Thursday, 31 October 2013

Comfy Casuals

Last weekend I made the journey home to be a bridesmaid - you can see the post here. My family live in Lancashire which means that journeying home usually takes between 3-4 hours door to door so I obviously want to be comfortable when I travel. 

Here's what I wore this weekend:

Dress: ASOS
Leggings: Love Ur Curves
Cardigan: Pink Clove
Boots: Primark
Belt: Yours Clothing

When you're travelling, going up and down the tube stairs and then on a packed train with a heavy suitcase you really dont want to be layered up to much because you just get too hot and bothered too quickly. This is perfect for travelling because it's comfy to wear, cosy and I can easily remove the cardigan if I get too hot!

What are your comfortable 'go to' items?

Debz x

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Always The Bridesmaid...

When I say 'always the bridesmaid' I actually mean 'my first ever time being a bridesmaid and it was amazing'.

Over a year ago, one of my favourite people in the whole wide world asked me to me to be bridesmaid... my first reaction (I'll be honest) was of panic... and so I declined! After all, getting a plus size bridesmaid dress is hardly a case of just popping into Bridal Dresses R U are getting one off of the shelf! Thankfully my amazing friend (Gemma for those who are wondering) saw straight through that, told me straight away she had someone who would make the dress and that she would be honoured if I would reconsider... I told her I would, and then some how - I ended up yesterday wearing the most amazing dress, tiara and sparkly silver shoes to watch her walk down the aisle!

I could talk for hours about the amazing day - the beautiful church, the vintage coats, the pretty afternoon tea cakes, the speeches, the 5ive mega mix and so much more, but I won't. Only to say that I loved every single second of being there and I was honoured to be a part of it!

In my usual vein fashion, I took lots of photos of myself yesterday and I love them. My make up was done by a make up artist on the morning and I was really happy with it! 

There is a saying that is something like 'Don't let the fear of striking out make you miss the game' and how true! I could have easily have backed out of yesterday - Every other bridesmaid was about a size 10 and know I would have stuck out like a sore thumb! Giving my measurements over to have a dress made knowing that my measurements would have been bigger the other ladies dresses could have scared me enough to quit - but it didn't and words can not say how glad I am of that! Being a bridesmaid for Gemma filled me with honour and joy and no amount of wobbles (no pun intended) about being there would have ruined that!

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone to do something like that?


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Navabi Blogger Award

There are hundreds of amazing blogs voted for the Navabi Curvy Blog 2013 Awards - of which I am one (a nomination at least, not sure about the amazing part)

Anyway - you should most definitely head over to the page to find some more blogs that you like the look of - I will be!

While you are there, you can give me a cheeky vote if you like! (I'm number 286)

Just click on the blog(s) you would like to give your vote to and then fill in the captcha at the bottom of the page!

navabi Curvy Blog Award 2013


Debz xx

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Friday, 25 October 2013

You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

Discovered this on twitter tonight. I loved it! The world sees you very differently than you see yourself... You are beautiful, love yourself always!! 

Access All ASOS - An Exciting New Adventure

A few weeks ago my flat mate sent me a link to a website called 'Access All ASOS' which invited people to apply to be an ASOS Insider. Once I read the first few paragraphs on the page, I knew I had to apply!

"Do you heart ASOS? Have you ever wanted to know what happens behind the scenes of your favourite fashion giant? Well, we have some pretty exciting news! We’re about to throw open our doors to let you see all the crazy goings on at Planet ASOS… and you can be a part of it all, too. #AccessAllASOS is an exciting new destination for our most loyal fans, where you’ll get unprecedented access to all things ASOS. As an ASOS insider, you’ll be the first to know about our new collections, inspirations and adventures. You’ll get opportunities to visit ASOS HQ in London, as well as invites to our most exciting events. You’ll be able to really get under our skin and learn how we do what we do. There might even be the odd freebie or exclusive discount…So if you’re passionate about ASOS, step right up!"

How could I resist? So, I sent about filling in my application form! I wasn't sure how successful I would be, because I assumed they would mainly be looking for people who shopped from their main ASOS range, which of course I don't. However I filled in the form telling them about my new found love for ASOS Curve, and why I am so passionate about brands just like them!

And then a few days ago - this amazing package of lovelyness arrived! I can not tell you how excited I was to be an ASOS Insider! 

I have since had a nosey on the #AccessallASOS hashtag on twitter and I have to applaud ASOS. All the people who applied got different gifts, thoughtful and well matched - as well as a lovely handwritten note to welcome them to the team!

I am part of the very first bunch of ASOS Insiders, so I have no idea what the future holds - but how exciting! I think there is nothing better than a brand who listen to their customers and interact with them and it sounds like that is exactly what ASOS Insiders is all about, so I am keen to see what it brings!

Applications for 2013 are closed, but you can go on their site and apply for 2014 - how exciting!

What would you like to see brands doing more of?

Debz xx

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Thursday, 24 October 2013

ABC - Flocked Frocks For Christmas By New Look

It seems to have snuck up on us, but now lots of retailers are offering a wide range of different flocked frocks - and I love it! What I love about the flocked style is that it turns what could be a plain dress into something different! Whilst looking at the New Look Inspire range to see what they're offering this Christmas I noticed that they have a number of these dresses on sale. It's not quite my usual ABC style as the prices between them aren't that dramatic, but I love the dresses all the same!

Affordable - Inspire Burgundy Rose Flocked Skater Dress

I am a sucker for a skater dress as you know and this one doesn't disappoint. What I like about burgundy is that it is a nice subtle colour which you'll be able to dress up in almost anyway that you want. This dress is yet another great Christmas dress offering that you can easily take from the office to after work drinks. It's only £24.99 and you can get it here.

Bargain - Samya Stone Flocked Rose Print Sleeveless Skater Dress

I really like the subtle colour of this dress too, but what I love most is the sleeves! This shape of skater dress has caught my eye recently and I;d love to have this in my wardrobe. I can see this dressed up either with sparkly jewellery or go the complete opposite way and go for big bright colours. Although this dress is £40.00, its a great investment piece which you can continue to wear after the festive season. You can get your hands on this dress  here.

Cash To Splash - Praslin Teal Oriental Flocked Skater Dress

I love everything about this dress! I love how the bright teal colour and the flock effect work well together, it really makes the dress stand out and look different. However what I also love is the shape of the neckline which I think will be very flattering whatever body shape you have. This dress is only £42 which means you won't have to stretch the budget too much to afford it! You can get this dress here.
Have you seen anything you like from the New Look Inspire range this season?

Debz xx

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

ABC of Dresses From Curvissa

I have to admit that Curvissa is quite a new website to me. When I am looking for new clothes it is often a website that I overlook for forget to check - but without good reason! When I was looking for Christmas dresses and going through all the plus size retailer websites I thought I would check theirs out, I was not left disappointed. Ever since I saw their check print pinafore dress, I was hooked!

These dresses could be worn at Christmas (I found them while researching that after all) but mostly they're just nice, pretty plus size dresses - which we all know can be a bit of a rareity.

Affordable - Printed Tunic Dress

I really like how the pattern of this dress works and that it is a little different to alot of the dresses on the market at the moment. If you look at lots of the dresses that are on offer you'll see that many of them are skater dress shape or similar, I love those but it is nice to see Curvissa offering something different. This tunic dress is only £35.00 and I think could be accessorised for either night or day wear. You can get this dress here

Bargain - Leaf Print Tea Dress

I have been looking for a vintage style tea dress for ages, so when I saw this one I had to blog about it! This is definitely a dress to add to my 'must buy when I am rich list' - it's lovely! I love the fact that it is a classic style with a classic black and white colour throughout most of it, with a pop of colour at the bottom to make it stand out! I love the sleeves but also it is the type of dress that could be teamed up with a pretty cardigan if someone didn't want their arms on show. This dress is only £42 and can be bought here

Cash To Splash - M.I.M Evening Dress

If you have a little more money to spend  then this is definitely a dress you could invest in. Although it is £110 I think it would be a good investment piece. You can easily keep the dress (which is also available in black) in your wardrobe and bring it out for any number of occasions. I love the pattern and shape of the dress, it's definitely one I would love to own. You can buy this dress here.

Have you ever shopped at Cuvissa? What did you like about them?

Debz x

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

ABC Of Winter Dresses From Simply Be

Following on from yesterdays look at Yours Clothing dresses for Christmas, I thought I would have a little nosey at what Simply Be are offering this year! Alongside the now infamous 'mermaid dress' they have some really solid offerings for winter - I have serious dress lust looking at their page! If anyone has any tips on how to win the lottery, it would be much appreciated!

Affordable - Flock Baroque Print Skater Dress

I have had my eye on this dress for a while now, but have yet to buy it! I love the pattern on the dress and think it would actually be lovely to wear over Christmas. What I like about this dress is that it looks like it would be lovely and warm - I know many girls want long sleeves on their dresses, and this is perfect! You can easily wear this with leggings or tights and boots - either way it would look lovely! This dress is only £24.00 - click here to get it!

Bargain - AX Paris Sequin Bodycon Dress

If you follow any of the plus size bloggers then you will probably have seen this dress - which has been fondly named the 'mermaid dress'. To me this is the PERFECT party season dress - bodycon and sequins, what more does a girl need? I love the pattern and colour of the dress - to be honest there isn't anything I don't like about the dress. Even though this dress is £65 I still think it's a bargain. Click here to get it.

Cash To Splash - Joanna Hope Lace Dress

Although I would never have the budget to be able to afford a dress like this, I have serious lust going on for it! I love the lace affect and the colour of the dress. What I love most about the dress is that you can easily wear it without having to dress it up too much - the simplistic look will really work with this dress. This dress is a real investment piece at £120.00 - click here to get it.

So, there you have it  - a teeny, tiny insight into what Simply Be are offering shoppers this Christmas.

Have you got your eye on any Christmas dresses yet?

Debz xx

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Monday, 21 October 2013

ABC of Christmas Frocks From Yours Clothing

With Christmas just a few weeks away, I am sure I am not alone in my thoughts turning to what I am going to wear to Christmas parties! With the dark dull evenings and the freezing cold weather, what I actually want is glitz, glamour and a whole shed load of sparkle!

I already have my eyes on a dress or two - which I will blog about when I have them! For now, I thought I would do a few posts on what dresses I like that are out there - so that your plus size Christmas dress shopping is made as easy as possible!

First up - My ABC of Christmas frocks from Yours Clothing!

Affordable - Black And White Lace Print Sleeveless Dress With Cut Out Detail

Seeing as this dress is in the sale, it's a complete and utter bargain. It also means that if you want it  - you better get your hands on it before it sells out! What I love about this dress is that it is perfect to wear for any occasion - you can easily dress it or dress it down depending on the event. It is great to wear to work with leggings and then you can change to tights if you want to dress it up and go straight to work in your lovely new dress. Click here to get the dress for just £16.80!

Bargain - Black Dress With Silver Glittery Damask Print To Top

Black and silver seem to be the colours of this festive season and this offering from Yours Clothing does not disappoint! When you consider that the price tag is just £35 - it is the ultimate affordable dress for the party season. I can picture this dress with some sparkly accessories and really nice sparkly shoes - helping to make sure you're all glitzy for whatever Christmas party you attend! Click here to get the dress for a bargain price of £35.00!

Cash To Splash - Black Cold Shoulder Dress with Sequin Embellishment

I noticed this dress in the coming soon section and I love it! If you have a bit of extra cash to spend on a Christmas outfit this year - why not grab this one when it becomes available? You can sign up for them to 'let you know' and they'll let you know when it's available for sale. Click here to get this dress for £55.00

So there you have it - my picks of dresses for this years festive season from Yours Clothing!

Do you have your eye on any party frocks yet?

Debz xx

P.S Just as a little sidenote - Yours Clothing have a "Be A Stylist" competition for the day on their website - Why not enter and try win yourself an exciting prize?

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

OOTD: Leather Biker Jacket & ASOS Wrap Top

I know, I know - what a lovely, imaginative title - you lucky bunch! My creative juices are really flowing this morning, can you tell?

Anyway, I finally got around to wearing this lovely purple wrap dress that I got from ASOS for my birthday (thanks Gem!) and thought I should blog about it! - It's also now only £15.00 in the sale - bargain!

I teamed it with leggings (obviously!) and then to leave the house I wore my New Look biker jacket and a pretty cake scarf which I also got for my birthday!

As always I am loving my accessories - I teamed this outfit up with my new Black Heart Creatives necklace (Thanks Leighanne) and a long, heart necklace from Primark!

I am notoriously bad for wrapping up warm for winter - I hate layers and wearing too many heavy clothes so generally I don't wrap up at all! This is the first coat (jacket!) I have owned in years. That said, I do love the look and the fit of the jacket so I don't see any reason why I wouldn't carry on wearing it for winter - seeing as it's freezing already, I think we're in for a cold one!

Have you bought anything new for your winter wardrobe?

Debz xx

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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Come Say Hey!

Been a while since I pimped out my social media, so I thought it was about time I did!

Twitter -

Facebook -

Bloglovin -

Tumblr -

Instagram -

Pinterest -

Come say hey - I would love to hear from you!

Debz xx

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Fat Shaming Week

Over the last few days, I have noticed more and more people talking about '#FatShamingWeek' which seems to actually be becoming a thing on the likes on Instagram and Twitter. Thankfully the people i follow on social media are people who would never agree with something like this, but I couldn't help be curious..... Yes, I clicked  the dreaded '#FatShamingWeek' links a few days ago.

I am lucky in that I am not affected by these strangers on the internet being keyboard warriors about fat people. I am very happy in my skin and some people starting some kind of hate campaign online will have no bearing on me or my life. But I have to say, I was flabbergasted by the way some people spoke about fat people! Yes, PEOPLE! You're talking about people just like you - who are brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, mums and dad. Who live their life and fight for survival, they just happen to do it in a bigger clothing size!

So. I clicked off and left it at that, unaffected really other than a little sadness. 

Then today I noticed something wonderful happening. The women on my social media were posting their posts with the #FatShamingWeek attached to them. Photos of women (and probably men, though I haven't any on my feed) of all shapes and sizes claiming back the FatShamingWeek tag. Plus sized women posting photos of them out there LIVING LIFE! That's right, while these keyboard warriors are starting a hate campaign these fat women are out there seeing friends, going to the beach, working hard, having children, getting married, falling in love and falling apart! All of it - they just happen to do it in a bigger clothing size.

The question is - does fat shaming work? Absolutely not! If we could be bullied into being smaller, thinner, LESS FAT then there would be no teenagers crying themselves to sleep because they're being bullied for their waist size, there would be no fat people walking with their heads held high into high street stores to buying clothing to fit their bodies! Fat shaming does not work and I don't see how a Twitter and Instagram campaign will do anything other than show peoples real colours.

If I saw anyone commenting on Fat Shaming Week to say that it was right - I would delete them immediately  I would hope that anyone (fat or thin) or also saw this would do the same. We're a nation that knows the very damaging affects of bullying, so why do we let it continue?

Please, please do not let yourself be affected by the hurtful words that have been said under some false pretence to shame you into having a healthier body. Do not let yourself be beaten down by people who have no bearing on your life and who will not shape your future. Live your life and fill it with loving people who don't care about the size of your jeans. Ignore the haters, they'll always be there. But while you move on and live life, they'll still be there trying to think of the next twitter Hashtag they can think of to try and shame people into being 'perfect'.


Debz xx

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I Can't Shop On The High Street, I'm Fat: A Look At New Look Inspire

I have talked about the New Look Inspire range before, in fact I own quite a few of their pieces. I recently discovered that the New Look on Tottenham Court Road (London) has quite a big Inspire range in store so I thought I would go along and check it out!

As you will see from the pics - the display is pretty impressive. They have quite a big area dedicated to Inspire clothing, so you can easily browse for what you are looking for. There is a good selection of clothes - though I did notice a couple of items I liked on the website which I couldnt see in store.

The only thing I was disappointed in was the fact that the store still only stocks up to a size 26. I thought it was great news that the New Look Inspie website goes up to a 32 now and I would love to see this rolled out to stores soon. *fingers crossed*

I did however fall in love with one of their beautiful leather style jackets and will be purchasing this in my size from the website ASAP!

Do you have a New Look Inspire near you? What do you think of it?

Find your nearest New Look Inspire store here 

Debz xx

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Friday, 11 October 2013

Gemma Cruickshank Collexions: The Launch

Earlier this week I was invited down to Mary Janes Bar in Tower Hill to see the official unveiling of the Gemma Cruickshank Collexions. If you're not sure who Gemma is or why you should be excited about this, you can see my interview with her here.

Gemma is an independent fashion designer and this week unveiled her first collection - and what a collection it was. 

I apologise for the bad quality of the photos  - it was SO busy and everyone was SO keen to see the collection that we couldn't all get the photos we wanted. However, what a great sign for Gemma that SO many people are keen to see what she has to offer - Go Team Gemma!

With live music, fantastic organisation, buy one get one free cocktails and banana cake made by Gemma's mum to die for  - it was a night not to be missed!

It was also nice to meet lots of new people and catch up with a few familiar faces!

And of course, catch up with the lovely lady herself!

I am sure there will be a whole host of better photos up very soon - as well as her line being launched for sale properly. In the meantime check out her website or #TeamGemma on most social networks to see what is going on and all the photos from the night!

Debz xx

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Monday, 7 October 2013

Let Your Haters Be Your Motivators!

This weekend I had to witness some wicked comments on Facebook which got me thinking! I won't link to the page they were on, or reference them too much as I really do not want to give it anymore promotion than it needs.

On a BBW Facebook page, someone posted a photo of a lady in a BBW night club in a tight, short dress. The larger lady was showing some flesh, but radiated confidence. I should point out that the lady was NOT looking at the camera and as far as I can tell doesnt know the photo was taken, let alone posted by someone else on a Facebook group - which itself upset me!

However, it was actually the comments on this page that upset me the most! Ladies were SO quick to knock this other lady down. Comments about how trashy she looked, how her outfit was 'so wrong' and how she should have some self respect and wear something else. People were commenting that her outfit was inappropriate and that she should not go out in public like that, because it is not what people want to see!

My comments about how we dont dress for other people and how we should stand together as one fell on mostly deaf ears - and what a shame that is! Not only do I feel that we should all respect eachother anyway, but as a BBW group I found it upsetting that larger ladies would put down someone larger for wearing what they want. 

Yes, the dress with tight and short. Yes, she showed off some flesh. Yes, it might not be something would I would wear - but who cares what they lady wears! What she does with her life and what her clothing choices, make no difference to me and my day! This lady was at a BBW night club, not a shopping trip to Asda, so let her wear what she wants to I say!

And then today - I posted this photo on Instagram!

I know, a photo of me in a pretty dress is not unusual, so you wouldn't think it would be such a big deal, but i think you'll see from these screen grabs that not everyone agrees! (I would usually block out a name, but seeing as these comments were made on a public forum (Instagram) and can be seen my anyone (my Instagram isn't private) I have chosen not to)

I have no problem at all with this lady and her life style choices, I don't even care if she looks at me and thinks I am disgusting - but what scares me is how quick she is to comment on a photo of someone she doesn't know just to try and bash them down?

The world is a big, bad scary place. The media tell us all the time that we're not good enough, that we should lose a dress size in two weeks or that we should get a bikini body for summer. All of this is thrown in our faces almost unavoidably - and I don't care, I am happy in my skin and I don't want to change. But why do ladies like the one above feel that they can comment on me and my lifestyle? Even if she doesn't understand me and my choices, I am just a stranger to her - what do I matter?

Ladies (and gentlemen), use your haters as your motivators! These people who want to rip you down and make you feel unworthy - DO NOT LET THEM! You are amazing and beautiful and don't let the world tell you otherwise. Spend time with your friends, cherish your family, buy pretty dresses whatever your size, eat too much, sleep too much, dance too much, slut drop until your thighs hurt but whatever you do, do not let them steal your shine - because you are worth more than you could even imagine!

Debz xx

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Floral Skater Dress By Pink Clove

I have talked about Pink Clove many, many times before so I don't want to go on about them too much!

What I will say is that I have another dress of theirs - and the Floral Skater Dress does not disappoint!

I love the floral pattern of the dress and the skater dress makes it a lovely and flattering fit. I teamed it up with leggings, but tights would work just as well!

It is currently on the website for a bargain price of £22.00. It it a nice thick material too, so great for winter!

Have you purchased anything from Pink Clove yet? What did you think?

Debz x

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