Tuesday, 23 July 2013

ABC Of Summer Dresses From Excite Clothing

Thanks to the wonder of Facebook and some lovely plus size bloggers, I have recently stumbled across the Excite Clothing website. The website seems to stock a wide range of items, in a whole range of sizes so if you're looking for a new online retailer to try then I would say it is well worth checking them out! 

I have yet to order from Excite Clothing yet, you can blame my bank balance for that! However, if I were to order - here are my ABC picks of dresses for the summer.

Absolute Bargain - Printed Chiffon Dress

I really really love this particular print of the dress, but if you click the link then you will see it comes in 3 varieties, all of which are really nice. For less than £15.00 I honestly think this dress is a complete bargain. I love the fact that it would be long enough to wear as a dress, but still nice enough to be dressed with leggings or tights if you wanted to. Teamed up with some statement jewellery and a pair of pretty sandals I think it would be a lovely addition to any wardrobe. You can buy this dress here:

Best Value For Money - Metallic Skater Dress

I actually have this dress in black which I bought from eBay just before Christmas. I really like the fact that it is sparkly but not over the top. I wore it to a Christmas party and it was long enough to not need leggings or tights under it, although it would be fine with them if you preferred. The dress is usually £19.99 but is on offer at the money so you can even save yourself a pretty penny if you decide to buy it. You can buy this dress here:

Cash To Splash - Pink Pleated Sheer Panel Dress

At less than £30.00 the dress is hardly going to break the bank and it is lovely! I love the fact that it has an elasticated waist as I feel that this gives the best/most flattering fit for me. However it was the bright pink that made this dress stand out for me and I would definitely love a dress like this in my wardrobe! You can buy this dress here:

I will get around to purchasing from Excite Clothing and do a proper review, but for now these are my ABC picks of dresses for summer.

Have you bought from them before, what did you think?

Debz xx

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