Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Dear Cheryl Fernandez-Versini; An Open Letter

Dear Cheryl

In private conversations with friends and on different social media platforms I have defended your right to have a thin body. I have told people that I think you look great, but that also my opinion is pointless. As any sensible person would point out - your body is yours and therefore no one else's business.

I was so happy when you spoke out about 'skinny shaming' but also reiterated that bullying people with larger bodies was wrong. Your Instagram quote was fantastic, I loved the wording and I knew it was something that your fans would be able to relate to.

I liked how you reassured people that thigh gaps are not essential and that back fat is not disgusting. I liked that you told us the media makes us think like that.

Imagine my disappointment today when you spoke up about the obesity crisis. I was surprised that someone so against body shaming would speak out about such a complex and sensitive topic, but you did so I decided to read what you had to say.

“And being overweight is unhealthy – it’s actually a bad message to tell someone who is obese that they look ‘curvy’ or ‘great’."

Let me repeat that - "it’s actually a bad message to tell someone who is obese that they look ‘curvy’ or ‘great’."

It's a bad message to tell me I look great... Why is it so bad for me to like my body? When did you take such an about turn to go from the media telling us our bodies are bad for you to back them up?

We both have bodies the media want to slate, can't we stand together and tell each other we all look great?

I am so sad that you would come out with a message like this, so soon after telling the world that there is so much more to life than worrying about our bodies, why did you change your mind??

Debz xx

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Dorothy Perkins Curve - A New Plus Size Offering

You might have seen on social media this morning that Dorothy Perkins have launched a new curve range. As I am sure you can imagine when I heard this announcement the first thing I did was check what sizes they do.

I am pleased to say that they are planning up to size 28. Yes, I would loved to have seen up to a size 32 or beyond but up to a size 28 is a great start - especially if they stock their curve range on the high street because size 24+ is much needed on most high streets!

It's coming on 8th October and I thought it was something that should be celebrated though so I thought I would whip up a quick blog post to spread the word.

Here are my favourite items so far.

Don't worry though, it's not all dresses.  I think they have actually done really well to have a range of items to suit everyone

DP said "Adding a considered, curve conscious collection through DP Curve means that Dorothy Perkins is a one stop shop for every woman on the British high street," said the brand's head of design, Mel Mercer. "The signature handwriting from our core collection can be seen in the product offer but we have used advanced design techniques throughout our fit process to design with a fuller silhouette in mind" which I hope means we'll see it in lots of their high street stores as well as online!

Of course, I can't give my opinion until I have tried it for myself. I'll be running out to buy an item or two when it launches! You can see some more of the range here

What do you think to the range so far?



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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Rise of Plus Size Fashion

As a fan of plus size fashion and how it changes, I was really interested when House of Fraser said they'd put together a handy infographic about the history of plus size fashion.

It is easy to get caught up in what is happening now and how plus size fashion is affecting us however it was fun for me to read about what it all came from. The historical changes with clothes measurements and clothes sizes made a great read - it even features our very own Georgina Grogan!

Of course, I still believe in dressing however you want so if you don't want to dress for your shape that is OK too! House of Fraser actually have a pretty good plus size range so I am confident there will be something for everyone

What do you think about the rise of plus size fashion?

Debz xx

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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Walking Smack Bang Into A Plus Size Fashion Find

Seeing as today is my first day off work in what seems like forever I thought I would have a look at buying something to wear to The Curve Fashion Festival next weekend - nothing like leaving it to the last minute eh?

I tried all my usual outlets but nothing seemed quite right. I thought I'd try outside of the box and go for something different. I had seen Interrobang Art & Fashion mentioned on social media before but never paid much attention. 

When I had a proper look today the first thing I noticed on their Etsy page was that they had such a range of items. Clothing patterns, plain colours, films and much more - it was lovely to see such an array of choices.

However perhaps more importantly was their size range. I was literally over the moon (OK, maybe not literally) to see that their items went from a size 6 to a size 36.

I get excited when I can buy usual prints in my size, but it excites me even more when I can see that pretty much everyone can wear the items on offer. It's so rare to see such an offering that I had to write about it straight away! This is exactly what I want to see from retailers especially those who claim #plusisequal #stylehasnosize etc. This lady has been quietly doing what we wanted all along and that is something that needs to be celebrated!

I have messaged her to see if she can get me a skirt in time for Curve Fashion Festival. Either way I'll be buying an item so expect a proper review soon - I just couldn't wear to share it with you all!

What is your favourite item of theirs?

Debz xx

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Monday, 14 September 2015

Beauty Trend Forecasts for London Fashion Week

Fashionistas, bloggers, designers and supermodels flock to London Fashion week to get the scoop on all the latest trends. Fashion designs worn on these runways will influence high-street fashion trends for the rest of the year, as will the hairstyles and make-up worn by the models. Read on for our London Fashion Week beauty trend forecast.

Dramatic Eyes

Beauty bloggers and fashion magazines like Vogue are hinting that dramatic eyes will be hot stuff this London Fashion Week. Think thick jet black liner that is heavily winged. This technique really accentuates the eyes and adds a modern and edgy finish to any look. Unique eyeliner designs, particularly small dots or arrows under one or both eyes, may also be seen this year.

Tousled Surf Hair

Out with the silky straight hair and in with the sexy, tousled, just got out of bed look. This hairstyle is great because it requires minimal styling and maintenance. A simple spritz with some tousling spray will help to create an effortless look. Ask your hairdresser for a blunt cut with a few layers snipped into it to help add a touch of body to your hairstyle. Rock Pamper Scissors make it easy to find and book hairdressers online. With a large selection of
hairdressers in Manchester and hairdressers in Leeds, Rock Pamper Scissors are currently expanding to include hairdressers and salons throughout the UK.

Bronzed Complexions

Inside info suggests that glamorous glowing and tanned models will be walking this year. Forget baking your skin in UV rays, to achieve the look you can go for a gentle bronzing lotion or book a spray tan. Bronzers and tinted highlights will help to really bring out the tan and keep it looking natural throughout the winter months.

Temporary Tattoos

Gone are the days of a semi-permanent tattoo that starts peeling in just several hours - there are now a range of tattoos that can last for a week or longer. Flash tattoos in metallic colours are going to be big next season, as are black tattoos in small geometric shapes and patterns, particularly on the hands or fingers.

Dark Pout

You may have already seen this trend worn by some of the world's most famous popstars and actresses - it is of course the burgundy pout. This colour that was popular in the 90s is making a huge comeback this season. Experiment with plum and deep black shades to really make a statement and dramatize any night-time look.

The No Make-up Make-up Look

Some designers will be ditching the bold make-up look in favour of a completely natural make-up look. Concealer, dewy foundation and a dash of highlighter are used to create a pretty base, while eyebrows are groomed to frame the face perfectly and achieve that bare face look.

From temporary tats to red wine lips, these are the beauty trends that you can expect to see on the catwalks of the next London Fashion Week. 

I wonder what this will mean for plus size fashion over the next session!

What do you think?

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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Why I'm Excited To Attend The British Plus Size Awards

As a plus size blogger I always love to hear about new events within the plus size community. Shopping events, fashion shows, night clubs, seminars and more, when it comes to plus size events I have been to them all! Each and every one of them have been different, but yet give me the same warm fuzzy feeling.

To someone who hasn’t experienced it or in fact needed a community like this, it can seem a strange concept but I tell you now it really is like nothing else. When I started my blog I didn’t know much about this community or what it could offer me but finding it has been life changing!

That is why I love the fact that the British Plus SizeAwards have been invented, to celebrate something that I feel so passionate about. When I attend plus size events I get to be surrounded by positive people who feel just like me. People living in larger bodies knowing that they are worthy of happiness and not letting their dress size hold them back. When you write it down it seems like such a simple concept but often harder than it seems.

I attended my first British Plus Size Awards last year and I had a ball. For starters as a fashionista I loved seeing so many women dressed up to the nines. I had proper dress envy over some of the outfits people wore - a proper array of colour and sparkle which set off the evening perfectly.

I then sat back and watched plus size women, men, brands and more celebrated for what they bring to the table. It was fantastic watching people support others and of course feel proud of their achievements. It was fantastic to see people realising what they have done is so important and being recognised for that!

I love that there are different categories – for new bloggers and more established ones for example. I think it’s great that we celebrate models, fashion companies, underwear choices, entertainers and much more. It really was a great night and the perfect excuse to don a posh frock and eat good food.

Of course it goes without saying that I cannot wait to attend again this year. I am going with a 
handful of friends but I know that when I get there everyone will be friendly and welcoming. Everyone who attends the event is there for the same reason – to celebrate just how much this plus size industry has come. It’s made some very important steps forward this year and on the 21st November we’re all getting together to celebrate – will you be there?

Debz xx

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Friday, 11 September 2015

When Did 'Supporting' My Body Become Fashionable? #PlusIsEqual - Or Is it?

It is no secret that I want to see more body positivity in the world. I am a big believer in having fashion and opportunities available to everyone no matter their size. 

When you consider that this is something I am so passionate about, you would think I'd over the moon with campaigns by the likes of Lane Bryant such as #PlusIsEqual.

By their very own definition of the campaign "It's time to represent 67% of US women are size 14-34. But they’re underrepresented on billboards, magazines, TV… everywhere. We believe all women should be seen and celebrated equally."

At first glance it really does look fantastic. A campaign that goes right up to a US size 34 is amazing and well over due in my eyes. There is a count down on the website to their launch but in the mean time it has got people talking and sharing photos on social media, which can only be a good thing!

So, they released a tee to support the #PlusIsEqual movement and I headed over to the website to have a nosey... Imagine my surprise when I discovered that they only sell up to a size 28. 

Now don't get me wrong I know that Lane Bryant usually sell up to a size 28 and that is fine (well it's not, but you know what I mean) but surely for a campaign which calls for women up to a size 34 to be celebrated equally,they should sell clothes that I can actually celebrate in?

I have had a couple of conversations on social media but they just don't seem to get it... It feels like this and campaigns such as #StyleHasNoSize are simply being done because they're fashionable? We know that the media are talking more about body image positivity and being included - which is great! 

But it can't just be fashionable. Brands like Lane Bryant can't just be doing lip service. This isn't about creating hashtags and gaining popularity because people think you're doing something good. If you're going to campaign for women up to a size 34 to be included then for goodness sake, how can you possibly do something that they are excluded from? 

This isn't about me wanting more fashion choices (although I do), this is about brands fulfilling what they promise rather than just saying what they think we want to hear and not backing it up with anything!

What do you think?

Debz x

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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Dear Fat People

Dear Fat People

You are entitled to live in your body, no matter what size it is. It doesn't matter if you're getting bigger, getting smaller or staying the same. Your size does not affect your worth and you are entitled to live a happy life in the body you have. Your waist does not mean that you should be treated differently by others who can't see beyond the dress size that you wear.

You are allowed to call yourself fat; you're also allowed to call yourself curvy, fluffy, voluptuous, big built, chunky - you’re even allowed to be in denial of your weight if you wish to (although it makes for a happier life if you accept and love your body). It should go without saying that you are allowed to be happy.

The size of your body doesn't mean that you are worthless - you are worthy of a family, a loving relationship, a job, holidays, clothing and anything else that you want. The world is your oyster and you are worthy of grabbing any part of that you want to.

There are going to be people out there who make 'comedy' videos in order to try and shame you. There are going to be people who use faux concern for your health to tell you that you should change your body. Strangers are always going to have something to say about the way that you look, it is important that you ignore them and get on with your life.

 People are going to be scared of your strength, they'll find your confidence baffling, and they won't be able to understand why you don't want to change the size of your body. Well you are allowed to live your life without excuses. You do not have to tell people why you're happy, you don't have to give excuses for your body, you don't have to tell them you work out or prove to them how healthy you are. 

My dear fat people: your body is yours and no one else’s. When it comes to your body choices you are the one that makes those choices. 
Do not let people trying to hit headlines shame you and your body because your body is worth more than their ill thought out words will ever be!

You are worthy of ALL of this now and not 'when...'

You are worthy and don't ever forget it!

Debz x

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