Thursday, 8 January 2015

Here's What I Would Have Spent: Simpy Be

You might have seen a post or two I have done before - Here's What I Would Have Spent. Todays company is Simply Be.

A few days ago some bloggers and I got talking about Simply Be and the plus size options that they offer. For many people Simply Be are one of the reliable retailers in the market, because of the amount of time they have been around.

Over recent months I have noticed a trend in the sizes that Simple Be offer, especially in their special collections. When you visit the site you'll see that they offer have a massive difference in the number of items they have in a size compared to what they offer in a size 32 for example.

In fact when you look at dresses they have more items in a size 12 than they do in a size 28. A massive shame for a plus size retailer, who has always prided itself on offering a number of choices.

So this week I thought I would take a look at Simply Be and what I might spend, should they have given me the option.

These are items that were never stocked above a size 26 and items I'd definitely have liked to invest in, should I have been given the chance.

They're from collections such as Kelly Brook, Koko, Little Mistress etc who all do very limited items above 26, if any at all.

Have you found items you'd like to buy that were not available in your size?


Other ladies taking part in this post idea:

On another note, a lovely company this week offered to send my mum some flowers. They came today and I thought I'd share them with you!

They're a lovely gift, thank you Floric! Aren't they beautiful? I love flowers!

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Your Body Doesn't Come With Buts...

Last night I watched the Katie Hopkins documentary and to be honest with you, I just found it a bit dull. I fully expected to be writing a blog post rant about how angry she made me but I just can't find it in me. She said nothing new, shed a few tears about how she understood people more now and then sent offensive tweets to just about anyone who would listen - Dull, Dull and Duller!

However, over the last few days I have seen advert after advert of TV fat programs - The Shut-Ins on Channel 4 and a program about fat people on benefits on Channel 5, all coming up in the next week or so. On top of Katies's part two tomorrow and re-runs of My Big Fat Fetish.

They're designed to be sensationalist, to tell you that overweight people are bad and that as a fat person you should strive to lose weight... As if being bombarded with weight loss product adverts throughout January wasn't enough.

I don't want to talk about them too much, I am sure it is easy to guess how I feel about them!

However... I am here to tell you that your body doesn't come with buts....

It is not only OK to be 'fat but healthy', you can be fat in anyway you want. If you don't want to be fat any more and want to diet instead, that is OK too!

You don't have to be striving to lose weight. You don't to give excuses for your body... You don't have to claim to be too busy to lose weight or too poor to buy healthy food. You can be just the way you are without having to give people a reason why! You don't need to be fat 'but only because I have *** illness".

You don't have to be 'fat but I exercise alot".You're allowed to be fat with NO JUSTIFICATION at all!

Your body. Your Rules. Your happiness comes first. Without exception.

Debz x

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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas Day With Scarlett & Jo and ASOS Curve

How was your Christmas? I hope you all had a brilliant one, I did!

Christmas in my household is always quite a quiet affair, but that's just the way we like it! It's been a lovely few days at home and now I am looking forward to travelling to Stafford for New Years with lots of friends!

Even though Christmas is reasonably quiet I love to get dressed up! Everyone in my house loves Christmas so we all get dressed up, have an epic dinner and spend the evening playing board games. I honestly can't think of a way I would rather spend the day.

Just before Christmas Scarlett & Jo sent me one of their newest dresses and I thought it would be perfect for Christmas. I love the blue colours in the kimono and knew it would be perfect to dress up with a bit of bling.

The Scarlett & Jo Multicoloured Floral Kimono With Black Dress is quite a grown up dress, but it;s lovely and I feel could be dressed in lots of different ways. The black dress underneath fits well too!

As it was on the day I felt that a plain black dress underneath was a bit plain, so I actually teamed up the kimono with a black dress I picked up in the ASOS Curve sale a few days before.The dress itself is lovely but I wanted to dress it up a bit for Christmas - after all, if you can't dress up at Christmas when can you?

One of the best things about the kimono dress from Scarlett & Jo is that although the kimono is attached, it is done so by poppers. This means that you can remove it and mix and match items. I love versatile pieces like this, so it's a definite plus point for me!

What did you get up to this Christmas?

Debz x

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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very grateful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A Guide To Surviving Christmas If You Are Fat


Merry Christmas. May the day be everything you could hope for and more. Have the best time, whatever type of day you have and may 2015 be the best yet.

Debz xx

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Friday, 19 December 2014

When Plus Size Fashion Gets It Right - H&M Did Good!

You will see a few blog posts down that I blogged about the H&M Tulle Skirt. As soon as I saw it on the website I knew I had to have it. It was like nothing I had seen in plus size fashion before. especially in a size 30 (and beyond, considering how stretch it is).

It sounds a bit silly, but news of the skirt travelled quite quickly through the social scene amongst plus size bloggers, simply because it was so unique! Now over the past few weeks you'll have seen a number of bloggers blog it and that is testament to just how good it is.

Lucia from UCantWearThat

Leah from Just Me Leah

Claudia from Curvy Claudia

Naomi from Diamonds N Pearls

Look at all the lovely, different ways it has been styled!

The skirt is SOLD OUT in every size on the H&M website. It came back in stock in a size 2XL one afternoon this week and was sold out by dinner(tea?) time.

Now, tell me that there is no a need for pretty, affordable fast fashion in plus sizes. Tell me that up to a size 24 is all that sells and that there is not a market for 24+. Because if you tell me that, I'll tell you that it is because the opportunities just aren't there! I just know that if people at the higher end of plus size fashion had the chance to buy beautiful clothing in their size they would snap it up. The Estellas by Lady V London and Fuller Figure Fuller Bust are another testament to this! (They're in the sale this weekend - GO GO GO!)

I am quick to complain when fashion retails don't do sizes high enough (#HeresWhatIWouldHaveSpent) but I also want to celebrate when things go well. Fingers crossed the skirt comes back into stock (in a plethora of colours would be fantastic!)!

What have you see that has been done well in the plus size fashion industry lately?


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Monday, 15 December 2014

How to Choose a Name for your Blog

I have been asked a few times and I often seen people wondering on Twitter if they should start a blog... My answer.. YES! YES! YES! There is literally nothing about blogging that I don't enjoy!

I love having a corner of the internet to rant and rave on, but mostly I love the sense of community it has. I assume other niche blogs have similar communities, so don't limit yourself to a plus size fashion blog if that doesn't interest you! 

Blogging has taught me loads about where to shop and how to shop, but mostly it has introduced me to a world full of fabulous people I wouldn't have met if it hadn't been for this blog.

If you want your blog to be successful you have to engage with your audience and make sure that your blog stands out and is remembered. You may have heard the saying – what’s in a name. Well when it comes to blogging, my answer is everything. 

So, here are my tips for choosing the right name for your blog.


Of course finding a memorable name is top of the list. If people cannot remember the name of your blog, it makes it more difficult for them to tell others about your blog.
You need a snappy name that is not too long. My recommendation is to stick with one or two word names because these are the easiest to remember. Try not to include obscure or difficult to pronounce words in your blog name.

Try to avoid a boring stiff blog name. Sponge Bob Square Pants could get away with naming his blog after himself, but you probably shouldn’t. He is already well known, but if you were to call your blog Sharon Smith’s blog the chances are people would not remember the name no matter how good your blog was. I probably should have given more thought to my blog name when setting up but never mind!


We have already touched on the length of your name. One or two words are best, but also make sure that those words are not too long. I would avoid any name that is more than 16 or 17 characters long. This makes it easier for people to remember and fast enough for them to type into the search engine.


You need something that is relevant to your blog content. Try to find a name that appeals to your audience and the way they think and feel.

Think Branding

It is important to bear in mind that the name of your website or blog is a key component of your brand. You need to ask yourself if your business were to take off and become a national or international phenomenon would you be happy with the name. Would it be easy to market?

Avoid Negativity

This brings me to another point. Generally speaking, you need to avoid words that have negative connotations when choosing a name for a blog or website. That means any words that could be offensive or considered politically incorrect should not be included in your blog name.

Other Considerations

Once you have the name right it is wise to register a proper domain with the name in it. You can host on free WordPress and blogger sites, but if you do this, you will not be in complete control of your website. These blog publishing companies have strict rules, which may stop you from being able to put what you want on your blog.

If you buy a domain name and
use good quality, hosting you will be in control at all time. It is wise to buy your hosting from a reliable firm that will ensure that your website will stay up and remain available for your readers to access at all times.

Send me your blog links if I don't already follow you! Don't have a blog? What would you call it if you did?

Debz xx

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*Collaborative Post

Sunday, 14 December 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas - Fashion World Knitwear

I love Christmas! Actually I always have quite a quiet Christmas with just the family I already live with but I love it. It's the one thing that makes this part of winter bearable for me.. Although I am still TeamSummer all the way!

Today is my sisters birthday which always signifies the start of Christmas in our household - the decorations are never allowed to go up until after her birthday has been celebrated! So, to celebrate her birthday and get us in the mood we had a right festive day out today and it was lovely!

If you have read my blog before you'll know that I am not a big fan of winter - I hate coldness and I hate having to wear lots of layers! However, when Fashion World offered to send me a jumper from their knitwear range (It goes up to a size 38, how good is that!?) I thought I'd give it a go. I went for this fluffy texure jumper, simply because it is SO cute! I actually sized up twice just because I wanted the big, baggy oversize effect and I have to say I loved it!

I wore it over an old stock ASOS prom dress and I think it worked perfectly. The ASOS dress itself only has a vest top at the top, so I knew that wearing this massive, fluffy jumper with it wouldn't be too much! I stayed lovely and warm while I was outside, without being a hot, sweaty mess on the inside.

In the end we went to a farm to see some animals (including reindeer), a garden centre with some beautiful Christmas decorations and had a roast dinner (complete with pigs in blankets on the way home). It was perfect! This jumper is the idea compromise for winter for me and I can definitely see that I'm going to get a lot of wear out of it! 

Fashion World seem to be getting right into the Christmas spirit, with this app online that allows you to create and send an e-card to your loved ones!

I knew that Fashion World went up to a size 32, but I have to say I didn't realise that they went up to a size 38... absolutely brilliant news in my eyes!

What are your must have items for winter?

Debz xx

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