Saturday, 21 October 2017

Another Lady V London Dress

For my birthday last month I was lucky enough to be given a new Lady V London dress by my friends. They know that I love the Phoebe dress so they splashed out and bought me this Teddy Solider print one and I love it

I personally love the shape of the Phoebe dress and I now have a couple of prints in the same shape. One of my favourite things about this dress is that it has a built in petticoat, which gives the skirt a nice lift and a beautiful shape.

I am a massive fan of the Lady Voluptuous range and love that they offer a huge range of vintage style dresses all up to a size 32. These days plus size fashion has improved and we do have some options when it comes to plus size fashion but lots of these stop at a size 26. I love that Lady Voluptuous opens up vintage style dresses to a whole new range of people.

I have loads of Lady V London dresses now and have to be honest and say that I have never been disappointed. All of their dresses are well made and definitely items that are going to last you a good length of time. Their full prices do make dresses a bit of an investment but they have some cracking sales that are well worth looking into.

Do you own any Lady V London?

Debz x

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Friday, 20 October 2017

Home Lust List: Roof Windows

As I am sure most of you know by now, I currently live in a house share in Birmingham. I planned to live here for a couple of months but it’s actually worked out really well and I have now been here a year. That said, I can’t see myself living in a house share forever, so in 2018 I will more than likely start to look for my own place.

With moving at the forefront of my mind I have been thinking about d├ęcor, home furnishings and all manner of home accessories. I love that there is so much out there to choose from and that you can literally design any style of home that you like.

When I have been looking at ideas of what I like, I really like the look of those top hung roof windows from Roof Windows Velux Shop – Of course these might not be the ideal choice for a rented property but they’re definitely on my wish list when it comes to my own home, should that ever happen in the future.

Personally I am a massive fan of sunshine and love loads of natural light in the summer months. Windows like these would be perfect for that and allow all of the sunshine to stream in through the glass. However I also know they’re well made so would keep out the cold when the weather when the winter months are here – which is always good thing!

What is on your current home Lust List?

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Ways To Motivate Yourself To Kick The Habit

As much as I don't really believe in good or bad behaviours when it comes to our own life choices, I am sure we all have a few habits that we consider "bad". These aren't things that I think you have to give up, but they are things you should quit - IF YOU WANT TO!

For example, I know I am lazy and take too many taxis places and want to look at ways to motivate myself to kick this habit and use public transport much more. Do I have to do this? No! Do I want to? Yes! (A little bit). The best way I have found to change anything is motivation. I know from speaking to friends that quitting smoking is something that is really tough, so motivating yourself to make this easier has to be a good thing! So what methods can you use?

What Will You Gain?

One of the best things I find for motivation is what I'll gain. So, for example when it comes to quitting smoking one of the most obvious things is how much money you'll gain  by giving up. You can easily do this by working out how much you have spent over the last month - we all know the cost of cigarettes is rising; so you might surprise yourself at just how much you are spending!

Treat Yourself

Get a money pot or spare savings account and move the money you would be spending on cigarettes into this. A lot of people find they can't actually afford to save up everything they would have spent (which is further proof of how much it is costing you) so even if you aim for 50%, over a few months you'll have a significant saved. You can then use this to treat yourself to something that you would have otherwise been unable to afford.

Get the Right Tools

There are loads of tools that can help you give up smoking, so make sure you arm yourself with these as they really will help. Use the internet to research what works for others and adapt these to you. One thing that many people rave about are vape starter kits - which are a really cost effective way to get started.

What tips do you have for giving up smoking?

Debz x

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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Changing My Wardrobe: Winter is Coming

I always finish work at 6:30pm and to be honest with you, in the summer it has been lovely. A walk to the bus stop in the sunshine and getting home in time to enjoy a few house of summer sunshine is always a good thing in my eyes.

A couple of days ago I finished work and realised that it was no longer light when I was walking out of the office. It wasn't quite pitch black, but there was a definite change in the air - and I don't like it! Anyone who knows me, knows that I love the sunshine (even if it doesn't always love me) and summer is my absolute favourite. However, there is no denying that winter is coming - so I guess it's time to start giving some consideration to my winter wardrobe.

Window Shopping Online

One of the nicest things about the change in season is that loads of websites start to launch new collections and ranges. It's no secret that I am a sucker for window shopping online and I love to browse websites such as this one here for ideas on what to wear.

Me personally I don't actually change my look that much from season to season. I'm not a fan of being super warm and wearing lots of layer. Seeing as my summer wardrobe is mostly pretty dresses with or without leggings I just step this up a bit for winter.

Of course, when the weather is colder I'll wear leggings all of the time, with some sensible furry boots which keep my feet nice and cosy. Of course, a jacket is essential for winter too!

What do you like to wear in winter? What do you like to wear in winter? Are you someone that likes to wear lots of layers, or do you prefer the minimal approach like me?

Debz x

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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Abs Are Great But Have You Seen This T Shirt?

As you probably know by now Topsy Curvy have designed, created and released their own range in conjunction with Lovedrobe. I love the ladies behind the Topsy Curvy range and to see their range doing so well and expanding is great.

I really love that they made sure that each of their items went up to a size 32; which I know is something that they're really passionate about. 

They were lovely enough to send me this t shirt from their new range to try and I love it! The sizing is great and the material is really soft which means that it is really nice to wear. I decided to team it up with this lovely New Look skater skirt and trainers for a really fun look!

I have to admit I am getting back into the whole skirt and top look again so expect to see more of these looks.

Have you shopped Topsy Curvy yet?


Sunday, 15 October 2017

Lucky Dip Dresses: Carolina Dress Room

I count Carolina Dress Room as one of those hidden gems because they only go up to a size 28, so are often over looked by people on the higher end of plus size. However, I have just bought my 2nd dress from them in a size 28 and it fits great. 

What I love about Carolina Dress Room dresses is that they're always unusual. I don't know if I have ever seen a dress on their website that I have seen anywhere else. They have some amazing fun prints usually from films or Disney characters. These are really fun and I love stuff like this.

Last week they had a lucky dip day. It was £10 and you got a dress from their collection in your size - the fun being you don't know what dress you're getting until it arrives. For the sake of a tenner I couldn't resist and this arrived!

I have to admit I would have loved one of their fun prints; however this is something that I will get a lot more wear from. You'll see that the top of the pattern is stretched (because it is technically too small) but I actually like the way it looks and the way it fits.

One of the great things about these dresses is that even without the sale they're really affordable.

Have you tried them yet?

Debz x

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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Getting Spooky with Topsy Curvy

If you have read my blog before then you'll know that I am a big fan of Topsy Curvy - who recently joined up with Lovedrobe which has massively expanded their range.

One of the things that I really love about what Topsy Curvy is that they always offer a really solid range of seasonal dresses - and always have some options up to a size 32. When it comes to ranges like this, you don't to spend a fortune on an item because you know you're going to have limited wear. 

The fact that Topsy Curvy offer such a range of fun, affordable dresses is a lifesaver when it comes to plus size fashion, especially the fact that they cater for higher end sizes too! 

Their website has a huge range of dresses but make sure you keep an eye on their Facebook page too as they often have special offers to help you bag a bigger bargain.

Will you be dressing up this Halloween?

Debz x

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