Sunday, 14 June 2015

Evans Above. Not Even They Can Get It Right

If you are around my age or older (and perhaps a bit younger) you may have grown up shopping at Evans. As a fat teenager and a fat young woman, they were one of my only options when it comes to fashion. So when it comes to plus size fashion they're one of the front leaders and in fact, they have earned a name for themselves as one of the front runners in fashion. Yes, they might not always have the most outrageous items but they're high quality, well made and reliable... Yes reliable. And that is sometimes just what you need.

Today, I decide to browse the Evans website as I often do and saw that they have a 'Try It On' facility. Curiosity got the better of me so I clicked it. Basically, it seems that you enter your measurements and create a little online you, to try on the clothes and see how they would fit... Sounds great doesn't it?

Sadly, I can't tell you how well it works or whether it's accurate because their MeModel facility has deemed me 'too fat'. I know, that sounds dramatic doesn't it? But that is how I feel! When I go to put in my weight on their sliding scale, it simply does not go up high enough! So, according to Evans, if I am above 23 and a half stone I don't need to Try It On, or perhaps they are assuming that their clothes won't fit me? Who knows!

I know this is a bit of a something and nothing post, but I have been on Twitter tweeting my rage but it is just not enough. Evans stock clothing up to a size 32... If they are going to offer facilities to help us choose clothing this should go up to a size 32 too!

I understand that when it comes to fashion there are limitations and I sort of understand when they do special collections up to a size 26 because they feel that larger sizes will not sell. All of this costs THEM money and if they don't want to take that risk then what can you do?

BUT This is an online facility. It is supposed to help women choose clothing, perhaps empower women to choose something that they wouldn't usually do. Surely to add high weights wouldn't cost them any extra? So what excuse do they have for excluding me? It feels like another example of 'they' shouldn't wear that and that is not something that I intend to stand for. 

We Are The They And We're Not Going Away!!

Sorry for the rant!

Debz xx

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The Value of a Mother | Something A Little Different

Something a little different today, but just as important! Legal and General contacted me this week to share with me some interesting research on the value of a mum. They looked at how much a mum would be worth if she was paid an hourly rate for everything that she does for the household - It's a lot!

However, I wanted to look at more than just monetary value. I think that it is really important to have strong, supportive people in your life and for that, my mum ticks all the boxes. I count myself really lucky to have grown up in a strong household with a family that have supported, through all of my bad decisions!

When it comes to people who are willing to inspire you I really think it is so important to listen. We're surrounded by people who want to bring us down in so many ways, so when you have someone willing to bring you up - embrace it!

A big part of my body positivity comes from having parents who allowed me to be that way. My mum has never told me I couldn't do something because of my size or discouraged me from wearing something because of the way I look. In fact when the whole #WeAreTheThey thing was at its peak, my parents were it's biggest supporters - and that's a feeling that money (and hourly) rates can't buy.

A few weeks ago I had a mum and daughter day out in Manchester and it was so much fun! I visited the Topsy Curvy shop with her and we tried on loads of outfits and generally had a good giggle. It was so lovely to have a day out together and I will be blogging about that fully soon!

Whether you have your mum, a mother figure or you are a mother figure you're part of something really important and that's a value you can't put into pounds!

Debz x

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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Loving Summer Accessories

I don't know about you but I never have anything to wear! OK, that's a lie - I have a wardrobe brimming with clothes but I tend to go through phases of wearing the same thing again and again. This is great, but sometimes I want to mix it up a little bit. One of the best ways to do this in my opinion is to look at accessories. A different cardigan or a bit of bling can make all of the difference.

When it comes to accessories I tend to look at the same shops I buy clothes from, mainly just because it is easy and they are familiar. However, today I thought I would take a look at some different options to see what is out there!

One company I hadn't heard of was Esprit. I didn't look at their clothing as they don't have a plus size section, but they have some lovely bags and jewellery. Some of my top picks are:

It will probably come as no surprise that Accessorize have their fair share of nice items too!

You'll probably notice a running theme. I like big, bold statement pieces of jewellery. I am a big fan of massive necklaces and think these are a great way to finish off an outfit. What time of jewellery do you like to wear?

Dorothy Perkins also came up strong for me in what they offer. I don't often check the Dorothy Perkins website because they don't stock clothing in my size. However, their jewellery could definitely tempt me to buy an item or two!

Debz x

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Monday, 8 June 2015

We Are The They - A Follow Up!

If you haven't heard of #WeAreTheThey then click here or give it a Google. Long story short it is about breaking the mould... breaking fashion rules if you will, well tonight anyway! It is about standing up against anything that 'they' shouldn't do or how 'they' should be made to feel and saying HEY! We're real people and you shouldn't be treating us like this.

This evening from 7pm I invite YOU (and your friends and family - no matter their shape and size) to tweet a picture (or 10) of them breaking fashion taboos! Use #WeAreTheThey when you do - I want to see you all!

As ever, my amazing plus size blogger family have sent it pictures of them breaking ALL DA RULES! Don't they look beautiful??

Yours Truly and Murder of Goths

So we have body wearing, crop top embracing, arm flashing, figure hugging, striped design loving plus size women living and loving life! They make me so proud!!

What rules do you like breaking??

Debz xx

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Sunday, 7 June 2015

A Big Fat Step in the Right Direction

I have blogged before and no doubt will again but the reasons to surround yourself with positive  media and influences. We are surrounded by subtle (and not no subtle) messages telling us to be thinner, more toned, healthier - better. Sometimes we read, see and hear these without even realising - but they do go in! For me, my happiness comes from surrounding myself with something different. I choose the bodies I see, the articles I read and the body positivity I surround myself with. 

What struck me today is that actually there are so many different ways to do this so there are no excuses. Over the past few weeks there have been some amazing opportunities for people to take part in - and many more to come I am sure!

For example last weekend I attended an Ezine get together in Manchester. Now don't worry if you haven't a clue what an ezine is, I didn't either. However, I went along to the 'A Fat Activist Show and Tell with Kirsty of Hard Femme/Make It Work workshop' and I am so glad I did. For just oven  an hour I spent time with a whole host of fat babes generally chatting about life, issues, fat activism and sharing tips. It was great!

This weekend you could have gone along to a Fat Positive Clothes Swap in Leeds (there was also one in London last weekend). In London it was also the very first Body Positive dance class hosted by Ashleigh Owen. As I type this the video of their first ever dance has gone viral with over 10,000 hits since yesterday afternoon - amazing!

(c) Ashleigh Owen

This week friends of mine in London also attended a plus size yoga class in order to record a video to promote this - and details are expected to be released too!

In April I went to a plus size night club in Birmingham and next month one takes place in Manchester. In fact on the 18th July you could choose to attend a plus size club night in London (including speed dating), one in Manchester or Style XL a plus size fashion event in Birmingham. The Curve Fashion Festival is coming up in Manchester in September too!

GET OUT THERE! Find these events, create them, join Facebook groups, join in with hashtags and anything else you can do to surround yourself with positive minds and bodies I promise you - it's worth it!

So, what are you going to be doing??

Debz x

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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Here's What I Would Have Spent - Voodoo Vixen

As you will probably know by now, I do a series of blog posts: Here's What I Would Have Spent. I blog (along with other bloggers) about what I would have bought from them, if they stocked my size. This weekend I am going to be writing about Voodoo Vixen.

Thanks to Lady V London and Lady Voluptuous I have developed a real love of vintage style dresses. I feel it is a real shame that retailers haven't clicked onto the fact that even those on the 'upper' end of plus size would like vintage clothing options. 

Voodoo Vixen currently do up to a size 4XL which I believe equates to around a size 24. Don't get me wrong, that's great news but I want to see more!

So, Voodoo Vixen Here's What I Would Have Spent, should you have wanted my money!

As you can see there are loads of dresses I would love to own! They really do have some fantastic designs and patterns. I can only hope that one day they extend their size range!

What Voodoo Vixen dresses do you have your eyes on?

Debz x

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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Here's What I Would Have Spent - River Island

The idea behind Here's What I Would Have Spent is to let retailers know that they should offer plus size options! I want to let retailers know what they're missing out on by not stocking their potential full range of clothing!

This time is River Island. If you look at the bottom of this post you'll see the other bloggers that are taking part, make sure you read theirs too!

There are actually lots of dresses on River Island that I like the look of - here's a few!

What would you buy from River Island?

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