Friday, 24 May 2013

World Wide Weirdos? Does Internet Dating Actually Work?

Oh Hi - Another blog post! 

I know I keep my posting sporadic, but I do (as ever) intend to make every effort to write regullary once again.

If you are one of my friends, then you know my internet dating life has been somewhat colourful. I have had made cries from friends to write a book about dating, however as I can't seem to write more than 2 blogs a season that seems like an idea that will never happen!

There can be no denying that the World Wide Web is more accesible to us than ever - with smart phones and tablets we can now access the internet almost anytime, anywhere. However, realistically there is only so much you can do online, so what do you do when you've run out of stuff to do? Well in my experience, people turn to online dating!

Now, I would never say that online dating doesn't work - but for me, it has been some what of a rollercoaster ride... One that has even seen me spotted out and about on the town after being on a dating website (I know... it's my fault for living somewhere small and personal like London).


I know, he seems persistent! However, as persistance goes... This gentleman below really wins the prize! His messages (of when you can see are plenty) range from a simple smiley face, to him telling me know he knows I have read his message to him begging me to reply & go out with him. I have replied to just one message of his after he wouldn't stop messaging to tell him I was not interested... as you can see, he isn't one to give up easily!

So far for me, internet dating has done nothing but give me a few hours entertainment with crazy messages and a few dead end dates with men who couldn't commit if their lives depending on it!

However the Bridget Jones of the internet work (Complete with big pants) I hold out hope of finding my Mr Right... in the mean time, I have messages like this to keep me smiling!

Have you had much luck, or entertainment with internet dating? Do Share!


  1. I don't know about dating in chat forums since I've never been in one but I've found great people on social networking websites. Not just dates, amazing people who went on to become my best friends - quite a few times. The person who is currently the love of my life - also met him on FB first. Now we are in an LDR and the internet is all we've got.
    If you are someone who is fairly articulate over text (which I can see you are) then it really works. And there's a different kind of romance in waiting for a message. :) Very often in real life we unconsciously filter people out for little things like an annoying accent, irksome personal mannerism, rumors about them, the way one moodswing made that person speak the first time, etc (although I make it a point to see past such details). But online dating helps you find out what's inside first before you find out more superficial details. I guess it does eventually translate into an offline relationship but I remain one of the biggest champions of online dating!

  2. It's something I've been thinking about recently. Now that I'm a mummy going out "on the pull" just doesn't sit right with me.
    To be honest it scares me. All I hear about are the horror stories, the many weirdos and general awkwardness.