Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Shop Savings This Summer

I know we're supposed to have thunder and lightening in the next few days, but wasn't this weekend glorious? I don't know about you, but I have that a bit of summer sunshine really helps put me in the mood to get things done. I know, it's tempting to sit outside in the sunshine and believe me I did plenty of that too - but something about the warm weather makes me less likely to want to hibernate and more likely to get stuff done. This weekend I had a big sort out of my wardrobe, clearing out items I don't wear anymore and generally having a good sort out. 

This has led to me wanting to buy new clothes, but also lots of new home accessories to store things better and generally make my home look more pretty. This is great, but I don't really have the budget to splash out on everything I want, so I really need to be savvy when it comes to shopping!

Saving Money Shopping Online

One of the best things I have found online is looking for online vouchers and deal shopping online.There are a few websites that make it easy to find lots of deals in one place and make life easier when it comes to shopping. In fact I often find that browsing these websites can give me inspiration on what to buy - they often have items listed into categories - so for example, you can browse the "home" section and have a read through what is available for the home and get some ideas on what I need, but didn't know I did!

Savvy Shopping

Other ways that you can save money online are shopping sales and also keeping an eye out for voucher codes. Voucher codes are a really good way to save money, even if it is just something like free postage or 10% off - it all adds up and makes a difference!

Buying What You Need

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is buy what you need. We can all get tempted by things that look like what you need, however if you are just buying something that is going to be stuck in a cupboard or not used for more than a few weeks, have you really made a saving?

What tips would you give for shopping online?


Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Laser Hair Removal - Is It For You?

Firstly, let me say that I am an advocate for doing exactly what you want with your own body. If you want to grow your body hair and dye it bright blue, absolutely go for it! However, on the flip side if you want to have a body free of hair, with long term results then this is something you should explore too. Remember you are the only person who has to live in your body, so you are the only person who gets to make decisions about what you do with it and how to live.

Laser Hair Removal

If you are someone that wants to get rid their body of hair without the hassle of shaving on a regular basis then laser hair removal might well be for you. If you are going to undertake this procedure then I would recommend using a reputable firm who offer a consultation beforehand. This gives you a chance to ask any questions you have (and you should make sure you go with loads!) and also find out a bit more about the procedure you're going to undertake.

Choosing The Right Firm

Once you have decided that laser hair removal might be for you, it is time to do some research and work out what might work for you. It is often recommended to use a company such as laser hair removal London specialists London Premier Laser. They have 9 clinics across London and surrounding areas, so ideal if you're near by!

Getting It Done

Once you have decided you would like the procedure done and you're all booked in, do what you can to make it as easy as possible. The firm you choose should give you an idea of how many sessions you'll need and how long this will take. Although recovery time is minimal there's no harm in making sure you have travel to/from the clinic sorted and some comforts at home ready for when you get home after each session.

Are there any beauty procedures you would undertake if you could?

Debz xx

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Friday, 29 March 2019

Chop Chop! Better Kitchen Knife Skills

It’s now ever so easy to get lots of great new cooking tips and cheats that can make you a whizz in the
kitchen. All you have to do is reach for your favorite cookbook or do a quick Google search to see what
nuggets of knowledge you can find online. However, there is one aspect of cooking that many people
still struggle with - using knives. If you’re wondering how to improve your skills when it comes to diving,
chopping, slicing, and cutting, read on to learn everything you need to know!

Invest In Good Knives

Firstly, it’s important that you have a range of different knives as each type is designed for different jobs.
For example, a paring knife is used for peeling fruit and veg, while a fillet knife is used to fillet pieces of
meat. Once you start using the right one for the job, you will find that cutting and slicing become a lot
easier. It’s also worth investing in top quality ceramic knives for your kitchen as well. These will be
very hardy and won’t need to be replaced quite so often as cheaper knives.

Keep Them Sharp

Make sure that your knives are always sharp. You can do this at home yourself if you have a knife
honing tool. If you don’t have one of these, you could always see if your local butcher will do this for
you. A sharp knife is a lot safer to use than a dull one as it won’t stick so much in whatever it is you
are cutting. As a result, it will be a lot more efficient to use as well.

Place A Damp Tea Towel Under The Chopping Board

Do you find that your chopping board moves quite a bit while you are trying to chop on it? This is a
common problem, especially when you are using it on a shiny worktop. The best way to stop this
is to slightly dampen a tea towel and place this under the board. The damp towel will provide a lot
more grip and reduce movement.

Move The Knife Like A Saw

When you are using a knife, you might be inclined to chop it up and down. However, this will prove
to be very efficient. It’s much better to use it like you would a saw and slice through the food,
moving along the whole length of the blade. After a bit of practice, you should be able to do this
fairly quickly.

Know How To Grip

You also need to make sure that you are gripping the thing you are cutting correctly as well.
Your fingers need to be curled all the way around it, like a claw. This way, there is no risk of you cutting
an exposed fingertip as your knuckles will be exposed instead. This can take quite a bit of practice
to get right, and it’s worth watching chefs on YouTube to see exactly how this is done.

Once you can use your kitchen knives better, you’ll find cooking becomes more efficient!

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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

What To Buy Someone Who Has Everything?

I am someone that really enjoys buying gifts for my loved ones. I don't always have the budget to be able to splash out however, I love shopping around and looking for something that someone would like. For me, when it comes to presents it isn't ever about the price tag attached it to, but more about how it suits the person and how much thought has gone into it.

As a grown-up, I find it much harder to buy presents for people because you tend to find that the things people want, they have bought for themselves. This can make it hard to know what to buy, especially when it seems like people already have everything they need.

The Gifts That Keep on Giving

For me, practical gifts are a great choice because they can really help someone out. I know sometimes these can be seen as less glamorous than more extravagant gifts but if you can buy something that someone can really make use of, all the better in my opinion.

I was looking for Mother's Day gifts last weekend, as I know the day is fast approaching. I came across AttaVanti, who have some gorgeous real leather handbags on their website. Straight away this struck me as something that would make a great gift - they look amazing, the price tag is decent and it's something that I know my mum would make great use of!

This is one that I saw straight away and loved because it looks great but is something that could be used everyday, which makes it even better!
Ghibli Woven Leather Medium Tote Bag - Black
I will be honest, such a glamorous bag is a little out of my price range but if I could ever splash out on a bag for someone else  me, something like this would be right up my street!

Experience Days

Another thing I am massively into when it comes to gifts is buying people experiences. Loads of websites like Buy a Gift and Groupon have options where you can buy vouchers for afternoon tea or days at the spa. I think these give people the ideal opportunity to spoil themselves, and if I am lucky they might invite me along - so it's really a win-win! 

The great thing about buying experiences as a gift is that there are so many to choose from, so whatever you think a person might like, you can give them something that suits!

What would you buy someone who has everything?

Debz x

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A Guide to Wearing Large Hoop Earrings

Large hoop earrings are definitely in fashion, and for some women, working out the best way to wear them can be a challenge. A-Listers like Jennifer Lopez and Sade made good use of these huge accessories, and today, large hoop earrings can be found on catwalks all over the world, and with that in mind, here are some tips on how to wear these amazing facial accessories.

Image Source:

ü  Choose Classic Metals - Sterling silver, platinum and gold are all quality metals that will stand the test of time. If you plan on wearing the earrings often, buying quality items will ensure that they will still be in your jewellery collection many years from now. Browse some of the leading online jewellery stores and you will be able to view many fine items, before finally making your selection, and with a secure online payment, the items will be shipped to your home address.

ü  Scale To Suit Your Facial Features - If you have a thin face, then thin hoops will look better, while a larger frame suits thicker hoops. Select a hoop size that complements your facial features, and if you are looking for a supplier, Silver By Mail offers unique silver hoop earrings in a wide range of sizes and styles. If, for example, you have a wide face, hoop earrings will make your face look a little slimmer, and with so many styles available from online jewellers, you can spend hours browsing until you find what you are looking for.

ü  Make Good Use Of Colours And Textures - If you are into either the gypsy or Bohemian look, source some colourful beaded hoop earrings, which will add both colour and texture to your look. Sourcing large hoop earrings is much easier if you buy from an online jeweller, as they have a wider range of items, and are generally a little cheaper that the traditional bricks and mortar high street jeweller.

Image Source:

ü  Choose Colours That Go With Your Skin Shade - There are many shades of gold, silver and platinum, so try to source large hoop earrings that complement your skin tone. Gold tends to look better on darker complexions, while silver and platinum go with lighter skin tones.

ü  Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment - Finding the perfect accessories is much easier with a dress rehearsal, and by laying out all your jewellery on your bed, you can use your full-length mirror to have a preview, and with some experimentation, you will find what works best for you. You could take a selfie and send it to your best friend for an unbiased opinion, which will give you extra self-confidence, but make sure that you are also wearing the outfit when you take the picture.

Image Source: Pexels

Every woman should have a few pairs of large hoop earrings in her jewellery box, as they can be worn on many occasions and are the perfect accessory to highlight the facial features. Vary the styles and colours and you will find there are times when a pair of large hoop earrings are just right.

Monday, 25 February 2019

How To Save The Memories From Your Wedding

Your wedding day will undoubtedly be something that you remember for the rest of your life. You’ll remember how you felt when you had that first dance with the person that you love, and you’ll remember your first kiss as a married couple, but the truth is that your wedding day is a little bit chaotic. Going from one place to the next, talking to all of your guests, the food, the speeches… by the time that the day is over, it can all seem like a bit of a blur.

It’s so important to hold onto the memories of your big day, and there are many ways that you can make sure that they aren’t lost in time. We’ve put down some simple tips here!

Have a note box for your guests
A clever little idea if you want to ensure that you get the perspective of all of your guests is to get a note box, and ask them to drop pieces of paper in with comments about your big day, and what they enjoyed. You could create little cards, so that they can fill out questions that you’ve asked specifically, if there’s anything in particular that you’d like to remember. You can also have a wedding book if you’d prefer to keep everything in one place, but either way, try to do something like this!

Put disposable cameras on the tables
For a different approach, why not try putting disposable cameras on the tables for your guests? Not only will this mean that they can capture things from their perspectives, but it shows you a side to your wedding that a photographer may not be able to capture. Sometimes, photography is about the relationship between the person taking the photograph, and the person in front of the lens, so it could provide you with a different side to your memories. It’s also really fun for your guests!

Hire a photo booth
When it comes to capturing moments in your wedding, a photo booth is a great idea, especially if you have a lot of props, and some willing (and probably drunk) participants. This is a really fun thing for your guests (and for you) and it allows you to get some pictures that aren’t as serious as the ones that you’d get from a professional photographer. Look into photo booth hire, and see whether you can find something that is perfect for when you tie the knot! It also adds a bit of a vintage vibe, too.

So, if you want to hold onto the memories from your wedding, why not try out these simple things? Sometimes, it’s good to see your big day from a multitude of perspectives, and having some fun photos to look back on is just as important as having the professional ones taken by a photographer. Having a book (or a box) for comments from your guests is also a good idea, as you can keep these comments forever.

Enjoy your wedding, and the memories that you can keep for decades to come!

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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

What Are The Best Dating Websites?

No one wants to be alone. Sometimes you feel like time passes quickly by. The only desire that comes to mind is finding someone special. A partner with whom you will share exciting moments and happy memories. But, most often it can be challenging to encounter a person that suits you the best. It doesn't matter if we reside in a world where there are billions of people. At times, the chances of finding the perfect partner are minimal. But don't worry too much. 

Nowadays, singles are trying out new means of finding someone special. Online dating is something that people are very used to do. Not only is it convenient, but it will help you narrow down the candidates that are best suited for you. Its practicality is the reason why tons of single candidates sign up. And who knows, you might end up with your soul mate.

There are many sites to start the journey, but not all of them are fit to help you. Make sure to look for reliable websites. How successful you are, depends on the matchmaking abilities. 
Online dating has been known to bring single people from different countries together. It increases the chances for each individual to find what they’re looking for.  If you want to find a decent site, there are different options, so check them online or click this link https://www.top10bestdatingsites.net/.

Here are some of the best websites:

Looking for a long-termed relationship or just a casual date is reasonable. The site can hook you up with over 40 million single people. The site gets a lot of visitors each month. This increases your chance of finding someone perfect, sooner. If what you’re looking for is love, then trust its matchmaking service. A lot of candidates feel satisfied with the outcome.

Furthermore, create a profile. This doesn't take much time to do. You should customise the dating profile. Add as much information as you can. Start from personal preferences to dislikes. The site collects all of the data and compares it to another candidate. This way you'll find more ideal matches while searching. Moreover, be sure to upload a profile picture so that potential candidates can see your face. Once they know how you look, you will be able to receive many messages from possible dates.

An online search for love can be frustrating. So try your luck with Zoosk. The site is simple to handle. It additionally has a telephone confirmation framework. You’re expected to send a video to demonstrate you are a real human being. No phoney profiles and robots permitted.


Because of the site, there are more than 350 individuals who get married every day. Their logical matchmaking calculation matches you with different singles. This depends on a 29 measurement similarity framework. All this does is make the path more accessible for a potential loved one. After signing up, you will be asked a series of questions concerning your preferences.

This has to be completed so that the website will choose other singles to match your personality. And what better way to create a meaningful relationship than this. Moreover, their dating service has helped a lot of couples to get married and live happily ever after. That’s why a compatibility quiz is beneficial. Try browsing other profiles and look for a partner that sparks an interest.

Furthermore, the sign-up procedure eliminates all kinds of fake profiles. You don’t have to wonder whether you talk to a real person. All of the people that visit this site are looking for love. If you're here for the same thing, then you're in good hands. The website is responsible for a lot of long-standing relationships. If it helped other people, then you're no exception.


All types of single people have tried this website. Moreover, it guarantees success in finding an ideal love. Their matchmaking service connects you with people that are compatible with you. You're at liberty to communicate with different matches through numerous ways. Try using private messages, flirts, winks or even comments on pictures.

Furthermore, the website doesn't function like any other dating site. It organises lots of social events that you can attend. If you're eager to have a first date with someone, a good idea is to attend the gathering.  This way in a surrounding full of single people, your chances are 
increased. Go and talk to other individuals without pressure. All personality types are welcome.

Confidence is essential when meeting someone new. Don't be afraid to talk to other single people looking for love. All of you are looking for the same thing. Moreover, Match has a system that prevents spams. The system requires e-mail and text confirmation tools to confirm that you're a real human. You needn't worry whether the person on the other side is real or not.

What websites have you used for dating?

Debz xx

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