Thursday, 15 August 2013

ABC (or should that be 5,6,7,8) of Dresses By Claire Richards

I will be honest, I don't often pay much attention to celebrity fashion ranges, perfumes etc. I judge something on whether I like it and not the name behind it. I heard about the Claire Richards range for Fashion World a few weeks go and only got around to checking it out this morning. I have to say that I think there are some really pretty pieces on offer and all of the dresses I looked at go up to a size 32, which is always a positive thing!

As the collection is quite new, most of the pieces are averagely priced, but as they are all so nice I thought I would give an ABC feature a bash anyway!

Absolute Bargain - Bird Print Dress

I guess the word bargain means different things to different people - this wouldn't strike me as the cheapest dress you could buy ever (quite simply because it isn't) but for the price it is a lovely, staple item to add to a wardrobe.

The dress is a little longer than the style I would usually wear, I have to confess to not having very many midi length dresses in my wardrobe. What I loved about the dress with the way it comes in at the waist and the lovely bird print pattern  If you have any tea parties or events coming up, for £50 this could be a welcome addition. You can buy this dress here

Best Value For Money - BodyCon Textured Dress

I don't own very much black, but I am starting to love bodycon dresses. What I love about this dress is that even though it is black, the textured pattern gives it another layer. It isn't simply another black dress. I can imagine wearing this to more formal events and think teamed up with some nice jewellery and pretty shoes this would be really lovely. At £65.00 it isn't the cheapest dress you could buy, but if you are looking for a black dress to add to your wardrobe then I think this would be fabulous! You can buy this dress here.

Cash To Splash - Sequin BodyCon Dress

Another black dress but the sequins on this give the dress a lovely sparkly shimmer which really brightens it up. At £95.00 for this dress it most definitely is an investment piece but as you will be able to dress it up with different accessories you'll most definitely be able to make sure that you get value for money out of the dress! I like the shape of the dress and I know the long sleeves will appeal to many people. You can buy this dress here.

All in all, I think the Claire Richards Fashion World offering is a good once - I would have loved to see a bit more colour in the pieces though! I guess many people still assume that us fat girls want to hide and slim away in black but that isn't always the case. As I said i haven't tried any of the dresses so I cant comment on fit or quality but I do like the look of these 3 dresses.

Have you tried any? What did you think


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  1. Ooh, that textured bodycon dress is so nice! x

  2. They look fab. Fashion World can be such a hidden gem sometimes!