Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Because She Competes With No One

You might have seen on social media over the last day or two that the Style XL Award nominees have been announced. I am extremely excited and proud to say that I have been nominated for Top Social Media Influencer - which is amazing! I am 'up against' blogging legends Kat Henry, Georgina Cox, Danie Vanier, Lottie L’amour and Kitty Morris. All of them write blogs that I love and find inspiring, so to be in the same category as them is a real honour!

Leah did an amazing job of putting together the awards after The British Plus Size Awards were cancelled at the last minute last November. The community really came together at this time, crying out that people who had been nominated would not receive their award - so Leah, being her usual community minded self put together these awards and I have to say I am really excited to attend!

I feel like the cancellation of The British Plus Size Awards really caused something bigger in the blogging scene than just a loss of money. It caused people to realise that they don't need the backing of big companies to be successful or an award to make them realise the importance of their place in this community. 

People really came together and it gave a boost to the feeling of community and friendship with in the blogging world. People grabbed onto each other, supported each other and really came together - it was a fantastic thing to see in the light of such a tragic event!

And that is why... 

When it comes to the Style XL Awards I am simply asking you to cast your vote. Not to vote for me but to vote for the people you want to see win. I already feel like a winner being allowed to be a part of such an important community and attending such an event. Yes, an award from the Style XL Awards would be fantastic, but the feeling of community is far more important.

Things like this are important - allowing the community to have their say and show bloggers how important they are, but remember if you're not nominated or you go home without an award - you are still a winner! Thank you Leah for bringing us altogether for something like this, I can't wait to party with you all!

Debz xx

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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Thinking About Home Improvements

Although I am in a house share at the moment, I have plans later on in the year to get my own place - so of course, I am already thinking about home improvement and what I would do in my own place. I have made my room lovely and homely and I am really happy there, but there is nothing quite like having your own place to do what you want with it.

I want my home to be unique and quirky - I am a big fan of art on the walls, especially body positive stuff. I love having loads of photos around too, a reminder of fun times I have had which is always a good thing. I have two big canvas' in my room at the moment and I would definitely love to have more should the time arise.

One of the things I love most about being a blogger is how I get introduced to lots of creative people. I know there are lots of people out there that offer lots of different things when it comes to home decor, arts and crafts and more. I would definitely plan to invest in lots of pieces like this - I think supporting a small business would be fantastic and I'll get something lovely and unique for my home which is always a good thing!

Your home space is really important and it's essential that you make sure it's something that's personal to you. I know that outside of work a majority of my time is spent at home, often on my own so it's really important that it's a space that you are happy and comfortable with.

It doesn't matter about home decor fashions or what is on trend, go for something that you love instead - you're the one that matters!

What would your perfect home look like?

Debz x

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Being a Grown-up In Birmingham

3 months ago today I moved to Birmingham - a city I'd only ever visited to get drunk - just because I fancied a change. I had no idea what the future in the Midlands would hold, moving to a house I'd never seen, to live with people I'd never met and start a job I had no idea about. 

Looking back now, it's a miracle it all worked out - but it really did  and even on days like today, I can't regret being here because it just feels right. 

If you're holding back on something because you're scared - give it a try. Life is too short to wonder what if. You're worth everything you desire and more; go out there and grab it!

Image may contain: text

Since living in Birmingham I have had to learn to become a grown-up again, which believe me was hard work! Before I knew if I forgot my keys I could get let in the house, or if I was running late someone would cook some dinner for me. Now I live with strangers so I don't think they're going to cook me any tea, or be that happy if I knocked on the door to be let in.

One of the things I think about most now is making sure I have a door key with me - I know I should have always had to do this, but it definitely didn't matter before if I didn't. Now I have to make sure I have them always before I leave the house - let's hope I haven't jinxed myself with this post.

When I was invited to write about a lock and key specialist it got me thinking - would I even know what to do in this situation? I guess for me, it would be a matter of going onto Google, finding a website and getting someone out to help me. Do you know what? I haven't even gotten around to having any spare keys cut - I guess I could be sensible and get some cut now and leave them with a friend. That way, If I ever was locked out I know that there are options to get me back inside without having to pay out an expensive fee! Replacement keys is definitely the way forward for me I think!

The good news is that Fast Keys offer a really good, reliable key cutting service so getting this done and getting organised now shouldn't be too much hassle at all. Maybe I should make that my aim for January?

Are you sensible with things like this, or do you not worry until it happens?

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Friday, 6 January 2017

Special Occasion Jewellery

There's something nice about a nice bit of bling isn't there? I don't know about you, but jewellery with a bit of sparkle always catches my eye - even if it's something that ends up being about my budget. 

What I love about jewellery is that there is always something for everyone. So whether you want perspex necklaces, big blingy bracelets or beautiful antique rings there is something that is going to match exactly what you need. With the internet, it's really easy to find unique and antique pieces. In the past you might have had to trawl the high street or travel to different places to try and find what you need - which is expensive and time consuming.

Now you have places like Berganza Jewellery that make it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for. Their website is fantastic for high-quality, top of the range pieces which are meant for a special occasion. They specialise in engagement rings and I have to admit that I do enjoy a window shop on their website - lusting about what I would be proposed with, when Prince Charming finally arrives.

I think when the time comes I would love a ring that is different and really stands out. I only plan to get engaged once (or ever at this rate) so I would want something that is different to what I would usually wear. Of course you have to keep in mind that you want it to match whatever you wear - so something plain with a bit of bling to it would be my personal preference.

What is your favourite type of jewellery?

Debz xx

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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Men's Fashion: Something a Little Different

It might come as a surprise, but I don't often look at men's fashion. However, when I do I always get carried away with looking at what is available and what I like to wear. I tell you now, if I ever get a boyfriend he's going to have to put up with me buying items and demanding that he wear whatever I like to see him in!

When it comes to men's fashion I have to say that I like two extremes of what they wear. I think lots of people would agree that a guy in grey joggers is just the ticket when it comes to looking nice. But then on the other hand, a guy in a well fitted suit is also a really nice look. The good news when it comes to fashion is that there are lots of choices, this means that whatever gender you are, whatever you want to wear you should be able to find something that suits you without too much hassle at all!

Image result for mens fashion 2017

That said, I am as positive when it comes to men's style as I am with female - I absolutely believe that a guy should wear something that he is comfortable in. Fashion is great for expressing yourself so its always important to wear what you like and not worry about others. In fact, I know there are lots of females that like to dress more androgynous and that is something that I would recommend completely too, if that is what someone wants to do... 

Image result for grey joggers mens

One of the nicest things about fashion is that it allows you to stand out or blend in as much as you like.

What is your favourite style to wear?

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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Present Shopping When Christmas is Over

I can bet most of the country feels like they're all shopped out when it comes to present giving at this time of year - however everyone still needs presents. Christmas might be the time when we buy a bulk of gifts at the same time - but you still have anniversary, birthday and other occasion gifts to buy throughout the year.

I always quite like the idea of buying a gift for someone, but I am useless when it comes to deciding what to buy them. It feels like such a big pressure, to choose something that you're confident they're going to be happy with. That is why I quite like having a browse through helpful sections such as Anniversary Gifts on the Uncommon Goods website because it makes choosing much easier.

Whether you're looking for anniversary gifts for him or anniversary gifts for her, Uncommon Goods is a good place to start. They have some really unusual and unique present ideas - which means that you can feel confident you're giving them something that is new to them.

Their website aims to offer recycled and sustainable products which means that you're also doing your bit for the environment. Lots of their present ideas are also personalised which is ideal if you're looking for something a bit special.

Personally I lost hours just window shopping their website - there was so many different gifts ideas I hadn't come across before. Without a doubt I'll be buying something from their website in the near future.

What next big gift do you have to buy now that Christmas is over? I think I am safe until my brothers birthday in February!

Debz x

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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

2017 Wishlist: Lottery Win

I know they say that money can't buy happiness - but it would really help wouldn't it? I realise that money doesn't solve all of your problems, but I have to say that the idea of a lottery win is quite exciting!

Have you ever had one of those conversations where you chat about what you would do if you were a lottery winner and who you would share your money with? I love those type of conversations, just dreaming of a day when my bank balance has a few more zeros at the end of the figure than it does now!

Over the holidays I was invited to experiment with the Lottoland website, which is a website that gives you an easy way to bet on things such as the Euro Millions Lottery. I do a regular lottery syndicate with my friends but this website allows you to extend that and try things such as the Irish Lottery, which personally I have never played! It's worth having a read of their guidelines, because you don't actually bet on the official website - but you can still win big!

Of course, you should always gamble responsibly, but I have to admit to being partial to the odd flutter with a scratch card here or there. I think maybe I am just too impatient to wait for the lottery results and I want to know straight away if I have won.

What I loved about Lottoland is that they had so many different scratchcards to choose from - all with different amounts to win and different costs to play. I liked this because it means that whatever you're looking to spend when you want to place a bet, there is going to be something that suits you!

What would you spend your money on, if you were to win big?

Debz xx

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Post in partnership with Lottoland.