Friday, 22 December 2017

5 Perfect-For-The Garden Events All Year Round

If you love entertaining, chances are you enjoy inviting friends and family over to your home for all those big and important occasions. Things can get a little crowded indoors when the guest list starts to get longer! Have you ever considered using your garden as an entertaining space? Sure, the weather can make it a little tricky, but there are plenty of ways to manage that. Here are just some of your perfect-for-the-garden events you might be able to cater for:

New Year
Celebrating New Year should always be done with plenty of friends. You might light a few fireworks in the garden at midnight to bring the new year in with a bang. Of course, it does sometimes rain at the most inconvenient times, so you might have to stick to indoor sparklers! Still, you can set up a gazebo to keep the windchill off, and the rain away from your new hairdo. It also means you can let the party overflow into the garden, making more room for all the neighbours too!

Summer Anniversary
There is nothing like a big barbecue with friends to celebrate that all-important anniversary.
You’ve reached another milestone, so make it count! Whip up some cocktails and enjoy an amazing
spread. You’ll need plenty of seating and a really great dining set. If you’re worried about a passing
shower, then pick up some ideas from this waterproof cushion selection. If you love hosting
barbecues, it might be worth investing in an outdoor kitchen too. This is covered and protected from
the wind so it can be used all year round. It keeps the sun off the food and the diners to make your
outside dining experience much safer.

Kids’ Birthday Party
Kids make a mess. They jump up and down on the furniture, and there are always inevitable breakages
The cost of hiring venues for the little ones has skyrocketed recently. Why not set up your garden for a
children’s party? You can hire a bouncy castle or an entertainer. There is lots of room for tables and
food. And if anything gets dropped and spilt it won’t matter because it’s outdoors.

Best of all, there is a lot more room out there to run around and burn off all that excitement

(and chocolate, cake and jelly).

A good Halloween party deserves to take place in the dark. The setting of your garden can be perfect.
You might use some spooky lanterns in the shrubs and even set up a scary haunted grotto in your
gazebo. Messy games and plenty of props are so much easier to set up outdoors. Best of all, none
of that sticky yuck and spooky cobwebs will be on your sofa!

Fireworks Night

Bonfire night is definitely an outdoor activity. If you love having home displays then you probably
already use your garden for fireworks. Keep things safe, and enjoy the light show.

How do you use your garden for fun events all year round?

Debz x

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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Simple Solutions To Heat Up Cold Flooring In Your Home

We have many different flooring options at our disposal when it comes to decorating our home.
Some of the most popular types include laminate, hardwood, tiling, and carpet. Now, unless you’ve
chosen carpet as your flooring, then the chances are you suffer from one common issue; cold feet!

No, I don’t mean you’re scared of doing something, I mean you literally have cold feet because your
floor is freezing. Carpet is nice and soft, meaning it retains heat easily, while the other options don’t.

Have no fear, a cold floor isn’t a permanent problem as there are many solutions you can try.

Source: Flickr

Unroll Some Rugs

A quick fix for cold flooring is to buy some rugs and lay them down on top of your floor. This has the obvious benefit of creating a barrier between your feet and the flooring itself.
Essentially, you’re getting the same effect you’ll receive from walking on carpet. The rugs will be soft,
trap heat in the room, and will even be fine to walk on barefoot. You have the added bonus of providing
your home with extra decorative features too. A lovely rug can make your hallway or living room look
a lot better and tie together a look. Plus, you can chop and change them depending on the situation.

If you have someone coming over, you can get out the fancy rug to impress them!

Credit: pxhere

Install Some Underlay

Most people haven’t even heard of underlay, which is probably one of the reasons your flooring is
so cold. Basically, it’s a layer of material that lies underneath your flooring. The type of material
differs depending on your flooring choice. The best underlay for laminate flooring might not be the
best option for vinyl or wood flooring, so bear that in mind. However, underlay is one of the best
ways of insulating your floor and stopping heat from escaping it. You should find that it’s much
more bearable to walk on, and you don’t have to wear three pairs of socks and slippers every time
you walk around your house.

Think About Underfloor Heating

If you want to take things to the extreme, you can throw this problem out the window by
getting underfloor heating. This means your rooms will be heated from the ground up, which can
lead to warmer rooms, and flooring that’s nice and toasty. There’s no real point talking about how
this helps as it’s pretty self-explanatory! But, I will say that this isn't the ideal solution for everyone.
Some people find the costs too much and installation too disruptive. But, if you can afford it and want
to switch things up in your home, then it’s certainly a great idea.

You’ve got three different options here if you have cold flooring in your house.

Keep your feet nice and warm, and you’ll save a fortune on socks and slippers!

Seriously though, these are some great ideas that help with this common problem.
If coldness is stopping you from getting a fancy new flooring, then maybe you’ll start to think twice

Debz x

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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Making A Splash in 2018

With the brand new year fast approaching, I bet you're bombarded with emails about New Year Resolutions and changes you can make for the next 52 weeks. 

Firstly let me say that you do not need to make any changes to your body if you do not want to, and you certainly don't need a brand new year as an excuse. If there is something you want to change or do differently, you can do that anytime - not just the new year!

Changing Your Habits

One of the biggest things that people tell us for the new year is that we should change something about ourselves to be better. This can be to eat less, move more or simply eat differently - these can be quite strong messages and only something you should listen to if you would like to!

Treat Yourself

The way I see it, you are perfect just the way you are and you are not obligated to change your body or do anything differently. However, if you do decide that there is something that you want to change - treat yourself and approach it from a place of positive rather than negative.

Want to move more? Treat yourself to some plus size swimwear and go swimming because you love it and not because some resolution has made you feel like you are obligated to. Your body is something that should be treated with love and nothing less.

Commit To Loving Yourself

I realise that sometimes loving your body can feel like an upwards battle but I promise that you can get there. If you do want to make a change this new year, why not make it to be kinder to yourself? if you are struggling then get online and read lots of body positive hashtags for inspiration - places such as #Effyourbeautystandards on Instagram is a really good place to start!

The thing with body confidence is that it can be a long journey, but it is worth it. Remember that small steps can make a difference, so take something that you dislike and work on improving this, and you will notice that you feel so much different. So for example, if you feel self-conscious about your arms spend a little time each day with these out – remove a cardigan while in the office or spend sometime in front of the mirror admiring your arms and seeing how wonderful they are.

A big part of not liking ourselves is fear of the unknown. We don’t often see fat bodies in the media so it can seem unusual so you need to get yourself used to seeing bodies that look like yours.

This is where reading plus size size blogs can really help, because you get to see a variety of bodies of various shapes and sizes, so it really helps to bring home the fact that your body is not unusual, and even though it is unique to you – it is brilliant!

Spend 2018 loving yourself!

Debz x

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Epic eBay Hacks Bargain Hunters Have To Know

Shopping online is a minefield. Yes, there are deals everywhere, but you have to know where to look to bag a bargain. That is why digital shoppers turn to eBay in their millions. For years, it has been the king of great deals and people have been looking to exploit it. However, as the world became familiar with the auction service, it seemed to lose its appeal. Does that eBay is dead and isn’t worth considering for a great deal? Of course not, because like all the best retailers it still has hidden secrets.

Here is a selection for your shopping pleasure.

Check For Spelling Mistakes

Don’t let a badly tagged item fool you into thinking it isn’t trustworthy. Like everyone on the planet, eBayers have difficulty not making spelling mistakes. But, it doesn’t mean they are scammers looking to make a quick buck; it implies they are human. The reason errors in spelling are an advantage is because they get left out of the searches and carry a smaller price. So, you may save a fortune all because the owner didn’t proofread the description and title beforehand. To avoid the hassle, use Fatfingers to search for them so that you don’t have to.

Contact The Seller

Firstly, speaking to a seller directly gives you an advantage as it lets you negotiate over the price. By sending an email or talking over the phone, you can use your charm to get a discount. Also, it lets you haggle over the trimmings which are not necessary. Take shipping as an example. You need the seller to deliver your purchase, right? Not exactly because you can use Shiply to cut out the middleman and the costs. It may seem like an insignificant amount, yet every penny counts. If there is a contact number or address, you should do it. What’s the worst that can happen?

Be Patient

Once you find something you like, it’s tempting to put in a bid as soon as possible. Depending on the time left in the auction, this can bump up the price and make it more expensive. The clever thing to do is to set an alarm on the lot and come back when there are hours left. As the clock ticks down, make a bid so that there is less time for the competition to match or better it. The hardened pros wait until the last few seconds, and you can too if you have the guts.

Be Precise

Decimal points are not common in the industry because they are harder to compute. But, on eBay, they can make all the difference. If you bid with a precise number, you will outbid your rivals and save money at the same time. For instance, if the price stands £9.00, don’t be rush in at £10.00. Instead, bump the price incrementally to £9.10 or £9.15. That way, you place a higher bid without going over the top.

eBay is a bargain hunter’s dream if you know what to do and when to do it.

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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Top Tips For Keeping Your Home Date-Ready

With the advancement and popularity of online dating, and apps such as Tinder, you may find that your dating diary fills up pretty quickly; and it can feel quite hectic trying to keep on top of your home life, your work schedule, and your dating life. One of the things that always seems to fall behind when life gets on top of you is your housework. It’s very easy to leave it until the next day or save it all for the weekend.


However, should a date (or a third date) go well it is not ideal to bring your guest  ack to unwashed dishes all over the side, and dirty laundry on the floor. Here are some tips on how to make sure your home is always date-ready, so you don’t have to miss out on an amazing evening because you’re embarrassed for anyone to see how you live.

Have A Well Organised Living Space
Having a big clear out, although causing more mess at first, can actually help in the long run to keep things tidy.  You would be amazed at how much rubbish you’ve been holding on to, for no other reason than that you forgot it was there. Going through each room, in turn, getting rid of old things that aren’t used anymore and just taking up space, will not only feel extremely therapeutic but also mean you can find a space for everything. When everything has its own place, it makes keeping your home tidy so much easier, as it's then just a case of putting something back where it belongs. Investing in more storage for rooms that tend to have a lot of items on display can help to make things look clear and clean. Having uncluttered sides can cut down on how long the dusting takes massively, as you don’t have to spend your time moving ornaments or products around to properly clean. Investing in storage for your bathroom, like a vanity unit from Drench, can seriously cut down on bathroom cleaning time and keep everything out of sight. This means that people don’t immediately know your entire beauty routine as soon as they walk through your bathroom door.

Reset At The End Of The Day

This is a great way of making sure cleaning doesn’t pile up. Just doing simple tasks like cleaning and putting away the dishes, and resetting the cushions on your sofa, can help the house to feel relaxing and tidy when you wake up in the morning. It also means that you don’t have to rush back from work at the end of the day before a date to tidy, as everything will still be presentable from the night before. This may be a difficult one to stay on top of if tiredness hits you suddenly in the evenings, so it’s best to do as much as you can before you properly settle down after dinner. Making this part of your daily routine allows you to slowly start to form these tasks into a positive habit, like brushing your teeth before bed, so that you barely even have to think about doing it. At that point, it ceases to be a chore and just becomes another thing to do which barely crosses your mind.

Include “Putting Away Time” In Your Getting Ready Time

You know what getting ready for a date is like - you try on a million outfits, you have your hair dryer, curling iron, and straighteners sprawled out over the floor.Your makeup vanity is covered in every single lip colour you own, there’s eye-shadow sprinkled everywhere, and dirty brushes abandoned on the side. Try to plan in an extra half hour before you have to leave, or your date arrives to pick you up, to put everything back in its place and give the sides a quick wipe down. This will mean you’re not rushing about in a mad panic at the last minute (thus ruining your well-practised cool, calm demeanour), and are less likely to leave the house wearing odd shoes. If the date goes well, you have a tidy and well-kept bedroom should you decide to let anyone see it, and even if the date is awful - you have a comforting room to come back to without clothes scattered all over the bed.

Simply incorporating these small changes into your routine can help to keep your home clean and tidy throughout the week, meaning that should any surprise visits occur, you won’t be panicking about which parts of the house are even vaguely presentable because they all will be.

Debz xx

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Saturday, 9 December 2017

3 Tips For Trying Online Dating For The First Time

At the grand old age of 35 I would say I am quite experienced in the world of online dating so thought I would pass on some tips! That said, as a disclaimer I am still very much single so if you're one of the Belfast singles reading this or you're looking for Glasgow dating, maybe take some of these with a pinch of salt!

Set Up A Good Profile

One of my pet hates when it comes to online dating is people who have not filled out a profile. After all, how am I suppose to know if I want to date you if I don't know anything else about you or even what you look like. It is all well and good signing up to a Belfast dating website, but if you aren't telling people what you're looking for then you may struggle. Personally, as a plus size dater I choose to make sure I have a couple of full length photos included in my profile, but that is very much a personal preference.

Know Your Worth

If you do join a Berkshire dating website you will be sent a variety of messages, and not all of them will be pleasant. It is really important that you ignore these and recognise your worth. Some of them will offer different types of meet ups! Just a note, it is fine if you do want to go ahead with any type of casual meeting but also know that just because someone is offering this, you don't have to accept. 

Also, some people make a hobby out of being abusive to people on dating websites. Give these messages as little time as possible. Simply, block and delete.

Enjoy Yourself

When you sign up to something such as a Guernsey dating website, you're doing so to meet some new people. Do what you can to enjoy the whole experience. Even if you have a date that doesn't go as well as you would like, simply write it off as a bad experience and move on to meeting someone else!

Debz x

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How Can You Show Someone You Like Them?

I am big fan of honesty when it comes to dating, it can make for some awkward conversations but why would you want to be left wondering whether someone is interested, when you could just ask? Of course, I don't mean if you meet someone on a Jersey singles website you should start tying to map out life plans on date one, but if you get to know someone for a while why not check what they would want from you?

For me, this goes both ways. If I have started talking to someone via a Dorset dating or Hertfordshire dating website then I try to be really honest with how I feel and how I feel things are going. This is the same as if I don't feel chemistry, I will be honest and tell someone how I feel.

Showing Someone You Like Them

Whatever stage of dating you are at, one of the most important things you can give is time. It is all well and good telling someone you want to date them, but if you are showing them that you have time to do this, why would they?

We are lucky to live in an age where we can contact people instantly with very little effort at all. So if you have met someone on a Bristol dating website, keep conversation alive by sending photos (even if it's of your dinner) and voice notes to say throughout the day! This helps to keep conversation going, which can sometimes be a struggle if you are trying to get to know someone new.

At the end of the day, if you message someone via a Hampshire dating site and feel that you like them - tell them! If it is early days then be cautious of your wording, but why not take steps to let them know you're enjoying getting to know them?

Debz x

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Friday, 8 December 2017

How to Host a Christmas Cocktail Party at Home

The holidays are always the perfect time for entertaining and hosting gatherings at your home. It gives everyone a chance to get together, celebrate the season, and share some laughs. If you plan on hosting a Christmas cocktail party at your home this season and want to be sure it’s one that will have your guests gushing for weeks afterwards, then you’re going to want to check out these helpful hosting and planning tips.

Make Sure You Have a Head Count

It’s hard to plan for a great cocktail party if you aren’t sure how many people will be there. You need to know numbers so you can buy enough food and drinks for all, and have ample seating. Make sure to include an RSVP on your invitations when you send them out. E-invites are usually a good way to go as it makes it easy on your guests to quickly respond.

Create a Food and Beverage Menu

Now that you know how many people will be coming it’s time to put your “menu” together. This should include everything you plan on serving. Since it’s a cocktail party you’ll want to focus on cocktails obviously and appetizer-type foods. It’s always fun to offer a few unique and special cocktails to your guests such as the popular lemon drop drink. Offering these specialty cocktails just helps to take the party to the next level.

If you’re stuck on what other cocktails to serve, a simple internet search of popular holiday-themed cocktails should do the trick.

Of course, you will also need to offer non-alcoholic options for those who don’t drink or who may be driving.

As for the food menu, as stated you’ll want to stick to appetizers since it’s not a meal that you are hosting. There are some general rules you can follow with appetizers that will make it easier to figure out how much to buy and cook. Experts suggest you plan for 8-10 pieces per person for a cocktail party that is two to four hours in length, and 12-15 pieces for a cocktail party that will be more than four hours in length. Remember it’s always better to have too much food than not enough, especially if you are serving alcohol.

Use Decorations to Create the Theme

Because this is a Christmas cocktail party you will be able to easily find decor that works with the theme. Include a variety of colors and pieces that all have that Christmas-twist. Decorations really help set the tone of the event. You can use such things as poinsettia plants, Christmas garland and ivy, wreaths, Christmas ornaments placed in decorative glass bowls, scented pine cones and cinnamon sticks, and anything else that feels like Christmas to you.

Prep as Much as Possible in Advance

The final tip is to prepare as much as you can in advance so that the day or night of the cocktail party, you will be able to mingle and enjoy chatting with all your guests instead of being stuck in the kitchen.

What do you have planned this festive season?

Debz x

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3 Things A Guy Might Do If He Likes You

Although I try not to buy into gender stereotypes, I thought I would write about what a guy might do if he likes you. Sometimes it can feel that men are hard to read, but often it is just a matter of speaking to them and finding out what you want. After all, if you have both joined something such as a Guernsey singles website, the chances are you're looking to meet new people. 

1 - Send You A Message

If you are someone with a level of self-doubt then remind yourself that if he has sent you a message then he has some level of interest for you. If people are signing up to websites to meet Hampshire singles and Hertfordshire singles, then they're probably on there for similar reasons to you!

2 - Attempt Banter

Attempting some level of humor can often be a good way to get someones attention, you might find that they attempt banter with you. This can be with some gentle teasing and even tagging in funny memes - after all, if you're on an Isle of Man singles website, why wouldn't you use the internet as part of your pulling technique?

3 - Date You

It sounds really obvious, but if he dates you then he likes. I often see people wondering why their significant other is with them and doubting the relationship. However whether you have met via a Isle of Wight singles website, or a different method - the truth is that if someone is dating you, they want to be with you. So be confident in your relationship and enjoy it!

How would you show someone you like them?

Debz x

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Thursday, 7 December 2017

What is Romance?

As part of being invited to look into online, I started to think about romance and what people look for in a relationship. As much as romance is lovely topic, it is also something that is quite complicated - because everyone looks for different things and has different expectations. 

When it comes to online dating people using websites such as Oxfordshire dating and Cheshire dating for different reasons and that is perfectly okay. I have always thought along the lines of a relationship really only mattering to the people that are involved in it. I think with social media we can get really tied up in what other people are doing and measuring our relationship against theirs. 

Comparing Romance

What is really important to remember is that most people only post their best bits on social media, so we only get their highlights rather than the bad bits also! This means you're comparing your WHOLE relationship to someone else’s best bits and that is never going to be a winner. The only thing that matters is that you're happy with your relationship, so stop comparing it!

What is Romance?

This really is something that varies from person to person. When you join something such as a Gloucester dating website, you might even find that a new partner introduces you to a type of romance you didn’t even know you needed!

For me, I think grand gestures can be great however it is the small things that really make a difference. I think if someone sees something in a shop they think you'll like and brings it home that shows you were on their mind at that time - even if it is a 50p bar of chocolate! Being able to pick someone up from work or pay for their taxi home from work in the snow is a really nice gesture and really doesn't cost more at all. Think of all the nice things you could do for someone if you were to meet a new partner via a Glasgow singles or Gloucestershire singles website - it's a nice thought isn't it?

It doesn’t even have to be about spending money – remembering they have a big day at work and sending them a text, or making their favourite dinner after a long day can all be things that show you care, and to me that is what romance is all about!

What romantic gestures are your favourite?


Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Taking A Fresh Start With Dating

If you have been dating for a while, then it can start to seem like a hard slog. In general I enjoy dating and meeting new people, however sometimes it can feel like an endless cycle that doesn't get anywhere. I guess, it depends on what you're looking for from dating - if you're looking for something casual then you may not mind this. As someone who would ideally like a relationship from dating, I prefer to know that dates have the prospect of going somewhere!

When it comes to dating, I am a big fan of taking a break when you need to - much like any other activity that is demanding of your time. If you're signed up to Cambridgeshire datingDerbyshire dating or other local dating websites then you can find that it really eats into your time. If you are finding that you're not getting many dates that make you happy then this can seem like a hard slog. After all, if you're using Staffordshire dating and other similar websites, you're doing so for a reason.

There is nothing wrong with switching off profiles or not checking messages if you feel like you need a break, Your well-being is the most important and you'll definitely have a much better approach to do dating as you'll feel much more positive about things. Upload new photos and take some time to rewrite your profile and you’ll hopefully be contacted by different people – which will give you even more chance to meet new people!

Coming Back From A Break

If you do decide to take a break from a Birmingham dating website or similar, why not take the time to revamp your profile and maybe upload some new photos? I often find that after some time away from dating I have time to reflect on what I really want from dating so I can re-write my text and get this on my profile. Sometimes I find that having lots of information on my profile cuts down on the number of messages that I receive, it also means the ones that i do get are more than likely to be on the same wavelength of what I am looking for. People join websites such as Surrey dating sites for a plethora of reasons and personally I would rather just be contacted by people that are looking for the same as me. 

What are your thoughts on online dating?

Debz x