Sunday, 22 February 2015

My International Shopping Wish List

As much as plus size shopping in the UK is improving, there is always a case of wanting something that you can't have! 

Personally I spend hours and hours browsing American clothing websites - because you know, I like to tease myself when it comes to items I can't get my hands on! Of course, you can shop abroad and most places will ship internationally but costs, customs and sizes differences have put me off so far. I definitely want to try a few items in 2015 though. These are some of the things I have my eye on!


Chubby Cartwheels

To be honest this is just a really short look at the items I would quite like from abroad. As always with pretty dresses and skirts I could talk FOREVER on the subject!

What items do you have your eyes on?

Debz xx

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Friday, 20 February 2015

Fuller Figure Choices for a Fuller Wardrobe

If you follow any plus size bloggers on social media then the chances are that you have heard of the new Lady V London collection launched today.

In case you haven't heard blogger Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust has teamed up once again with Lady V London to bring us vintage dresses. When the Estella came out in sizes up to a 32 I could have cried with happiness and I have raved many, many times about how much I liked them. When I saw that Lady Voluptuous was a COLLECTION of plus size dresses up to a size 32 I thought my heart would burst.

You can see all of the dresses all over social media and I will post some pics here, but I wanted to talk about what this collection means to me and perhaps others in my shoes.

When you are at the larger end of the plus size market you get used to being told that things aren't meant for you. You hear of celebrity plus size collections ending at size 26, because, you know anything above that is just TOO plus size for many minds to cope with. And then you get the 16-32 collections that have 25 items, where perhaps 3-4 of them actually go up to a 32. You get used to missing out and lusting over items that other plus size bodies have access to, but you miss out because you are "too fat".

When I went on the Lady V London website this afternoon the first thing I did was tick the '30/32' box to see how many of the 12 dresses were available to ME (selfish I know!)... Without sounding dramatic I was BESIDE MYSELF with joy when I realised that every single one of those dresses I COULD BUY! 

No one had decided that pink was too bright for a body of my size or that I couldn't possibly need a body con clinging to my body. They made THEM ALL accessible to me... Every single last one of the beautifully made, patterned dresses I could get out my debit card and BUY! I can't tell you the feeling that gives me... I really can't put it into words!

I know, I am talking a lot about me and my needs but it really does go beyond that. As plus size women we are constantly told that our bodies shouldn't be dressed in a certain way. We're told by retailers that they haven't made clothes in our size because they are just NOT NEEDED! That only bloggers are brave enough to wear items like this and that if the demand was there they would make them.

Well.... Let me put this to you right now.

8 hours ago Lady V London released 12 dresses. Now only 10 of them are available in a size 30/32 because two of the patterns are sold out! There are NO OTHER sizes of ANY dress that are sold out... Just the largest size! Surely that speaks for itself? Out of the 10 dresses that are left in my size, 3 of them are already 'low stock'.... PEOPLE ARE BUYING THESE DRESSES!

I know, you could argue that they made less of them because the demand isn't there or any other of the many reasons why this has happened. But the fact of the matter is, however many of them they made they have sold them or are selling them fast. The demand is bigger than anyone thought and that is because plus size women do want these options, we just don't have them!

I know, this is quite a lengthy, ranty post for a set of 12 dresses but honestly, it feels like so much more to me. I love that Lady V London are a major brand in the world of vintage clothing and they have taken a risk, a leap of faith in us and our larger bodies. They have created dresses that no one else has, in sizes that other people haven't bothered to make yet. 

Yes, the collection might not be for everyone and yes, there are probably styles, patterns, colours that you wouldn't want to wear but honestly this is a massive step forward when it comes plus size fashion. I, for one am SO excited to see what happens with this.

Which of the dresses is your favourite?

Debz xx

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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Making Dresses Work For You - The Gemma Collins Collection

A few weeks ago the lovely ladies behind The Gemma Collins Collection got it touch to see if I would like to try a dress. The Gemma Collins Collection is great for giving glitzy, glam clothing options to plus size ladies and for that it has to be applauded!

At the moment the The Gemma Collins Collection goes up to a size 26 (although I believe some of her options on places such as Simply Be go higher). When I spoke to the PR company I explained that their sizes wouldn't traditionally work for me, but that I would like to try them anyway! As you know, I am a big believer in working with what you have and ignoring clothing size labels! They were well up for working with me on the challenge and so sent me this little beauty in a size 24!

I really like the two sheer stripes at the bottom and think this gives the traditional little black dress something a bit extra! 

I have to say that the quality of  this dress is fantastic. It's quite a thick material which has a good amount of stretch to it! The dress fits me OK, although it probably shows a little more flesh than I am willing to show because it comes up quite short. That said, if you were a size 26 you could easily make this size 24 dress work for you in a traditional way. 

Now, the dress is such a lovely quality that I didn't want to give up on it! So.... Here's how I wore it!

I went to a 30th birthday celebration at the weekend and I decided that my Scarlett & Jo skirt would love to attend with me. So, I teamed it up with the dress. As the dress is a tight fit I think it looks great, especially because it is such a thick sturdy material so pulls me all in and gives me a great shape.

So - there you have it. Never give up on a dress just because you think it won't fit!

The Gemma Collins Collection has some great Valentines dresses so make sure you check out her range!

Debz xx

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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very grateful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!