Thursday, 31 July 2014

Why Are We Inviting Katie Hopkins Into OUR World?

Yes, I know - I have blogged (ranted) about Katie Hopkins before and the chances are I will again. 

You might have heard that last weekend was the Miss British Beauty Curve pageant which took place in London. There were a few bloggers and familiar faces that took place, so I was looking forward to writing a nice piece this week about peoples experiences and what people thought of their day. Sadly I couldn't make it but I intended to talk lots of people about it...

And then I saw this...

Photo from
Yes, that is Katie Hopkins at the Miss British Beauty Curve competition. A lady who swears she wouldn't hire a fat person, who has talked about fat bodies making her feel ill and making detrimental comments about larger ladies in swimming costumes at a previous beauty pageant she attended (See the article about all of that here) at ANOTHER plus size pageant! 

And then I heard that not only did she attend but she was INVITED! Not only was she invited but she was there as a JUDGE!! Her... the lady who is judgemental about plus size bodies nearly every single of the week (or so it seems) being employed (in whatever capacity, obviously I don't know the ins and outs of her contract/agreement) to judge ladies who were entering a competition as a part of a SAFE SPACE like a plus size event!

This isn't the first time Katie Hopkins has attended an event. I heard a few weeks ago that she was at Big Girls Paradise in London - a BBW night club! The organisers insist that they did not know she was coming - yet she was invited in (I assume she did not pay the same entry fee as everyone else) and had her TV cameras with her - how lovely!

Can we really justify inviting a lady who sends tweets like this, to plus size events?

I understand that Katie Hopkins is controversial, I get that her bread and butter is speaking out loud about issues the main stream media want us to talk about an I know that she has a reputation of being a 'bitch' to uphold! What I do not understand is why we're inviting her into OUR safe spaces? We have to put up with lots of her unavoidable detrimental main stream media articles but why are we going out of our way to give her space in the places that we're supposed to feel most comfortable? 

These plus size events are a little bit of room away from the rest of the world where we don't always feel the most comfortable we could be - or at least for some people anyway - Surely inviting the bullies to tea is defeating the object of creating these safe havens in the first place?

What do you think - Is it good that we're inviting her in to try and educate her or should we shut the door and keep our safe spaces safe?


Monday, 28 July 2014

Birch Box Bargains

Hi All! 

Sorry I have been quiet lately, not much going and I have spent too much time enjoying the sunshine! Lots of exciting posts to come though.

I've heard good things about beauty boxes but never tried one before. I did a little research and decided that Birchbox would probably be the best deal for me!

The July Box

And then, as I often do I searched for a way to get it at a discount, after all - who wants to buy it full price/

It's usually around £12 a month and I've just found it for £30 (+£8 delivery for the whole six months!)... £7.60 a month for an exciting beauty related present through the post, you can't go wrong really! You can get it here if you want to buy it at the same bargain price.... I couldn't resist mainly because I love getting post through the door so this seemed ideal!

Are you a Birch Box subscriber? What do you think?

Let me know if you sign up!

Debz x

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Pink Clove - Is Their Facebook Page Hot or Not?

This morning on a couple of different platforms I saw people posting that they were upset about a 'hot or not' type feature that Pink Clove featured on their Facebook page.

My question to you is.... Is this just a bit of fun or are you offended by the post? Do you think that the retailer is just having a giggle with its customers or should they be more aware of what they are saying and much more body positive?

The post (which has now been deleted) certainly has raised a few eyebrows and posts on the picture are very mixed - with complaints being met by Pink Clove saying 'it's just a bit of fun'. They edited the photo after a few negative pictures to make it clear that they think it's just a bit of fun - but do you agree?

I'd love to know your thoughts!

Debz xx

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Friday, 18 July 2014

Plus Size Fashion - Why Aren't We Reading From The Same Page?

Last week I was sent an infographic from a PR company - nothing new there. However this one was about plus size summer trends and what we should and should not be wearing. It contained handy tips like do not wear a crop top with low-cut jeans or don't wear two peplum items together. I told them that this was nonsense and that if they had read my blog they would see that their 'advice' was everything that I stood against. I thought nothing more of it - until I saw a post where a girl had posted the infographic and that she AGREED with them - I was horrified!! I don't want to link to the post here, as this isn't a personal attack on anyone - but it was a general do and do list of what a plus size lady should wear. 

And I Get Dressed...

There has been a hashtag floating around lately of "And I Get Dressed" and this made me think of that. When I get dressed in the morning I wear the clothes that I like and the styles that I want to wear for me. I don't worry about whether someone else is going to feel uncomfortable because I am wearing shorts or whether the top I am wearing is considered flattering. I get that people won't like what I am wearing always and that sometimes I wear things other people wouldn't - but surely that is the beauty of fashion? I love the way I dress, it's a relatively new discovery for me to wear clothes I am passionate about and I don't intend to stop!

Maybe I am naive in thinking that the world of plus size bloggers think the same as me. Maybe it is silly to believe that we're fighting from the same corner for everyone to EffYourBeautyStandards and wear the clothes that they want to wear. I generally didn't think I would see a plus size blog telling me "And then there are some summer trends that we just shouldn't be a part of, for example, the booty shorts trend. "

If I want to wear booty shorts - why shouldn't I? How is the fact that I choose to wear a certain style of clothing wrong to you? If you don't want to wear them - that is OK! Just as it is more than OK that I want to wear them.

I know that as a plus size person I often have to battle against media influences in order to dress how I want and live the life I choose, but I honestly didn't realise that I was also fighting against other plus size people for the right to dress how I want.

To anyone who feels that I shouldn't wear "clingy fabrics like nylon and spandex" I am sorry that my body makes you feel uncomfortable. I am not sorry for wearing what I choose to wear, I am just sorry that the shape of someone's body and the material they choose to put on it is something that makes you feel so passionate that you need to write about it. I hope one day, you'll learn (like many of us have had to) that all bodies are good bodies and that the only body and clothing you should worry about is your own.


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Friday, 11 July 2014

How On Earth Do Your Love Yourself?

This week a post on the Fuller Figure Fuller Bust Facebook page got me thinking again! With the likes of Linda Kelsey and Katie Hopkins fighting in the opposite corner to us, how is it really possible to love ourselves? I know that body image troubles come in all shapes and sizes and that you don't have to be fat to have doubts about your self worth, but sometimes it seems the media is particularly against those that are overweight.

A post on Georgina's Facebook page was a question from a reader of hers asking about confidence and how to get more of it!

For me, a massive part of the journey to loving my body has been surrounding myself with a new type of media. Every day we are surrounded by media that tells us that our hair should be a different colour, we should be dressed in a different way and that our clothes should have a small size label attached to them. If our bodies dont meet those standards then the media bombards us with hints and tips on who to style ourselves on and how to get a bikini body! It's tough to fight against all of that, when that is all we see!

A few years ago I discovered a whole new world of media that is helpful and brings us up rather than drags us down. Now I regularly discover new articles, poetry, books, journalists, photos and more that work towards helping people love their bodies!

I thought I would share some of my favourites here, so feel free to have a read!

This post by Natasha Devon about health vs weight makes a fantastic read.

And this video by Meghan Trainor is a fun(not to be taken too seriously) look at loving your body if it is larger.

Twitter and Tumblr are full of quotes like the below, just search for tags like #Bodyimage to find them

Browse Instagram to see what people like Tess Munster, Honor Curves and many more have to say! Their pages are often full of positive words and pictures, so well worth checking out. Inclduing hashtags such as #EffYourBeautyStandards and #HonorMyCurves

Samatha Peterson has some fantastic things to say here

Artists like Carol Rossetti have some amazing, body-positive pieces of art like the one below

And there are hundreds more like them! I try to share any that I come across on my Facebook page, so feel free to come and give me a like if you want to see more. In general the media doesn't tell us anything positive, instead they want us to buy into not being good enough. Take responsibility and surround yourself with a much better, more positive media - you'll notice the difference, I promise!

Do you know any body positive influencers? Share them with me!!

Debz xx

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

SHOCK HORROR! Thin Lady Spots Chubby Girls Wearing Shorts To Go On Holiday!

This rant is going to be about Linda Kelsey's article in the Daily Mail today. I'll link to it here if you haven't read it yet, but please know it is a horrible article & only read if you want to - you're not missing much by avoiding it!

The article by Linda Kelsey is no doubt written and printed to cause upset & attract a response, perhaps I am playing right into her hands by writing this... but how anyone (and a national paper) can feel it is OK to print such bullying words I do know not!

The Daily Mail piece starts by saying that she saw a group of three young women in an airport queuing up to board a flight to go on holiday to Spain. Nothing unusual there, except poor Linda was FORCED to stare at these size 18 girls who dared to wear shorts to visit a hot country. Poor Linda couldn't just go about her business and not care about what anyone else wore or looks like, instead she was forced to look at this happy group of friends and their fat bodies... Poor, poor Linda.

Linda goes on to talk about how being fat is not attractive to her and that for that reason alone, we should all be thin. I guess she is right - I mean, what is the point of our lives if we're not considered attractive to Linda Kelsey? That's what we all strive for right?? She has decided that she is the person who can set the spectrum for what is attractive and what isn't... and who are we to go against that?

We shouldn't strive to find partners to love us, to set up a home that we're proud of, carve a career for ourselves, make friends, have fun etc etc - instead we NEED to be considered attractive to Linda Kelsey, or at least that is what she tells us.

SHOCK HORROR LINDA - People will be fat whether you tell them it is OK or not! People DO NOT get dressed in the morning and wonder what you would like to see them in, they get dressed and put on their own clothes on their own body - possibly a difficult concept to get your head around judging by your article... but perhaps something you should give some thought to? 

If you see a chubby girl and she's wearing shorts she hasn't thought 'Oh no, Linda won't like this'... she probably hasn't even given any thought to you and your small minded views at all.

If you don't like what you see, CLOSE YOUR EYES

Debz (A fat girl who likes to wear shorts!)

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*Photos borrowed from Google, I do not know the original source

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Shine Bright Like A... Pineapple?!

I have raved about Black Heart Creatives  before, and I will no doubt rave about them again! They bought out the infamous Fat Bitch necklace (Note to self, yours is broken you need to buy another) and a whole range of other amazing jewellery pieces.

Charlotte at Black Heart Creatives kindly offered to send me a piece from their new summer collection and how could I resist? She contacted me before the collection was released so I had no idea what to expect - instead I just asked for 'the biggest necklace you have' and she did not disappoint!

If anyone had told me that last weekend I would have been going out around Blackpool with a giant shiny pineapple dangling from my neck I would have laughed at them - but that is exactly what I did! It's a lovely shiny gold colour and just the right size to make a lovely statement - I love it! MORE SHINY JEWELLERY PLEASE!!

Got my fat arms out and survived - who'd have thought it!? ;)

The Palm Bling Collection by Black Heart Creatives has lots of lovely items in it so whatever you like to wear, there will be something to suit! Personally the pineapple is my favourite, but the pink flamingo is quite good too!

Fancy one for yourself? Use the Code 'Deb20' to get yourself 20% off of anything on the website and is valid for a week - GO GO GO!
Which piece is your favourite?

Debz xx

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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very grateful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!

Monday, 7 July 2014

I Have Sinned: Money Saving Monday

Last week I blogged about a July spending ban that some of us were undertaking and I was all set to have a month of no spending on clothing... and then Blackpool happened!

At the weekend I went to Blackpool for a night (more about that in another post) and so took one dress with me for the Friday night! Saturday morning I was persuaded (by my parents of all people) to stay another night and go out with them to see a show! So... I had nothing to wear!!

Blackpool has quite a nice New Look Inspire range so I had to go emergency clothes shopping - It's not my fault!! Anyway, I got this dress from New Look for just £13 in the sale, so even though I spent I tried to do it sensibly... and not bad for £13!

I teamed it up with my Yours Clothing kimono and a cheapie Primark necklace and I was good to go!  I didn't get any proper pictures so this toilet mirror, drunken selfie will have to do for now!

So - I have sinned... SORRY!! I am going to try and keep it up for the rest of the month though - wish me luck!!

Debz xx

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

OMCZ: We're All Going On A Summer Holiday...

Time For another Outside My Comfort Zone post, this time around the theme of summer holidays. I am not going on holiday this year, but to be honest with you a bit of sunshine even in the UK gets me giddy. I love hot days where you can sit in the park or the dark and just relax!

For me summer comfort is all about wearing flowy clothes that are easy to wear and of course summer wouldn't be summer without floral patterns and pastel colours. The whole idea of the challenge this fortnight was to look at how we would dress for an evening meal on holiday. The important thing for me would be to feel comfortable.

I was a bit late typing this post and only started this morning... As I was typing THIS little beauty from Scarlett & Jo dropped on my Twitter feed and it's lovely! I am almost glad I am on a July spending ban because otherwise this could well be winging its way to me already!

I wouldn't over dress the skirt as I feel it is already beautiful on its own. For me a white t shirt or vest top and a pair of pretty sandals would be enough.

Another option for me would be to wear a kimono! Lucia at U Can't Wear That has dragged me into her obsession with kimonos and now I love them! Yours Clothing have some beautiful offerings at the moment. For me a kimono is perfect summer holiday evening wear - a plain maxi skirt and white shirt are perfect and then you can add a splash of colour with a kimono of your choice!

What would you wear for an evening in the sunshine?

Debz x

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Don't forget to check out everyone else taking part!

Becky Brown

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Not So Joyful July: Another Spending Ban

Thanks to an amazing ASOS sale and some lovely dresses from Yours Clothing I managed to buy quite a few new items in June... Some of the items I haven't even worn yet! When Abi suggested on Facebook that others join in with her July spending ban I thought I would join in too! 

Some of these dresses (and many more) are just to beautiful not to be worn again!

I have so many pretty dresses and outfits that don't get enough wear and I am too easily tempted by colourful patterns and bargain dresses. So I thought I would join in and use July to have a big summer clear out of the clothes that I have. I am sure I have dresses that haven't been worn in a year or so, so I'll be deciding what to do with those.

So... Every Monday (or at least a couple of times this month) I'll be posting a #MoneySavingMonday post about what I have worn that week, what clothes I have sorted out and what gems I have forgotten about and re-fallen back in love with - which I know we'll all do!

There is a few bloggers taking part so make sure you have a read of their posts and see what they're up to as well!

Are you ever tempted by self-imposed spending bans, do they work for you?

Debz x

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