Sunday, 14 September 2014

When A Former Fat Girls 'Tells Us Like It Is'

Dear Vicky Chandler

Here I was, spending a Sunday morning on my sofa catching up on Sunday Brunch when someone tweeted a link out to your article (For those who haven't seen the 10 Fashion Staples Every Plus Size Girl Should Own article you can read that here).

I must say I found in quite enlightening, I had no idea that as a short, fat girl I should avoid wearing ankle boots or that pencil skirts should be a certain pattern depending on my size. Of course, I already knew that my fat body should never be dressed up with horizontal stripes - every fat girl knows that rule.

I had no idea that the shape of my jeans mattered to a stranger on the internet, who would spend their time writing an article to tell me that delicate necklaces are a no no or that I shouldn't wear tops with a spaghetti strap - WHO KNEW!

I am of course, being a sarcastic little princess today because I think you, your rules and your body shaming are disgraceful. I feel sad for you that you need to write an article on how strangers should or shouldn't dress. Your weight loss is great and I am happy for you that you are happier in your skin  but just because when you were 5 stone heavier you wouldn't wear halternecks or thought that you looked bad in cropped length jacket that doesn't mean that your rules fit everyone.

So... Just to prove my point I put a call out to the people who live a life breaking your silly, pointless rules & just look how good they look whilst they do it!!

Rule: "steer clear of wide legged jeans if most of your weight is carried on your bottom half.. FYI NO SUPER SKINNY"

Skinny jeans on Arched Eyebrow

Rule: "Big designs are a no-no..."

Leah from
I stay right away from big designs.... *Sigh*
Rule: "Stripes are the hardest pattern to tackle, but the key is to avoid horizontal ones"
Emily from

Kim from Call Me Kim looking good in stripes!
Laura from

Rule: "I’m afraid that studs and delicate necklaces just don’t cut it"

Embedded image permalink
Kathryn in studs and a delicate neck chain  - shock horror!

I love Lauras studs!
Georgine Horne breaks some more rules!
Rule: "Pencil skirts... If you’re bigger on the bottom half, stick to a solid colour, preferably darker, and pair this with a lighter coloured top. If you’re slimmer on the bottom and want more of a curved effect, a brighter, more daring pattern will do just the trick."
Kathyrn looking great!

A pencil skirt AND ankle boots from Georgina at - Sin City!

Rule: RE Jackets "Avoid anything cropped and instead opt for hip length and longer"

Kathryn from in a great cropped jacket!

Oh Leah, not a cropped jacket AND stripes. Tut tut! ;)

Hannah from

Rule: "Not to state the obvious, here, but spaghetti straps and halter necks don’t do us any favours"
Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust - Spaghetti Straps, Halterneck and a moustache - winner!
Halterneck - OOPS!
Spaghetti straps - Oh no!
The lovely Mags from Twitter and friends

Urmm.. Straps!! Lucia at

Rule: "PLEASE, avoid ankle boots that seem to cut your height in half"
I see no problem with ankle boots here!
Sarah from breaking the 'rules' as usual!
Leah from

Ladies (and gents) STOP listening to these rules complied by strangers to tell you what you should and should not be wearing.

If you put something on and YOU think YOU look good and you like it on YOUR body that is all that matters. If you don't like ankle boots or halternecks that is fine too - your body your rules! And as these photos  show - the rules people make up mean nothing anyway because they look FABULOUS!

Do you have pics that break these rules?? I'd love to see! Send them to me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and use the hashtag #IBreakPlusSizeRules

A massive thank you to all the bloggers who raided old outfit posts, instagrams, dropboxes and more to help me put together this amazing collection of photos - you're all rule breakers and I couldn't be prouder! Some of the photos might be in a mismatch order because they came through so thick and fast on Twitter and Facebook. I couldn't use them all but they were all brilliant! Lots of them were hard to know where to place on the rules, because you all break numerous rules within one outfit - love it!
Debz xx

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Plus Size Fashion - 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back?

I have to admit that I had to think twice about writing this post because I really do not want to isolate brands that I have worked with and might work with in the future. But then I realised I couldn't think like that because my blog started out as my own little corner of the internet to rant and rave about items and I can't let that change.

To be honest, I have been wanting to write about this topic for a few weeks now but never found the time - and then the Kelly Brook for Simply Be collection was released this morning! In case you haven't seen, Simply Be have been promoting this collection for the past few weeks as an inclusive fashion line with sizes 10 through to 32. I was SO excited for this range, even if it isn't all items I would wear - the idea of an inclusive range was exciting to me! Something for everyone rather than a 'plus size range' is a massive step forward and something I personally would love to see more of.

Today, I logged onto the Simply Be website to see what the collection was saying and I was excited to see that the collection had 12 pieces in total - GREAT! Then I clicked on size 30 to see what I could buy and I was met with 4 choices! 4 black choices... Some pretty choices yes, but black! and only 4 choices! No bodycon, no daring red trousers, no bright colours for me because apparently this INCLUSIVE collection only has all 12 items available in 14-26. 

If you're a size 10 you'll have just 10 items to pick from and if you're a size 28-32 then you'll have just 4! To me, a collection that spans sizes 14-26 is nothing new, Asda have been doing it for years!

However, let's face it Simply Be are not the only retailer to offer such a dramatic drop in style choices when you go up the size scale. If you log onto the New Look Inspire page you'll see that they have 336 choices in a size 26, 243 in a size 28 and JUST 52 items in a size 30. A massive 284 choices in clothing that New Look have decided I am too fat for.

Last year Pink Clove became one of my favourite go to places - I lived in their tartan dress last year! Go to their website today and you'll see 48 dress on sale, just 30 of them in a size 30-32. This from a brand who says that they stock sizes 16-32 on all of their main promotional material.

Perhaps I am being mean and have a taste of sour grapes because so many of the items I want are not available in my size. Perhaps every size has the same issues as me and I am just focusing on my own dramas. I understand that not every single retailer can stock every single size (although how amazing would that be!) but when you promote sizes up to 32 and you have just 15% of your items in that size I think something is going wrong here!

If you're going to advertise that you stock those sizes, you must assume that people are actually looking for them, so why aren't you stocking them? If you're going to launch an all inclusive range then make sure it is that, all inclusive! If you have just 1/3rd of items available in all sizes this isn't inclusive because a majority of the items on sale exclude people who might want to buy them! This trend of less choices in bigger sizes is the same across the board from lots of brands and something I would love to see change!

I LOVE the inroads we're making with plus size fashion and celebrity collaborations, more choices and bolder styles can only be a good thing! However sometimes I feel like we need to do more to make sure that plus size fashion includes all sizes and not just those that fit a certain bracket!

All of this because I am SO sad I can't wear the Kelly Brook body con dress, it's a beaut isn't it?

What do you think of the collection & plus size fashion choices in general?


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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

By George They've Done It!

Look at this dress, pretty isn't it? As dresses go it isn't massively revilutionary but let me tell you this - IT COSTS JUST £14!!! For people who can fit into Primark and other high street budget brands this is nothing spectacualr but the fact that Asda now do this dress, for less than £15 right up to a size 32 is amazing for me.

Over the past few weeks, a few beady eye bloggers have noticed at the George at Asda plus size range has been slowly adding items right up to a size 30-32. Yes, the items are pretty standard high street fashionn but what good news! I can only hope that these will be stocked in store so I can pick up a new dress at the same time as a pick up my milk, something that many people of a smaller size take for granted. If you spot these items in store let me know!

The items might not be screaming 'look at me', but WOW a high street (hopefully!) range that is cheap, easily accessible and right up to a size 32 definitely gets the thumbs up from me. Hopefully they'll extend past floral and butterfly print once they seen it is a range that is really needed! Of course, I would love to see as many items for sale in a size 32 as they have in a 24, but small steps at a time. Have you looked at the range? What do you think?

I'm hoping to get some of the items to try and review, keep your eyes peeled!

Debz x

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Monday, 8 September 2014

She Looks Like A Corpse Someone Give Her A Burger!

*TRIGGER WARNING - Bullying & hateful words to do with size, eating disorders and more - quite a sensitive topic*

When it comes to ranting on the likes of Facebook and other social media, I am not often able to hold back, espeically when I see bullying or subtle (or not so) body bashing. 

Today a photo of a very thin lady came on on my Facebook news feed. This lady is very, very thin to the 'extreme' that you can see bones poking out from under her skin. The photo had "no fat chicks" all over it and according to what I have read, it is a lady that is scared and afraid of being overweight, or fat in anyway. I am not a doctor but I guess that would indicate an eating disorder of sorts, but that is not really for me to judge. You can see the photo I am talking about here *Trigger warning, very thin body and body hatred*. You'll need to click the link as I did not want to show it without a trigger warning (something I am trying to become more aware of!)

I agree that an image like this is shocking, for the body image insults if nothing else! However, the insults and pure ignorance posted towards this photo left me flabbergasted. I understand that we need to fight body image negativity, it's something that I do every day but I do not understand why people feel that body bashing and bullying is the best way to get there?

Click to view larger, sorry for the ultra-cool editing! ha
So... So far we have that she probably has some sort of eating disorder (again I am not a doctor but she posts a lot about not wanting to be fat and she is very thin so I can only assume), according to one of the earlier comments the best way to deal with this is to 'give this girl a double cheeseburger'. Then we have the comments about her looking like a corpse and a skeleton and her body being disgusting. I don't know whether it is because  I have had body shaming comments left on my photos online or not, but these comments leave me feeling very uncomfortable and I do not understand why anyone feels that mocking a body is the best way to deal with intolerance?

Click to view larger, sorry for the ultra-cool editing! ha

Another comment about this lady looking like a corpse and now she looks like a starved animal... AN ANIMAL! Someone thinks that because this lady is very thin it is OK to compare her to an ANIMAL!!! How does that even make any sense? We also have a comparison to a tooth pick & apparently these 'bitches snap in half'... Have you ever read anything so awful? Well actually, sadly I have but that doesn't make it right!

The conversation goes on and on about how she deserves it because she fat bashed, how her body is gross, so wrong, she needs a sandwich, her body makes someone want to throw up and the last comment as I write this is that she is a "freakshow".

I don't quite know what the point of this rant is, but I needed to get it out there! 

I truly, truly do not understand why people feel it is their right or their duty to comment on the body shape of another HUMAN! Not an animal or a tooth pick or even a fat whale, but a HUMAN! A person! Someone who is effected by words and lives their life being judged every day because of the shape of their body. I do not understand how people can say "Wow that skinny bitch fat bashed get her a sandwich" and think that it is OK because you know the two wrongs cancel each other out or something!

YES! Fight this lady (that is what she is - not a corpse, not a skeleton and not a freakshow) for her shallow views against fat people and her loved ones should get her help if she needs it but DO NOT use the shape of her body against her because you are no worse then the people who body shame every single day!

If you are ever tempted to use the shape of someones body against them for whatever reason, try to think about how you feel whenever others use yours against you? It's horrible - why would you want to inflict that feeling onto someone else?


Debz x

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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Witch Cake To Choose

A few weeks ago, the lovely people at Baker Days offered to send me a cake - which of course, I could not say no to! I had heard of Baker Days before but I didn't know much about them so I headed over to their website. I was excited to learn that they offer a range of different cakes which you can order and have sent THROUGH THE POST! 

They offered to send me a Halloween cake and let me choose one of their personalised designs so I went for the witch design. When my brother was 3 he told everyone in his nursery class that his mum was a witch and for weeks the children would ask her all the time if she really was one - so I had to go for this fun design!

I Told You She Was A Witch!
I am not a fan of chocolate cake at all (I know, what a sin!) so I choose this lovely sponge cake. As you can see it comes in a beautiful tin and even a bag of candles and a party blower to add to the fun. I have to say that the cake itself was really yummy - the sponge was lovely and moist and the icing wasn't too sweet and overbearing, I was really impressed!

I told you she was a witch!
I surprised mum with it - she had no idea it was coming, but she LOVED it!

I really love the idea of being able to order a birthday or celebration cake for a friend and having it sent through the post and I have doubt that I'll be using their services in the future!

Let's take cake - what's your favourite? I think mine is carrot cake, but ask me again tomorrow and you'll get a different answer :)

Debz xx

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Kimono: Old Style New Look

Kimonos are nothing new, they have been around for a number of years. However this season that are as fashionistas would say 'bang on trend'. I am so pleased that so many plus size retailers are taking this on board and providing plenty of choice! I have a few of them and they are definitely fast becoming a staple diet of my wardrobe. 

One brand that seem to be doing this quite well at the moment is New Look, who have plenty of in stock online and in store. They recently sent me a lovely grey kimono which I really love. I wanted it because lots of the kimonos around at the moment seem to be big, bold, brightly coloured patterns.

Normally I wouldn't be one to shy away from a bit of colour, but when you have a bright coloured pattern dress it is hard to team this with another bright, colour pattern - which is where this grey kimono is so perfect! The grey kimono I have doesn't seem to be on the website any more, but they have loads of nice tops and kimonos from the Inspire range so make sure you check them out! I haven't included outfit pics of this because it isn't available any more but there are so many good alternatives.

A glimpse of the grey kimono - such a lovely colour

For Plus North, I wore my trusty Yours Clothing kimono, which has become a firm favourite of mine. I teamed it up with this amazing Topsy Curvy t-shirt, which I have practically lived in since they sent it to me. 

Topsy Curvy are a brand that actually listen to their customers, which for me is amazing! They know that the larger end of plus size is often under-catered for and so are trying to push out new products, including this t shirt which they stock right up to a size 36!

I have also worn this kimono with an amazing maxi dress I got from New Look a few weeks ago and this has fast become one of my favourite outfits. As is so often the case with New Look dresses, I found this maxi dress to be a generous size.

One thing I have become more used to recently is mixing and matching brands. Each brand has something different to offer, so matching a plain Topsy Curvy top with a bright Yours Clothing kimono or a plain New Look kimono with a bright ASOS dress is fine!

What is your go-to item at the moment?


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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very grateful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

But... She Looks So Much Better Fat!

Yesterday I wrote about Katie Hopkins and her mission to gain weight and then lose it again, to show how easy it is! The article had an amazing response - THANK YOU! And one of my busiest blog days ever, amazing!

Anyway, as you would expect from an article like this it got a lot of comments everywhere, but I have to say not all of them made me smile. As ever, I know that most of these comments come from a good place & people are simply rallying together to fight this bully and really that can only be positive, but I didn't like it!

She Looks So Much Healthier Fatter

Katie Hopkins has gained just over 3.5 stone and in her own words has gone from underweight to overweight (I don't know her BMI or anything so I can't judge that), so I can only take what she has said on the subject. However, what I read several times yesterday is 'she looks so much healthier fatter', which surely goes against what lots of us strive for? I have read time and time again larger people writing that they do not want people to judge their health just by the way they look, after all what do you know about someone's health just by looking at them? Health is such a complicated process and subject and not something that you can tell just be seeing how big or how small they are? Yes, she looks bigger but I can not agree that she looks healthier.

She Looks So Much Better Fatter

Looks are subjective and most of us would rather be seen for more than just the size of our waistband - so why should it be different for Katie Hopkins? It is fine if you think she is nicer looking with more weight on her, but you should remember that how good someone looks is subjective and personal - what you think looks good isn't the same across the board. Does being fatter or thinner make her 'better'? Not at all!

She Looks Normal Now

What is normal? Who are we to judge who looks normal and who doesn't? The only thing we really know about Katies weight gain is that she now looks fatter. Is fatter more normal? Does that mean anyone who shared Katies old weight/height statistics doesn't look normal? What an odd concept! 

I am not a Katie fan at all but I don't believe in fighting fire with fire. Just because she wants to judge us on the way we look because of our weight that doesn't mean that we should do the same. Let's fight her with education and tell her she is wrong - but we won't do that by using insults or non-factual statements about her body like she does ours!

Debz xx

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