Thursday, 23 November 2017

What Are You Doing For Christmas and New Year?

It’s almost that time of year again when festive songs are played on the radio, decorative street lights are illuminated by so-called celebrities and we make time to see our closest friends and family.

Ah, Christmas, it truly is the most wonderful time of year.

It can also be one of the most stressful times of the year, especially when you have travel arrangements to make and activities to organise. But we all love it, and our only question is; what are your plans for the festive period?

The Different Ways we Celebrate Christmas

Different people celebrate Christmas in different ways. Variety is the spice of life and, if we were all the same, then the world would make for a boring place to be. For some, Christmas Eve is the day when the family gathers around the table for their turkey dinner, rather than Christmas day itself.
As well as dinner, it is also the norm in some countries, such as Germany and Sweden, to open presents on Christmas Eve. It is also common to wait until the 24th December to bring the tree into the home and decorate it, unlike some who throw the tree up as soon as Halloween and Bonfire Night are over and done with (you know who you are).


In most families, there are certain traditions that are followed year in and year out. Those of faith will carry out religious duties, such as heading to church on Christmas Eve for what is regarded as the biggest event in the Christian calendar, while some Muslim may be about to pay their zakat.

Of course, not everyone who partakes in Christmas celebrations is religious, and some traditions may be as a result that friends and family happen to do the same thing every year. What may seem silly to one may make up the very foundation of another’s festive period.


For couples, it may be customary to alternative whose family they spend the day with – for example, a couple may spend Christmas one year with one family, and then spend Christmas the year after with the other’s family. This can involve making travel arrangements which, during the holiday period, can be difficult, especially if you are reliant on public transport.

Making your arrangements early and sorting your accommodation (if you are not staying with family or friends) well in advance is a must. Hotel prices will soar over the Christmas and New Year period, and will be snapped up very quickly.

New Year Celebrations

Once Christmas is over and done with, soon after comes the New Year celebration. For many, New Year is seen as a time to spend with friends, with Christmas reserved for family time, although this does of course vary from person to person. Again, the availability and rates of hotel rooms will vary, so make sure to sort this as soon as possible if you are planning to be away from home.

If you are lucky enough to be in or around any of the major cities, there is likely to be a professional fireworks display and street party – such as Hogmanay in Edinburgh. If you are not heading to a professional display, then no doubt you will bear witness to one of the thousands of amateur displays around the country.

Make it one to Remember

However you celebrate the holidays this year, make it one to remember, because you never know what will change as each year goes by.

So, what are you doing for Christmas and New Year?

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Dating - Is It Different for Guys?

Clothing retailer River Island recently invited me to take a look at a dating survey they carried out, with a number of men who are currently dating. They questioned 3000 men on their dating habits and thoughts, and it made for an interesting read!

For example, the survey came out with results that 79% of men think that they're being tested on a first date - and let's be honest; they're probably not wrong! I don't know whether it's something that we do on purpose, but surely part of the first date process is to decide whether there will be a second date... the only way to do this is with some subtle testing! I'm sure that if you asked males whether they test people on a first date, I bet the answer is YES!

Perhaps unsurprisingly the retailer also looked into the clothing side of dating - for example they discovered that 49% of men like it if their date wears a dress on their first date. That said, 44% of them said that good conversation was far more important than what she is wearing.

First Dating Styling

Are you someone that worries about what to wear on a first date? I know I always want to make sure I look my best - but also wear something that I feel comfortable and confident in, because I think this really shines through when you are out socialising. That said, 15% of men said they didn’t think they would notice if a woman they were dating changed outfits half way through, so if you're dating one of these men you really don't need to worry at all!

What I would say is that dating, especially a first date can be really stressful. If wearing something fabulous helps to take away some of this stress then do that – but on the flip side, if deciding what to wear is just adding to the stress then put on something that you’re happy and comfortable in and you’ll be fine!

Surviving First Dates

Try not to worry too much about what you think the guy is wondering on a first date, it’s really important to just worry about having a good time. At the end of the day, they’re going to either like you or not – so worrying about whether they’ll notice what you’re wearing or if you have had your hair cut is a waste of time. Instead, get yourself dressed up in a way that you like and get yourself out there. You have nothing to lose but a few hours of your life – and you may end up having an amazing time!

I tend to keep first dates simple – drinks in a local bar for example, so I know that a dress and leggings is going to do me fine, no matter the time of day or the person I am meeting. If you need/want to change this for your own first date, go for it!

What do you like to wear on a first date?

Debz x

Plus Size Christmas Party Dresses

Shopping for a plus size dress can be annoying at the best of times. Obviously, with the likes of ASOS Curve and Simply Be, there are a lot more choices out there right now compared to a few years ago, but for some of us it can be SO daunting. That’s why I love online shopping, I don’t feel judged, and with most places I can send items back for free.

Christmas Party season will soon be upon us, and on top of finding gifts for our loved ones, we need to find an amazing outfit for the Christmas Party or Christmas Night out with the girls (preferably on sale if you’re like me). So, with that in mind, here’s a guide on where to find some of the best dresses this season – especially if you’re on a budget!


The ASOS Curve range has only just started putting their plus size party dresses online, but judging by the first look at the range, we’re in for a treat. I’m seeing a lot of sparkle (fab) and some lace dresses which are so beautiful. One downfall with ASOS Curve can be the budget. An average price range for this online store is £30-£200, which can be steep for some. However, why not wait until Black Friday and see what bargains you can grab in the sale? You never know, that dress you have your eye on could just land in their up to 50% offer…


With Simply Be, you can find some great clothing, especially if you’re plus size. With Christmas around the corner, they’ve released their “We Are Curves” range – which contains some great inspiration for your Christmas Party. Their sizes can be hit and miss, so make sure you order with plenty of time to exchange should you need to!


If you’re low on the cash this year, and really can’t afford to splurge on your Plus Size Christmas Party Dress, Very off their Take 3 account. This allows you to pay for your items over a 3 months period with no extra interest added.

Very offer sizes up to a 26 in some ranges, and can be contacted here if you have a query or complaint!


Relatively new to the plus size scene, Missguided is coming on leaps and bounds, especially with their “Keep on Being You” campaign, which celebrates a range of different bodies! Find some amazing sequin numbers in their new range today.

Guest post by GinaKay Daniel

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Ideas For Festive Dating

It can sometimes feel that summer is the perfect time to date, because we have warm weather and much longer days. When the sun is shining we all have a bit of a spring in our step so joining Cumbria dating websites or signing up for speed dating in Somerset can seem like the perfect excuse to get out there and have some adventures in the summer sun.

However, there are so many fun things that you can do during the colder weather, especially the festive season! One of my favourite things at this time of year is Christmas markets - so why not incorporate a trip to one of these into a date? If you sign up to a Buckinghamshire dating agency and are local you could even make a trip into London and go to Hyde Park Winter Wonder Land, which is a really, really fun way to spend a few hours!

Winter Evenings

We all know that this time of year it starts to get dark earlier, which means that we can be less likely to go out and about - however if you're signed up to a Glasgow dating website, you are going to want to go out and meet people. Why not find a tradiotional pub with a log fire and enjoy a mug or two of mulled wine? The only time of year you can do this is now, so don't put it off!

Festive Events

If you're a member of something such as a Cardiff dating website and start to chat to someone that you would like to meet, make sure you look at local events happening that you could attend. Christmas light switch-ons, Carol singing events, Christmas shopping and so much more is happening right now and right the way through to January - so get out there and have fun!

Debz x

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Making Time For Relationships

When we talk about relationships, we generally mean a loving, sexual relationships between two people - although of course, there are many different ways that relationships can be defined. When I talk about making time for relationships, I mean for all of those important people in our lives. We all tend to be so busy, that it can be be easy to lose touch with people but it really is worth making the effort to restore these connections.

Finding Relationships

Whether you sign up for Edinburgh dating or Birmingham dating websites or use something such as a Wiltshire dating agency, you need to do so when you have the time to invest in this. Sending a few messages backwards and forwards is not time consuming so really easy to do even when we are very busy. However if you want to make sure that this is turned into something more meaningful then you really do need to make sure you have the physical time to put into this.

Making Time Long Term

Once we start to feel comfortable with someone, it can be hard continue making the effort to spend time - but it really is important! Thankfully there are lots of ways that you can make time without it affecting the rest of your life. Chill time is really important, so if you have met someone on something such as a Belfast dating site, once you know them make sure you make time for this. It doesn't always have to be the most exciting of dates - Sunday morning brunch in bed together for example can be a really nice way to spend time together. 

Outside of the Box

If one of you have to take a trip away for work, why not see if you can go together? Yes, one of you will have to work but an evening away in a hotel after working hours can be really lovely - a change of scenery is always nice too! If you're working shifts can you have midnight picnics or last minute movie nights? It will sometimes take some compromise, but it's always worth it!

So, if you have signed up to something such as speed dating in Portsmouth, give some thought to how you're going to find the time to date, which you meet someone that you want to start spending a significant amount of time with.

Debz x

Monday, 13 November 2017

Dating Events - Are They a Thing?

Over recent years we have seen online dating become, not only more popular but also more socially acceptable. A while back you might have signed up to a Northamptonshire dating agency but not told anyone. You and any new partners would have made-up some elaborate story about how you met and had to keep up this lie for the rest of time - all because you didn't want anyone to know you had a helping hand with dating.

Now-a-days things are very different - people sign up to things like Cambridge dating and Manchester dating websites and proudly sharing dating stories and funny messages with all of their friends. The chances are you know someone that has given online dating a go - even if they have had mixed experiences!

Dating Events

Now that we're all more open with how we date and the methods we use to meet people; you'll find there are many new ways to meet people. For example you can look up speed dating in Central to find evenings where you can meet numerous people in one evening. Sometimes you'll be given ice breaker questions and things to ask; and basically you spend an evening talking to people for a few minutes at a time.

If you sign up to a Tayside dating agency you might find that they have other social events based around dating. The theory behind this is that you get to meet people with similar interests, which we all know can be a really solid foundation for starting a relationship.

Have you been to a dating social event?

Debz x

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Surviving Prom and Christmas Parties

We're getting to that time of year where social invites, parties and get-togethers are more regualr than ever. I love the festive season because it gives me the chance to catch up with everyone that I haven't seen for a while. This year, one of those weekends will involve a visit to Manchester Christmas Markets, a catch up with pals and a night out; so a really busy few days. Whilst I love socialising and seeing everyone, it can be exhausing and it's important that you prepare yourself in the right way.

Pick Your Events

The chances are, you won't be able to do everything. So whether it's prom, Christmas or some other busy time on your social calendar make sure you pick and choose your events. Remind yoruself that it is absoutley fine to decline social inviations if you can't do them, even if that's just to spend the day looking after yourself between other social occasions.

In order to ensure that the stress of declining invites doesn't get too much, try and do this as soon as you can. Otherwise the chances are you're going to dwell on things and make it a much bigger deal than it actually is. The last thing you want to do is put off cancelling so long that you feel obligated to attend. Write social occasions on a calendar as they come in and spend time working out what you can and can't attend.

Having a Good Time

As someone who lives in a plus size body, you might come across people who want to make comment on your body - especially if it is someone you haven't seen since last years festive get togethers. Their comments are not needed and are definitley not correct, but i do know they can be unavoidable. Preparing yourself to the fact you'll be hearing these can make them much easier to deal with. If you can, think of some responses that you'd like to say should someone feel they simply must comment on, and you'll feel much more prepared

Getting Dressed

This time of year is all about the sparkle, so if you're someone that loves a few sequins and holds back throughout the year, now is the time to really go for it. The same goes for prom - if you are attending prom feel free to use this as an excuse to really get the dress of your dreams.

The good news is that thanks to online shopping, it should be easy to find a prom dress to suit you in terms of style, budget and fit. We know that when it comes to dresses there are loads more choices these days, so there is something to suit everyone! This is the same for Christmas and party occasion dresses so get shopping now – that way you’ll have plenty of time to find something perfect!

Debz x

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