Saturday, 16 June 2018

The Search For A Perfect Dating Website

Although online dating is a bit of a minefield, it is something that many of us are much more familiar with than we would have been a few years ago. Many singeltons now turn to the World Wide Web to search in the quest for love and there's nothing wrong with that! Getting out there and meeting new people is fun, so why not use the internet to make this happen?  

I recently rejoined a few dating sites to meet some new people and perhaps go on some nice dates. What I love about using the internet to date is that there are so many dating websites out there – which means that whatever you're looking for, there is going to be something out there for you. It is easy to assume that everyone on dating websites is in a quest for love, but that is not always the case. Many people want different types of relationships and I love that online dating websites help to cater for this.  

Choosing a Dating Website 

Personally, I choose never to pay for online dating – because there are so many free ones out there that work well. I tend to use those that are geared towards plus size women and those that like them as a personal preference but I recognise that this choice isn't for everyone. For example, if you're looking for more of a casual set up then you may prefer sex sites as opposed to those that are aimed towards more traditional dating relationship set ups. The choice is yours and it’s great there is something for everyone! 

Setting Up A Profile 

really like being honest on my profile about what I am  looking for, so that everyone knows where they stand. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using these sites to look for hook-ups and fun, but that is not something I am looking for currently. I make sure I have a couple of full length photos on and that I mention I am fat. I know it is important that they like more than that, but for me it is essential that they like the way I look rather than just tolerate it. I update mine every now and then, especially making sure that photos are up to date, after all no one wants to be accused of being a catfish! Haha  

Getting Stuck In 

If you have taken steps to join a dating website, then make sure you get stuck in! I like to have conversations with new people and see how we click. Of course, then if you get on you can take steps to actually meet and go on a date. I like casual dates for a first date such as drinks at a pub or a bite to eat. However the most important thing is to make sure you have a good time so make sure you choose something you like! 
Have you used a dating website? What tips would you give? 

Thursday, 31 May 2018

An Insta-Ready Home At The Drop Of A Hat

Let’s face facts – social media is a massive part of life in 2018. The fact that everyone has accounts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is solid proof. Instagram is without a doubt the platform that is taking over. Whereas in the past people showed off on FB, the ‘Gram is the place to showcase holidays pics and home renovations. And, there is nothing wrong with that as long as it never gets out of hand. People will say you shouldn’t indulge, but don’t we want to take pride in our work? If you answered yes, here’s how to get your home Insta-ready in no time. Follow Motivating Accounts Originality is valuable today because everyone is rehashing old stuff. The next time a film trailer comes on TV, notice how it’s the same theme in a new package. However, wanting to be unique doesn’t mean you can’t take inspiration from different sources. The trick is to see something you like and put a spin on it that it makes it your own. With that in mind, use Instagram itself as a sounding board by following the best interior design accounts. The picture below is an example of how creative people get online. Pinterest is another excellent tool as it lets you merge different styles from various places.

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Whitewash It

White is the colour for the ‘Gram because it makes everything seem big. Think of it as a digital mirror. Plus, all the pics will appear cleaner than with dark, matte shades. And, this is important because the last thing anyone wants is for their followers to assume they’re dirty! Rollers and paint brushes are helpful, obviously, but so are window dressings. Blinds specialists create slats that control light flow, so you can let in as much or as little as you like. During the day, keep the wide open and let the sun bathe the room, and close them at night.

Can’t Beat Them? Then Cheat Them We all want to look elegant and luxurious online, but it’s expensive. Granted, one bottle fine wine isn’t going to break the bank yet you can’t continue investing for the future. They’ll be no money left to pay the bills! In this case, you should fool the followers with a couple of sneaky hacks. For example, take the old branded shampoo bottle and don’t throw it in the bin. Instead, fill it with a Smart Price alternative and keep schtum. You can do this 
with almost anything bottle-related.

Throw Some Shapes And this is a literal instruction. Self shapes, as they are known, are shelves that take less than ten minutes to erect. Mostly, they look sleek and crisp and are a staple of every home. There is a reason for this, and it’s because they are clutter magnets. Lots of properties have zero storage space and that makes the interior look untidy. This isn’t acceptable on Instagram which is why a touch of DIY is essential. To Ikea! How do you prepare your home for Instagram?

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Five Interesting Ways to Customise Your Wedding

Every bride wants their wedding to be perfect and unique, so their guests remember the day for many years to come. If you are short of ideas to customize your theme and create an atmosphere that will impress everyone, below you’ll find a few tips on how you can make your wedding stand out and be remembered for its creative theme or design.
  1. Informal Setting

Image via David Thomaz

You don’t have to follow the crowd and hire a hotel function room for your wedding. You can hold the big event on the beach, or even on a friend’s boat. No matter what you are looking to do on the day, make sure that you are feeling comfortable. If you don’t want to walk around in your wedding dress all night, slip into something else, and encourage your guests to do the same. You can check chesca for great ideas on wedding guest outfits.
  1. Candlelight

Instead of having a posh dinner party for your wedding, you might set up a tent in the wilderness and have a candle lit garden event. This will not only help you make the setting more romantic, but also save you money. Arrange different lanterns and candles around your garden and the marquee, so you can get enough light to see your guests, but not too much to hurt your eyes and make the wedding party too formal.
  1. Photo Board

If you want to tell your guests the story of your love, you can do this by displaying a photo board. You might even hire a projector and create a slideshow of the best photos and videos taken of you as a couple. You might even add some funny captions to the presentation. This personal touch will help your guests connect with you and start conversations.  
  1. Unique Theme or Live Performance

To make your wedding like no other, you could put your drama and musical skills to good use. No matter if you want to hold an open mic night during your reception, or perform a song, a play, or simply recreate the moment when you two met, you can make your wedding party the one to remember. Arrange a karaoke competition or perform your favorite song with your other half in front of your guests.
  1. Pub Style Decor  

Image via Max Pixel

In case you would like to take the informal setting to the next level, you can set up your wedding venue in a pub style. Display chalkboards with funny messages, set up darts and a pool table, hold a pub quiz, and create a bar where people can talk to each other. This will feel like any other day out, but without people you don’t know being present.

Creating a perfect wedding that your guests will remember can be challenging. Put your creativity to good use, and break up with traditions. You don’t need to do what everyone else does; the more relaxed you feel, the better the atmosphere of your wedding night will be.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

So You Want to Be a Princess (But Can’t Afford Your Palace)?

Who doesn’t dream about living the good life and waking up every morning to breakfast freshly prepared by the butler, complemented by freshly squeezed orange juice and the morning’s papers awaiting your perusal? 
Your own personal team of shoppers and stylists picking out on the finest materials that money can buy and acres of land tended to by the gardener. All that you have to do is ring the bell and soon your army of staff tend to your every beck and call. 

Wouldn’t that be lovely? Of course it would, but unless you are directly in line to the throne or have a personal fortune that rivals that of Richard Branson, it’s a completely unrealistic concept. 

Luxury Doesn’t Always Mean Extravagance 
When one thinks of the finer things in life, it almost certainly doesn’t involve a route around the pound shop or rummage in the discount supermarket. That, my friends, is where you are going wrong because let me tell you that the rich do not stay rich by throwing money around as though it is going out of fashion. 
If there is one thing that will always remain fashionable, it is money, and we should do all that we can to keep hold of as much of it as possible. That means being frugal, being smart and making the most of any opportunity that comes your way. Just because something has an extra zero on the end doesn’t make it better, just as a lower price doesn’t cheapen its quality. 

Finding Your Palace 

Every princess needs a palace where she can retire at the end of a long day. Somewhere that she can unwind and watch over her kingdom from the comfort of her own sofa, that’s the dream.  
London, as England’s capital (and where you will find Buckingham Palace), is of course the ideal location for any princess’s palace. The thought of paying London prices might put you off, however, and that is understandable. What if, though, you had no intentions of using your palace every day? What if there was a way that you could still own your palace without parting with an obscenely high amount of money – after all, that’s how the rich stay rich. 

If this sounds interesting, you might want to look into the possibility of a fractional ownership of a property. This way, you own some of the property and can use it as and when you like, which is perfect if you are only looking for somewhere to call home as and when you are in the area. 

Finding Your Prince 

Now let’s get one thing straight, a true princess does not need a prince in order to shine for she can outshine anyone. After all, Queen Elizabeth I never married, making the declaration at the age of eight never to be bound in wedlock and staying true to her word. 

It is, however, nice to have someone else to be there for you. Finding your prince shouldn’t mean kissing a host of frogs before the perfect match is found. Instead, socialise with friends and don’t be afraid of saying yes to new and exciting opportunities because you never know who you will meet. Often, you find something when you aren’t even looking for it. 

Once you shake away the notion that you can’t afford luxury and that luxury cannot be found at a more reasonable price, you too can be a princess that will one day grow up to be a queen. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Saving Money Online With The Body Shop

Since moving house and having an actual bath, I have fallen in love with bath bombs. I know these have been everywhere for what seems like forever, but before now I only had a shower so I missed out!

My new place has a bath and I love it! Since then I have been trying all sorts of bath-bombs, mesmerised by that fizz they give when they hit the water and all of the colour changes - they're great aren't they?

Image result for body shop bath bomb

I know that everyone raves about a certain store for bath bombs, but I have been looking around at all sorts of places - basically wanting to try them all! haha. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that The Body Shop have a great range of them- I guess the days of just having White Musk body sprays are well passed them!

Although they already have a great price point, I still love a bargain and was really pleased to see that there are loads of new discounts on Groupon too! I love this because it means I can get more for my money - and who doesn't like that!? 

I really love online shopping, so being able to use a discount code and save a few pennies while I am at it is even better! I am actually a massive fan of Groupon deals, so these just give me an excuse to save even more money! And I get to buy loads of amazing Body Shop stuff, who wouldn't be happy?

Image result for body shop white musk

What I have noticed while browsing The Body Shop website is that they have loads of other things to choose from including some amazing body mists that I really want to try! And as much as I joke about White Musk, they have plenty of this - I think I'll have to try this even if just for nostalgia sake!

What was the last thing you bought from Body Shop?

Debz x

Tips for Choosing the Right Size of Rug

Buying a new rug is a difficult task when you are unsure what size you need. The shape and size of a room will impact what size of rug works best, so it’s important to know what to look for when you’re buying a new rug.
A rug is a very important piece for any room, tying everything together, grabbing the attention, and enhancing the overall style of the décor. Buying the wrong size of rug can put everything out of place and generally ruin the aesthetic of the room - which is obviously something you want to avoid.

Image result for rugs
Check the guide below for all the tips for how to choose the right size of rug for any room:
Room Size
As you may expect, large rugs work best for larger rooms and spaces, as it really helps to bring everything together. This is especially true in a large living room where the furniture floats to the centre of the room - go for a large rug that has enough space to sit all the furniture on top without feeling too crammed.
In fact, if any room is on the bigger side then you want to opt for a large rug when possible. Even going for a size just a few inches larger makes a huge difference, so consider choosing rugs ranging from 2m to 3m, with extra-large rugs typically measuring around 4m.
Conversely, smaller rugs tend to work well in more compact spaces. For instance, if you have a small living room then you may want a smaller rug to fit beneath a single piece of furniture, typically between 1.5m and 2m if possible.
Living Room Rug
A rug for a living room should always anchor the furniture together. This means you need something big enough that fits some of your furniture, such as the two front legs of a chair or soft onto the rug. This helps to unite the décor of the room and can often create an illusion of more space - perfect for smaller sized living rooms.
Dining Room Rug
A dining room should always have a rug large enough to sit all chairs completely on the rug. Chair legs should never be half on the rug, as this will only cause hassle when moving the chairs in and out from the table.
When a rug is too small a dining table and chairs feels far too crammed - bigger is always better for a dining room rug.
Hallway Rug

Hallways tend to be narrow so naturally need a much slimmer rug compared to other rooms. This means round rugs don’t really work well in hallways, with long runner rugs always working best in this regard.