Friday, 5 July 2013

ABC of Summer Clothing Choices From Yours Clothing

Well, rumours have it that we’re in for a sunny weekend – and if these rumours prove to be false then I am not going to be happy! I have a picnic to attend on Sunday, and if I can’t laze about in the sunshine sun-bathing off my inevitable hangover I won’t be happy!

Anyway, with this picnic planning my friends and I have been discussing what we’re going to wear ... I think one of my new tops from Belgium are going to finally get an outing.

I love the selection of summer clothes that Yours Clothing offer... so here is my ABC of summer clothes from Yours Clothing!

Absolute Bargain 

Butterfly print tunic with frill neckline and shirred waist - £18.00

I am a sucker for pretty patterned and this top ticks every box. I really like the cut of this top and it looks like it would be very comfortable to wear. The sleeves give a bit of cover up for anyone who is a little conscious and doesn’t want to show the tops of their arms off too much. I love the pink colour in this top and think it would look lovely teamed with some ¾ length leggings and pretty sandals of flip flops. Great for a summer evening in a pub garden or an afternoon picnicking somewhere - and under £20.00! You can buy it here.

Best Value For Money

Indigo denim short with rolled legs and gold studs - £22.00
I really like these shorts because they allow your legs to get a bit of sunshine, but you don’t have to worry too much about the fact you are wearing shorts. I have some very similar to these but if I didn’t then I would definitely be investing in a pair. For just over £20.00 these are a fantastic addition to any summer wardrobe. The great thing about denim shorts is that they can be dressed with almost anything so over the summer months you’ll be able to get loads of wear out of them – ensuring that they’re great value for money. You can buy these here.

Cash To Splash

Coral and black embellished double layer dress - £22.00

Yours Clothing always offer affordable pieces, so it is hard to find something on their website that is cash-splashing worthy. This coral and black dress caught my eye because I really liked the shade of coral in the top half of the dress. I really love dresses like this which have a different colour on each half – I think they are flattering for every shape and make everyone look great. If you have a summer party to attend then this would be great, especially because the cut allows you to easily team it up with a shrug if you’re out in the evening and start to feel the coolness of the evening air. You can buy this here.

Whatever you’re up to this summer – enjoy!

Does anyone have any exciting plans?

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