Saturday, 22 March 2014

So, So, So, Fabulous!

If you didn't sing the title, go back and read(sing!) it again.

As you know, I am on a clothing shopping ban for Lent... so far, so good! Of course the fact that I can't shop hasn't stopped me virtually window shopping and looking at what I could have bought!

This weekend, I decided to have a look at the So Fabulous brand in a little  more depth. As it stands at the moment, I haven't actually bought from Very before, so I can't comment on size and/or quality but they have some lovely dresses up to a size 32 which is always good news!! They mostly have dresses up to a size 28-30 but they definitely have a few cheeky, beautiful numbers up to a 32.

When my clothing spending ban is up, these beauts are what I have  my eye on!!

I really love the vibrancy and print on this dress. I absolutely feel that this would be made to feel at home in my wardrobe, I can really see myself wearing this, especially with the elasticated waist. Priced at £29.00 it isn't going to break the bank either - and it's available up to a size 32 - YAY! 

Another dress at £29 is this lovely lace dress. I really love the pale pink colour of this dress and the fact that it really fits in with the current pastel trend is a definite bonus. It's available up to a size 32 which is also great. I can picture this dressed up or down for day or night, which is always good in my book!

You might have noticed that I am quite the skater dress fan. I really like the pattern on this dress (it's also available in bright pink). I don't have any long sleeved skater dresses so I feel like this would add something a little different to my wardrobe, without being too out there.  Again, this is only £29.00 and available up to a size 32.

So there you have it, So Fabulous seem to have a few great picks at the moment, so if unlike me you're actually allowed to buy clothes then they're well worth checking out!

If you buy anything, I want to see!!

Debz xx

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  1. Really want that first dress <3 xx

  2. Great post Debz! You're a bad influence, I want all of it lol! Although not sure pastel pink goes with bright purple hair! That top one would look gorgeous on you :) x

  3. Hey, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award :-)