Thursday, 26 April 2018

Turning Your Casual Look Into A Knockout

Casual outfits compromise a whole lot of your wardrobe. You have business casual for one, day to day
casual, and then there’s the casual side of partywear when you’re not too sure about the dress code.
When you’re getting dressed in the mornings, are you the kind of person who grabs the next cleanest
thing out of your wardrobe and then get going? If so, don’t worry about your outfit choices: you’re
definitely not alone! But you’re definitely not dressing yourself up to your full potential either!

So instead of constantly going for the smart casual look, it’s time to complement your block colours and
dark patterns with some accessories that are going to turn you look into a complete knockout. Here’s a
couple of tips on how.

Add Some Colour

If you’re not the kind of person who’s known for their use of colour, either bright or pastel, when it
comes to getting dressed, now’s the time to change the perception. Plain clothes make up a lot of what
we wear on a daily basis, and because of that you’re going to need to use accessories to make sure
you’re not fading away into the crowd with your black and grey clothing.

Stand out with a scarf, which can be packed with impact when it comes to patterns and colours,
and can instantly transform a pair of jeans into something comfortable yet perfect for the workplace.
Or you can look into some personalised jewellery to make sure your suit has a bit of a sparkle to it.
You can even look like you’re ready for the runway when you’ve got a jacket that’s either made of blue
or dark reds to show off the white shirt you’ve got on underneath. Remember to pair it all with a smile
to really top it off!

Don’t Forget Your Shoes

Your shoes are going to round off your outfit, and whilst you should only make the commute to work in
a pair of running shoes, you can change into some real statement pieces when you turn up at the office.

Shoes have a monopoly on style, and because of this, you have so many different options to choose
from. Ankle boots, Chelsea boots, pumps, high heels, and even those trainers we mentioned above.
And whilst blacks and browns are always popular for the most casual of shoe pairs, you can find them
in block colours like green, blue, red, and yellow. Don’t worry, that pencil skirt is going to look fantastic
whether you’re clicking down the corridor in a pair of 5 inch yellow stilettos or black kitten heels,
bringing that sense of power with you. The sound alone can make you feel like a real knockout!

Turning your casual look into a real knockout of an outfit can be done easily, as long as your wardrobe
is stocked up with the right items. It can be a real hit and miss, so practice in the mirror to know
what works well.

Debz x

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A Magical Wedding

You deserve a magical wedding. No matter what anyone tells you, you need to have that special day that you can cherish forever. You don’t want it to be mediocre, you want to be as extra as you possibly can. Some people come up with some crazy ideas for their wedding day, some are so outlandish they don’t even seem like a wedding! Whilst you don’t want to go that far, you don’t want to try and put in a few little added extras to make your day extra magical. Here are just a few that we can think of.
Go Outdoors
People either really want an outdoor wedding, or they really don’t. If you’re someone who is really against an outdoor wedding, we’re here to convince you why you should go for one. First of all, they’re just really fun if the weather is nice. The atmosphere will be amazing, and it gives kids easy access to somewhere to play without having to bother the adults too much. Wedding marquees can be used to make sure everyone is kept dry if the weather does take a turn for the worst. The marquees that you use will be decorated so well to make it look truly magical, especially when it begins to get a little dark. There are catering companies who specifically work outside that you would benefit from. So you see, an outdoor wedding could be just as good as an indoor one! If you’re still dead set on an indoor one, there are plenty of amazing venues dotted all around the country depending on what you need and what you budget is.
Added Extras
There are a few little things that you can put in your wedding to make it even more special. Things that are going to help you to remember the day for a lifetime. First of all, you need to put something fun in there for the adults. For one, you could have a cocktail making masterclass. They always get the drinks flowing, and everyone loves a good cocktail. Plus, it helps to break the night up a bit! Secondly, you could think about something that will keep all of the children entertained. A children’s entertainer would be a good idea if there’s a seperate room or area within the location that you’ve chose.
The Perfect Prep
Prep is everything for a woman on her wedding day. It’s one of the most important parts, yet one of the parts that could so easily go wrong. Make sure you have a glam team set up. There are plenty of self employed makeup artists willing to glam you up for the day for a small fee. Having someone do it for you is going to be so much better for than trying to do it yourself when you’re going to have so many other worries on your mind. As for the hair, that bit is definitely left to the professionals, all you need to do is decide whether you want it up or down!

Monday, 23 April 2018

Moving Home - Exciting Plans

I know I have mentioned moving home a couple of times, but I have finally done it! It was one of those things that I kept putting off, but I thought it was time to step out of my comfort zone and make it happen.

I moved over the weekend and I'm not going to lie, the actual move was a nightmare! A few things went wrong, as usually does with these things - BUT - I am in now and excited to get going. I have a few basic pieces of furniture coming from Ikea tomorrow and then I am excited to get started with making it home.

Making A House A Home

I have a few plans up my sleeve, but what I do know is that I want it to reflect me - I want lots of body positive art, quotes and pieces everywhere. I want to invest in more fat positive literature to have around my home and have it bright and colourful.

Image result for canvases on a wall

I love walls like this and I would love to create something similar. Photos, canvases, quotes and so much more. It'll all need to be done on a budget and it'll take time to do but I am really excited to get started and make things happen.

Practical Purchases

Of course, as much as a pretty home is great, there are essentials that you need to look into as well. For example, at the moment the living room and the bedroom both have curtains to the floor and I think I would like blinds. The good thing is that there are loads of made to measure blinds out there, which means that when I do get around to getting these - I know there will be something for me!

Of course, it will come as no surprise to most of you that not all of my home purchases have been sensible. In fact the first thing that I bought was this:

Yes. that is a GIANT piggy bank! I know, I know there are far more sensible things I could/should be buying - but isn't he adorable?

What's the first thing you'd buy if you were moving home?

Debz x

Blogging Equipment: Sony Cameras

When it comes to blogging, I personally use my phone for photos - but I think you can tell! Although I don't have a budget to rush out and buy a new camera, if I was going to I think Sony Cameras are the way I would go! 

I love this guide, because it shows exactly the great stuff that a camera can be used for! Yes, I would use mine for mostly blog photos, but imagine the memories you can make by taking one on holiday! How exciting!

If you had a brand new camera, what's the first snap you would take?

Debz x

Is He Mr Right, or Just Mr Right Now?

Regardless of your age, gender or sexual orientation- dating is a minefield. You have to scroll through endless profiles, weed out the oddballs and question your sanity multiple times when you’re looking for love- so when you come across the odd gem it’s difficult not to get excited. Once you’ve met up a few times and things seems to be going well, it’s easy to start wondering about the future and whether this one is ‘the one’- perhaps even the guy to put a diamond ring on your finger one day! It’s is usually the sort of thing that takes time to work out, you need a number of experiences with the person and to spend significant time with them to know if you’re really a match. However there are clues earlier on that can give you an idea if he’s really Mr Right, or is just Mr Right Now.
You Can Be Yourself Around Him
In the early days of dating, we all want to give the best impression to our partner or potential partner. We dress up, we always smell like expensive perfume and we do what we can to accommodate them, whether it’s cooking their favourite meal or joining in with their hobby (even if it’s not really an interest of ours). As time goes on a little, we drop our guard and the real us shows through more. Our silly sense of humor, our makeup free face and the fact that we have bad breath in the morning! If he’s really Mr Right, he will embrace you for who you are and accept that you’re not perfect. You will naturally feel comfortable and open with someone who is right for you, instead of feeling like you have to live up to an unrealistic standard to please them. If someone points out flaws and criticises you, makes you feel inferior or insecure it’s a big red flag. If they feel that it’s ok to do this so early on, imagine what they will be like later down the line.
You Trust Him
When it comes down to it, trust is earned. We’ve all been hurt in the past, and few of us are naive enough to put our full trust into someone we barely know. However with this being said, there should be a good foundation there to build on. You shouldn’t feel as though he’s making a fool of you behind your back by speaking to other women or sharing things you’ve told him in confidence.
You Feel That He Cares For You
This doesn’t mean that he has to send endless flowers to your work, shower you with gifts or text you every minute of the day. In fact, this kind of behaviour is a red flag within itself! But you should feel as though he genuinely cares. This means he shows interest in you, listens to you, respects your boundaries and is thoughtful and supportive. Of course, no one is perfect but on the whole it should feel like he cares about you. At the end of the day, this is all that any of us want. If he makes you feel uncertain, or you really don’t know where you stand then it’s worth having a chat. If it continues then kick him to the kerb, you deserve better!

Friday, 13 April 2018

Plus Size Suits for Men

When it comes to women's plus size fashion, I count myself as quite an expert. Admittedly,  I wouldn't say I am the most fashionable - but as a resource of what is available and where to buy it, I count myself as pretty good. I mean, as someone who counts browsing plus size clothing websites as a hobby, would you expect anything less?

However, as I have never really had a need to look into male plus size fashion, I do know far less about this subject! So, when I was recently invited to look into plus size men's clothing, I found it really interesting!

Shopping For Plus Size Clothing

Perhaps unsurprisingly for those of us that are in the know, shopping online has many more options than on the high street. With brands such as Bad Rhino and Jacamo, the brother companies of Yours Clothing and Simply Be offering a range of clothing options, if you are a plus size male online these would probably be by go-to options. 

That said, I actually really like ASOS and their men's range - and the models that they use are plus size males, which makes it much easier to see how the clothing would look like on a bigger body. This is something that female fashion sometimes lacks, but it is nice to see that male fashion does have this representation.

Plus Size Tailoring

One of the things I found is that finding suits was harder, but then tailored clothing is hard to find in female fashion to, so that is hardly surprising! However I did stumble across Suits Men who offer a wide range of suits. 

Now, a someone who doesn't wear suits I can not pretend to be an expert but they do seem to offer quality plus size mens suits in a range of sizes and a price that won't break the bank, which is something really important!

Men Vs  Women

All in all, I found that actually men's and women's fashion aren't really that different when it comes to plus size shopping. I think we can all recognise that the options online and drastically improved over recent years and this does seem to be the case when it comes to men's fashion too! In both men and women's fashion, the choices do get smaller as the clothes sizes go higher but if you know where to shop you can usually find what you are looking for.

Do you have any men's plus size fashion recommendations?


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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Bargain Shopping With Groupon

My name is Debz and I love a bargain!

When it comes to shopping, I am definitely someone that loves value for money. Reduced counters at the supermarket? Love them! Voucher codes when shopping online? Always look for them! Discount websites? Yes please! If it results in me saving some pennies, I'm in! I blame my dad, who also loves a bargain and we often share the best of them with each other, what else are family for eh?

Over the past few years we have seen a number of discount websites pop-up, my favourite being Groupon! I actually really like spending time online window shopping Groupon, because it has so much different stuff for you to browse. 

Using Groupon

One of the things I really like about these discount websites is that they give you the chance to try something you may not have done before.  For example, I took my mum for a 3 course meal at the Hilton Hotel in Hyde Park, London because Groupon was cheap enough for me to do so! It was a real treat, without breaking the bank!

Image may contain: drink, table and indoor

Of course, it isn't just experiences that you can use the website for. There are loads of things you can buy on the website and you'll find fantastic things like outdoor lighting deals on Groupon too!

What I love is that they have loads of outdoor lighting options, so there is something for everyone! And the deals are often changing, so you will always find something to suit. Something as important as outdoor lighting means it has to be right - so whether you want security lighting, solar panels, fairy lights or something else, you can be certain that the Groupon deals will have something that suits your needs - and for a bargain price!  I have found loads of household stuff I want, which I'll be getting when I eventually move house. 

The website is really good, because you can search for what you want or you can simply browse through the different categories, ready to be inspired. The website is easy to use - and when you have brought what you want, you can then a voucher code to use on the actual retailers website to make your purchase and enter the code you have been given - and then your item arrives, it couldn't have been easier!

Saving Money

As long as you stick to using Groupon for buying something you would have bought anyway, it really can result in a massive saving! You also have the added bonus that you can shop online, from the comfort of your own home - which for me is always an added bonus!

As for me, I love a bargain so I'm off to browse the 50% off ASOS sale, wish me luck!

Debz x

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