Monday, 30 June 2014

Confidence: What Does It Really Mean?

You might remember last year I posted about a launch party I attended for a plus size art exhibition run by Plus Confidence in You. Anita, the lady behind this is still working hard on this and is currently fundraising in order to raise funds for the main event. 

A big part of Plus Confidence in You is about spreading positive messages and today is all about confidence. As part of a series of blogs that a number of us are involved in she wanted us to talk about confidence and what it means to us. This is s subject that I have talked about many times before, so instead I put a shout out and asked people to let me know what made them feel most confident - it makes some lovely reading!

Nikki Summer

Love the sound of this so here is mine!! Having my hair cut makes me confident!! I have always been one for experimenting with my hair and whenever it is cut I feel like I can take on the world!! Here is a picture of me taken after my most recent hair cut! Also it sounds daft but taking selfies and posting outfits on Instagram is also a fab confidence boost! 

Becky Scott

For me, I'm most confident when I'm wearing clothes that I love, that flatter my figure and are usually bright and colourful. I don't mind if people are looking at me if I think I look nice. I also feel the whole hair cut thing! My hair was almost waist length last year and I always wore it up (it took over an hour to straighten it!) I had it cut to a bob in September (and donated my hair to charity) and so now I feel like making an effort with it. When my hair is sleek and shiny I feel fabulous!  having the confidence to take selfies like this makes a refreshing change from the self-hater I was a few years ago!

Hanna Ryynänen

It's the little things - when I'm having a good hair day, when I'm wearing a new pair of pretty earrings, when I manage to get my make-up just right. That's when I feel confident. Also, blogging has made me a lot more confident than I was a few years ago!

Mel Chillag 

My confidence came from removing jealousy and comparison from my life, once I stopped thinking 'why can't I look like that person' I learnt to appreciate my own body and my own life! Also the fat people of Tumblr!! they saved my life, seeing unapologetically fat people out there doing them and living life to its fullest made me realise I was missing out on true happiness because I was too obsessed with what I looked like.

Kittynance (Instagram)

Confidence is definitely learnt. And even if you are confident and love yourself it does not mean you will not have moments of doubt. But I strongly believe it is all about being true to yourself, oh and being vain helps lol.

Just Me Leah

For me confidence was a decision. My nan died when I was 24 and it made me realise life is so precious and I was only living half a life up until then. I was so scared of what other people thought of me it stopped me doing the things which made me happy. Ever since then I've been working on being true to myself no matter what, and it's working. I choose to love myself because the world tells me I shouldn't because of the way I look, and I've always been a rebel like that. I surround myself with other positive people as body snark (about all body sizes) brings me down and I would much rather focus on the positives. We only get one life and it's so much better living it from a place where we love ourselves, and others. Confidence is happiness, and working on both is so worthwhile, even though sometimes it's really hard.

Beeglee (instagram)

Confidence is realising you are so much more than your exterior. It is about holding your head high and allowing others to see your intelligence, love, generosity etc.. I am confident because I know I am a good person with strong morals, a great wife, mother, friend. Am I fat? Yes. Do I look good? Yes. Would I look better if I were thin? I have no idea and no huge desire to find out. Don't waste your life looking at the floor, if confidence doesn't come easily, fake it til you make it! Life is so much easier once you stop beating yourself up and start loving you no matter what!

Samantha Stokes 

I feel confident when I'm all dolled up, with my hair nice (like pic) and with heels on. For some reason the heels give me confidence and make me feel sexy.

What does confidence mean to you?

To me it is the ability to live my life as I want to and not worry about what other people have to say. The ability to say no, to not date people just because I feel that I won't get better. The chance to make choices and do things because I want to, with a smile on my face without fear of my body and the way I look holding me back. Confidence is about holding my head up high and being comfortable in my own skin...I hope one day everyone feels the same!


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Sunday, 29 June 2014

(Not Quite) Silent Sunday #LikeAGirl

Debz x

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Friday, 27 June 2014

Kimo-Yes: A Look At My New Kimono

You can barely move this season without seeing kimonos for sale. It's a trend that has taken over plus size fashion, unsurprising when you consider how perfect they are for summer. I am not someone that likes to cover up my arms really so they weren't something that I felt I had to rush out and buy! However last week Yours Clothing offered to let me have one - how could I resist?

To be honest with you, I feel sad that I have left it so long to try one! This kimono is so light weight that it's perfect for cooler days. We all know that this weather is so changeable and I am forever being caught out in the rain. One of these in my bag could save a lot of wet dresses! It would also be great for cooler evenings when I am in the pub garden refusing to home until it's completely dark (happens quite often).

I choose this Pink and Black Floral Rose Print kimono that goes up to a size 32, but I am also quite excited that they do kimonos up to a size 36! You can see that reviewed on Lucia's blog here. Yours Clothing are really leading the way for size 32+ fashion and it's really nice to see!

I really love this kimono and I am glad I got it! I can really see me getting quite a lot of wear out of it, especially because I now live by the sea and it's often a bit breezier! It's only £20 on their website (or in store, which is where these pics were taken) so hardly breaks the bank either!

Remember If you're new to Yours Clothing you can use my Blogger18 code to get £10 off of a £20 spend.

How do you feel about the kimono trend?

Debz xx

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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Large Lady V London

A very quick, excitable post today because Lady V London have unveiled their new Estella dresses. I do promise to do a much more in-depth post soon - and a review of a dress once I have bought one! I don't know much about the range, but it is so exciting that I had to write about it - like a child who has just been promised a new toy! WOO!

There are 8 different prints in the same style dress, all available from a size 14 to a size 32 - amazing!

However, I wanted to share this today because I think it's so exciting! I don't know much about vintage fashion but I do know that plus size ranges up to a size 32 are hard enough to find, without something as exciting as this!

The dresses were designed with the help of Georgina at Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and they're honestly beautiful... as you can see!

I have three favourites - the two birdcage prints and the turquoise floral.

However if I had a spare £400 knocking about (and I hadn't already spent it on the ASOS sale) I would probably want to snap up all 8 of the dresses, they're just lovely!

I hope to buy one of these soon and then find a special occasion to wear it to!

Which of the dresses is your favourite?

Debz x

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Going Koko For A New Dress

Teeny tiny post today just to show you my new dress. I actually picked it up on sale from Simply Be for £11 a few weeks ago! It's from the Koko brand which I had never tried before, so picking the dress up for a bargain price was perfect. I also wanted to show you that sales are worth paying attention to. I often assume that sale stuff is what's left so there will be nothing good, but this dress proved me wrong!

Koko Zig Zig Print Dress (now back up to £17!)

Simply Be often have good sales so they are well worth paying attention to! 

Share your sale bargains with me!!!

Debz xx

Monday, 23 June 2014

Maxi-mum Summer Loving!

Just a short post today about this lovely dress I picked up from Yours Clothing at the weekend. I was in Derby this weekend and so paid a visit to the Yours Store at Westfields there (it's lovely - more about that later). They had this BEAUTIFUL maxi dress in store and now it's mine!

The Purple and Green Tropical Print maxi dress is £35 on the website or in store and is available right up to a size 36 - amazing! It is a little long for me, but I quite like that long gyspy/boho look anyway. It also means that it would be suitable for someone taller than me too (which is likely to be most of you!).

I am quite new to the whole maxi dress trend, but I am really loving it! I now want all the maxi dresses! Yours Clothing have some really lovely ones and even though I have said it once and I will no doubt say it again, it is SO pleasing to see them do pretty dresses up to a size 36! As far as I know there isn't a fashion retailer in the UK doing such an affordable range like this and I only hope it continues to grow.

Remember If you're new to Yours Clothing you can use my Blogger18 code to get £10 off of a £20 spend.

What dresses are you loving this summer?

Debz xx

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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Shop Your Stash: Recycling Dresses

Last weekend I had a night out in Birmingham with lots of my favourite people and it was fab. I always get excited for weekends away with a night out as it feels like more of a special occasion. 

What I didn't know was, what to wear! Unlike when I am at home - when I am stuck in a hotel room I have to go with what I have rather than being able to go through my wardrobe to find stuff!

I took two dresses with me, a new one from Simply Be(post coming soon) and this lovely one from Pink Clove. I actually picked this dress up from Pink Clove in the sale months ago for something silly like £8! I haven't worn it much so it was nice to give it the outing it deserves.

I absolutely fall into the trap of 'needing' a new dress for every single night out... But I have to try and change that! Now that I don't live in London I am travelling to new places to see my friends (I am currently in Derby at Lucia from's house). If I want to travel and see people I simply can't justify a new outfit every time... It's silly!

So I thought it would be perfect for a Shop Your Stash post, because I am too am having to learn my fashion limits!

How do you feel about re-wearing dresses to nights out?

Debz xx

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

George at Asda - Perfect For Party Success!

I will be honest, I never had much interest or love of children, well babies anyway until I lived with one! I am not maternal at all, but I spent 2 months living in London with baby Darcy ( and I loved it! Now I find myself glancing at baby clothes and sending her mum links to pretty dresses I have seen online! I have, of course also made it my job to teach Darcy the art of the selfie.

George At Asda emailed me and asked me to write about the choice in childrens fashion and I thought why the hell not! This blog, is after all about breaking barriers and showing that fashion is for everyone - even those not quite old enough to say their own name yet :)

As soon as a little girl heads off to school, the number of party invitations in her backpack will undoubtedly skyrocket, as she gets asked to various parties hosted by her school friends to celebrate their birthdays. While you may not be much of a party-thrower normally, as soon as she heads to school, you’ll no doubt feel the pressure of organising one for her, so that she can be the centre of attention on her special day.

You may decide to keep things simple and ask her to choose a couple of friends to come over for dinner, or you may choose to hire a village hall so that they can run riot, pass the parcel and be entertained by a magician. Whatever you opt for, giving your little girl the chance to feel like a princess for the day is priceless, and there are plenty of ways in which you can ensure that the party is as successful as possible.


You’ll undoubtedly have lots of ideas swimming around your mind, but rather than bundling all of your ideas into one party, opt for a theme that you can channel your ideas towards. Pinterest is a great tool that will give you plenty of inspiration if you need it, too. Themes such as princesses, rainbows and Disney are just some of the popular choices for little girls, or you could opt for a more unisex one if boys are invited too.

Fancy Dress?

If you like the idea of giving the children a chance to dress up, add it to the invitations before you send them, so that people know what is expected. Opt for girl’s fancy dress that is easy (and affordable) to do – George at Asda’s girl’s fancy dress, for example, provides plenty of inspiration that won’t break the bank.


Some places, such as soft play venues, can provide the catering so that you don’t have to, which will be in with the price of the package. This can take the stress off you, so that you don’t have to worry about any food prep the day before the party. However, if you do need to sort the food yourself, don’t take too much work on and remember that the appetite of little ones is very different from your own. Try and provide some healthy options but, in most cases, a couple of sandwiches, some cocktail sausages and some sweet treats will be enough.


You can choose from hiring someone to entertain your little party attendees or putting on some activities to keep them busy. Craft activities are fabulous if you think the guests will be feeling particularly creative, while traditional party games, such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Musical Statues and Pass the Parcel will always go down well.

Speak to your little girl and ask her what type of party she would like, and include her in the decision making to make her feel grown up. Whatever you do, she’ll have a fantastic time as the star of the show anyway! 

Something For Mum

George at Asda also have a fantastic range of plus size clothing on offer so you can look fabulous at your daughters party too! I love supermarket clothing ranges because they are so affordable and you can often pick up staple items or the odd party piece without breaking the bank.

I know, a bit of a different post for me but I am trying to mix up the blog a bit so I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Debz x

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*Written in conjunction with George at Asda

What Makes A Real Plus Size Woman?

I have spoken about my hatred of the term 'real women' before and I have no doubt that it is a subject that will come up again! However, what I hadn't really come across until this morning was women campaigning for 'real plus size women'....  Is there even such a thing?

I woke up to the (in my opinion) exciting news that Yours Clothing are working with Hayley Hasselhoff and that she is to be the face of their summer campaign! I am a sucker for a pretty girl in a pretty dress so this was quite exciting to me! I saw Hayley at British Plus Size Fashion Weekend and she is stunning!

I wandered over to the Yours Clothing Facebook page for a bit of a nosey and I was really surprised at how much negativity there was surrounding Yours Clothings announcement. Many women were claiming that Hayley was 'too small' to represent them and that Yours Clothing should have chosen a 'real plus size woman' as the face of their summer collection.

It is easy to get carried away with the need to see clothes on bodies that we feel represent us, but we have to remember that bodies and clothing are not a one size fits all state of affairs! Yes, I would love to see size 28 models showing off clothes, but that means that everyone who isn't that size misses out! Even someone who is a size 28 could have a different body shape to me - the truth is that you're never going to get a true representation. The truth is that Hayley, as a size 16 young lady is part of Yours Clothing's target market - they offer fast fashion for sizes 14+ and so she is the size of their customers, even if you feel that her body doesn't reflect yours.

What is also important to remember is that size 16 girls want to see how clothes look on their body too, or at least as close as you can get it to! It's fab that places like Yours Clothing use bigger models and plus size bloggers to showcase their clothing and show it off on different bodies, but we have to remember the smaller end of plus size too!

I have seen posts on Yours Clothings Facebook shooting down women for being too big, too bold, promoting obesity and now not plus size enough! Let's face facts here, plus size means different things to different people. Someone at a size 16 is going to look a lot smaller than me, but a lot bigger than my sister. 

However, if someone shops at a plus size store (even if not all the time) and wants to label themselves as plus size - they're all just as real as anyone else and their need for representation in the plus size industry is just as relevant! I would love to see the day when we stop shooting each other down in flames - none of us are too small, too big, too short, too fat, too thin, too tall or too anything - we are exactly enough and that's all we need!

For some people I am too plus size and for others Hayley is not plus size enough - where do you draw the line!?

I personally love the shots put out of the summer collection so far and would love to see more!

What do you think?

Debz x

Don't forget - If you're new to Yours Clothing you can use my Blogger18 code to get £10 off of a £20 spend!

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

If You Liked It Then You Shoulda Put A Ring On It

One of the most frustrating things about plus size fashion can be shopping for accessories. You might think that accessories are a one size fit all item, but unfortunately they're not. When you have a larger neck, chubbier fingers or a bigger wrist then you can struggle to find items that fit you.

A few weeks ago a jewellery company called Harry Fay emailed me to introduce me to their rings. When you browse their website you'll see that they have some amazing rings for sale, all sparkly and pretty! What is even better is that their rings go up to size Z+3, so they should have something to suit everyone.

When you're used to skipping rings because they don't fit your fingers or adding necklace extenders to make sure that chains fit it is nice to be able to go to a website and order a ring in your size without any hassle.

I am not a massive bling wearer - I am too clumsy and lose things too easily! But if anything was to change my mind, then it would be this lovely Kazumi Pink Sterling Silver Ring that they were kind enough to send me! What is even better is that I ordered it in the wrong size to start with and they quickly organised for me to send the wrong one back and to have a replacement - couldn't ask for better really!

I don't pretend to be a jewellery expert, but I do know that the ring is lovely and it fits great. It feels lovely to wear and it's nice to have a pretty piece of bling I can wear when I feel like it! If you are looking for a ring and have previously been worried about it fitting properly, why not head over to their site and see if you can find something to suit?

You can get 15% off until the end of August if you use the code 'WANNABEPRINCESS' at the checkout too!

Where are your go-to places for plus size jewellery?


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Monday, 16 June 2014

Fashion World Competition

Just a short post today, to let you know about a Fashion World competition. In fact if you have been reading any blogs then you might have come across this competition before, because it's a bit of fun and getting peoples attention! In fact Natty Nikki is even featured on the main poster for the competition - bit exciting!

The competition is about recreating photos from yester-year and I personally have quite enjoyed browsing the #FWThrowback on Twitter and looking at peoples throwbacks!
I don't have any holiday photos from when I was younger (aww poor Debz) but I wanted to share with you just how much my hair (and posing skills) have changed over the years! ;)

I know.. I look SO different!! haha (If only I had a blue and white checked dress so I could recreate the photo properly!)

Have you recreated a pic yet? Send me a link if you can, I would love to have a nosey! If you haven't - you should! The competition gives you the chance to win £150 of fashion and swimwear from Fashion World... 

Could you even imagine how exciting that would be to win!?


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Friday, 13 June 2014

Wild Horses

You might remember a few months ago that I blogged a So Fabulous wish list, of items I would love to try. I hadn't yet tried anything from Very but I did this post on what I liked from their range - including a lovely horse print dress!

As window shopping often does, these remained in wish-list state and I never got around to trying them! 

A few weeks ago Naomi from Diamonds N Pearls sold a few dresses on Facebook and this one popped up. I bought it as I loved the print and then remembered how much it was like the one I blogged in my wishlist!

I can't find any links to buy this online as it is old stock, so I realise that it is quite unhelpful. However the dress is a little different for me and so I wanted to share it. 

I quite like the contrast of long sleeves and legs out. I don't often wear sleeves but it really suits this dress. It was quite warm to wear as it is a thick material but that makes it perfect for cooler days!

Shoes are a £6 Primark bargain - their wide fit shoe range is amazing at the moment!

Do you own any dresses that are a little different to what you normally wear?

Debz xx

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Thursday, 12 June 2014

My Body Is Not Brave

So.. summer is on it's way(hopefully to stay!) and it comes to that time of year when we all like to flash the flesh. I have to admit that I love wearing skirts without leggings, shorts and t shirts and of course my beloved flip flops! For me, the hot weather is so much easier - no worrying about layering up and what you are going to wear to keep warm and dry. Instead you can just put on almost anything and you are good to go!

However, being plus size/fat/curvy/large whatever you want to call it dressing in this way is going to get you some reactions. One of the reactions that always baffles me is the "Wow, you look great you are so brave" or "I love this outfit, I wish I was as brave as you". I know that these compliments come from a good place, so I try not to feel disappointed at them, but invariably - I do!

As far as I am concerened, there is nothing brave about wearing clothes! My body is not a battle ground to be debated and there is nothing brave to me when it comes to choosing the clothes that I want to wear. If someone doesn't want to wear the type of clothes that I do that is fine, but I choose to wear them because I like them and not because I am brave!

When you get messages along the lines of "WOW, how did you learn to be so confident" I know they come from a place of good, but they also baffle me... Is it really so baffling that someone who looks like me can love their body? If you don't love yours then I am sorry and I really hope that one day you learn to, but being so shocked and surprised that I love me... That isn't good! Why is it such a surprise that I am confident in my skin? Usually because deep down people don't feel I should be... and that isn't a good way of thinking.

If you feel happier covering up this summer then that is fine, but I'll be getting out my pale, chubby body parts and there is nothing brave about that!

What will you be wearing this summer?

I would love to see your #MyBodyisNotBrave so share then on Instagram with the hashtag so I can check them out!!
Debz xx

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

It's A Make Up Revolution!

My love of bright colours and patterns follows through past clothing into make up. I love bright coloured eye shadow and going out of the house with bright eyelids and dark eyeliner/mascara. When I heard about Make Up Revolution I headed over to their site and immediately fell in love with their Acid Brights eyeshadow palette, which has some of the brightest colours I have ever seen!

When the team at Make Up Revolution offered to send me a palette, I knew that this would have to be my choice - and it did not disappoint!

So, I thought I would do something a little different and blog about them here! I want to try and include more diverse posts here, so this is a step in the right direction. I am NOT a make up artist, or even that good at applying make up but I know what I like and can usually put together something that is pretty good, or at least passable. There are lots of amazing beauty bloggers that have blogged eye make up far better than I, but I thought it might be handy to see how the untalented can make these palletes work too!

Being as un-technical as I am, I can't tell you much about these from a professional point of view. However what I can tell you is that the colours are lovely and they go on nice and smoothly, without any problem at all. The colour lasted all day and at just £4 for the whole palette, it is a complete bargain!

I know there has been lots of talk about Makeup Revolution online, have you tried their products yet?

Debz xx

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Friday, 6 June 2014

That's What It's All About!

When I started blogging, it was really just a place to rant about fat politics and post about pretty dresses. I had no idea really when I started that there was such a blogging community and that so many people were involved. Then, all of a sudden I found out about blogging events & meet-ups and suddenly I met a whole new group of people. And what is even better about these people is that they all thought like me - what a revelation!

When I moved back up North I was worried about losing this and not knowing bloggers anymore... but I was wrong! Last Saturday I attended a shopping event in Manchester arranged by Steph at Seeing Spots and I am so glad I did. A group of us met up to go shopping in Manchester and it was great! 

To be able to get together with a group of friends, visit shops and actually try clothes on was something new to me. I know if you are someone smaller that will sound silly, but there lack of plus size clothing stores on the high street really make days like this impossible... almost! The Arndale at Manchester is sort of like fat girl heaven but with more stairs! In the shopping centre you have Simply Be, Yours Clothing, Evans and New Look Inspire  - amazing! 

Meeting a whole bunch of new bloggers was amazing and I am so glad I found the strength to go! I know that it can sometimes be a little overwhelming to attend something like this, especially for the first time can be hard but do it - honestly!

After we finished around the shops we headed for some amazing food at Home Sweet Home and then for a few hours entertainment at Tiger Tiger. The lovely people at Tiger Tiger were kind enough to host a cocktail masterclass for us, and it was amazing! 9 of us got to make cocktails, taste cocktails, down shots and play party games all under the supervision of James our friendly barman - amazing!

Sadly I was having so much fun at the shopping trip, dinner and Tiger Tiger that I didn't take any pictures - I know, what an idiot!

The point of this post is that if you have seen Style XL, Plus North or any other blogger events and you are unsure about attending, bite the bullet and come along! You'll always be made welcome and I promise you'll have the best time!! And when it comes to blogging and trying new things, that's what it's all about!

So, which meet up will I see you at?


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