea on how the screen works and just how easy it is to chat to someone on this service.

Sarah ended up finding me some lovely ankle winter boots that I wanted and recommend that I give Jeggings a try, as I had been put off of buying these in the past - just because they're not something I've ever been able to buy on the high street and when shopping online it's hard to know what size to go for etc.

I found Sarah really friendly and she clearly knew her stuff. What I really loved is that it wasn't just about trying to push items for me to buy in order to make the sale, instead she was more than happy to tell me items to avoid and things that she didn't think I would get on with.

I ended up making a few purchases thanks to Sarah, which I am waiting to arrive and will review another day! I have to say that having another person to ask when it comes to plus size shopping is fantastic. I have relied heavily on plus size bloggers when it comes to product recommendations and help with brand sizing, but now having someone else to ask is bloody brilliant!

You can use the Shape Stylist service 7 days a week... 9am-9pm Monday-Friday, 3pm-7pm Saturday and 5pm-9pm Sunday too!

Have you tried the Evans Shape Stylist service before? Do you think this is something that you would find helpful?


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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items to buy in order to review this service (review of the clothes coming soon) and I am very grateful, but I am always open and honest in my review

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Massive Fan of Matalan

Earlier this year when Matalan announced that they were going to expand their plus size range, I was excited! Since then they have continued to add items to their range and I have to say I am constantly impressed.

One of the nicest things about the Matalan plus size range is the fact that it goes up to a size 30 and personally I am pleased whenever I see a range that goes above a size 26! When you look at the Matalan range you'll see that there are some lovely going out items and a good mixture of basics, so there is something for everything.

Some of my favourite picks are:

What's even better is that none of those items cost more than £25 and in fact the heart jumper is currently in the sale for £9 - bargain!

Seeing as winter is fast approaching I thought I'd better take a look at the coats and jackets they had and they actually have some amazing choices!

Have you bought anything from Matalan lately, what's caught your eye?

Debz x

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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Clothes That Strictly Have The X Factor!

WOW. Do I Get An award for the worst headline ever?? Probably!

Anyway, after a busy few weekends and another weekend away next weekend I thought I should have a quiet one this weekend - and actually I am quite enjoying! I had a beaut of a curry with my family earlier and now I am watching Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor is to follow!

Often when I am watching TV I find myself online window shopping and lusting over items that I can't afford or might buy in the future! To be honest this gets bigger and bigger each week, there's just so many pretty items out there!

So... I thought I would share with you some of the items I am lusting over at the moment!

Black And Pink Floral Print Midi Dress With Mesh Insert From Yours Clothing

I know it's not a very wintery pattern or colour but I really love this dress! It's in the sale for £22 at the minute too which is a bit of a bargain!

Exclusive Swing Dress In Pineapple Print by ASOS Curve

I haven't had massses of luck with swing dresses but I am determined to try them  more. I really love this unusual print and colouring.

Baby Doll Checked Dress by Simply Be

I have lusted over this baby doll check dress ever since I spotted it at Style XL! It's currently in the Simply Be sale so I would probably snap it up before it goes!

Do You Want Curves With That By Nicky Rockets

Nicky Rockets has a whole number of really funky, curvy character based t-shirts and this is my fave! I've held off so far because I am not sure how it will fit, but I do need to buy one of these at some point!

Dancing Lady Necklace

Something a little different, but this Dancing Lady Necklace from the team over at Black Heart Creatives could not be more perfect!

So there you have it, 5 items that are well and truly on my wishlist at the moment! What are you lusting after?

Debz x

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