Sunday, 17 April 2016

Your Fat Body & You. You Are Allowed To Exist


I realise that it has been a while since I posted anything "real" and I apologise. Do I need to apologise? Probably not! I actually apologise to myself the most - blogging is something that I really enjoy and I can't believe I let it slip. Today I had a reminder that it's nearly a year since WE trended on Twitter and hit loads of national press with #WeAreTheThey. It made me realise how much I loved all of this - it relit my fire I guess!

Anyway, I wanted to write about fat bodies and how we should demand more for them. I know that coming to grips with the word fat was very easy for me. I sort of always knew that it was just a word and therefore nothing to worry about. I know that there are lots of you that feel the same. However knowing that the word can't hurt you but actually navigating the world in a fat body can be two very different things. So, I wanted to put together a few words about demanding more for you and your body.

You Will Take Up Space

It is fact that as a larger person you will take up more space than someone smaller - just as taller people do over shorter people. It can be a really bad habit to get into when you start apologising for this, but it is also so easy to do. When you sit down & take up more space than someone else, you automatically want to apologise for it. When someone has to move out of the way you want to say sorry for the inconvenience. Yes, manners are important and you should thank someone for moving so you can pass/sit but you ARE ALLOWED to take up space, so don't apologise for it.

Sometimes You Just Won't Fit

Depending on you size, you might enter places when you just don't fit in. Booths in restaurants for example. In circumstances like this it is easy to apologise for your body or simply sit quietly uncomfortable and just make do. The truth is that you ARE ALLOWED to sit comfortably while you eat. Simply tell the people you are with that you would prefer a table and get people to move. It can be scary at first, but once you have done it and realise that people will move without even batting an eyelid, it does get easier.

You Can Look Good

Gone are the days of fat bodies just having to make do. If there is a store that refuse to stock your size simply move on to another. Yes, I know when it comes to plus size fashion it isn't always that easy but there are more options being introduced all the time. You ARE ALLOWED to look good.

You're Entitled To Healthcare

One of the things I read about most on plus size Facebook groups is the reluctance to seek medical advice because they feel the issue will just be blamed on their weight. Whilst I think we should recognise that sometimes weight can cause problems, not everything is affected. Don't be afraid to say to your doctor "Yes, I know I am overweight but I'd really like to concentrate on XXX today". You ARE ALLOWED to look after your health.

Lastly - Love Your Body

I can not stress this enough - Your body is worthy of love - both yours and someone elses. You ARE ALLOWED to love your body, in fact I recommend it!

I am sure there are lots more and I will probably revisit the topic again, but just know
you are allowed to exist and you are allowed to be happy!

Debz xx

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