Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Discovering New Brands: Sixteen47

I have to say, I pride myself in having a pretty decent knowledge of plus size brands what is out there to buy. Maybe of you know I have a list here which I work on whenever new brands get announced.

That said, every now and then a new brand hits my radar that I haven't heard of before - and this month it is Sixteen47. The brand was founded by Dawn French and her friend Helen Teague and they go up to a UK size 42, which I was really pleased to read!

The brand itself is not one I think I would wear all of the time, I would say their target audience is the 'older generation', if we were going to insist on putting people in boxes of what they should be wearing however it's nice to know that such a brand exists!!

They were lovely enough to send me this navy buttoned tunic top and it's really nice to wear. I can see this would be something you could throw on to pop into town and so some errands, easy to wear and not something you have to think too much about.

The quality of the time is really nice, so I can see why the price points of the garments are where they are at. You can tell by the feel of the material it is a piece to last, rather than the fast fashion so many of us are used to.

I'm really excited to see a UK brand doing up to a size 42, because it's fantastic to see options for people on the larger end of the plus size range.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Debz xx

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The Things You Don't Think About

As I am sure you all know, I don't have children. In fact up until a few years ago, I didn't really like babies at all - although my closest friends having the most adorable children recently changed that.

The other day I went to a soft play centre with a friend of mine and I have to say it was an experience. Don't get me wrong - I had the best time with her and her beautiful children, but I left a nervous wreck!

If it wasn't children running around with dinner in their hands, or arguing over who would go down the slide first (not my friends children I should point out!), it was worrying about if they would fall over and hurt themselves.

When we went outside, it all seemed so dangerous. I hadn't really thought about it before play surfaces have so much to contend it - It really is a good job that companies are on the ball and do such a good job! They really do have it all in hand and so I suppose, when you really think about it - there isn't much to worry about!

I have to say that, once the worry was over the time with my friend and her little people was fantastic and I can't wait to do it again! Aren't they amazing - growing so quickly and learning new things every day, it's the perfect way to spend an afternoon. 

Debz x

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Vaping: Is It More Than A Trend?

When it comes to trends, many of us are used to them coming and go; especially as fashion lovers! For example we've seen everyone wanting to wear converse trainers with oversize baggy jeans or shell suits day in, day out. They are trends we wouldn't look twice at now a days, but in the past they were band on trend and everyone wanted to wear them.

Over recently months we have seen vaping become more popular and it is easy to assume that it could just be another passing trend, but it really doesn't seem to be! Unlike fast fashion where trends do come and go, vaping is something practical which means it has real staying power.

We're a nation of people who are well aware that smoking is not one of the best habits we can have; and while I'm for everyone making their own health choices it's good to know there are options to help people give up, should they need/want to! 

The good think about vaping is that websites such as allow people to pick from a various flavours and styles, which means that there is something for everyone. This will also allow the trend to stay around, as people mix it up and experiment with different things!

Have you tried vaping?

Debz xx UK only, the giveaway will expire in 12th June 2017. 

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Sunday, 14 May 2017

3 Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

If you're anything like me, then the chances are your credit score is less than perfect. I was definitely too frivolous with money when I was younger, which has affected me as an adult. In the past the need for a new dress or a night out was strong and I did go for getting money in various ways , which has resulted in a dented credit score.

However lately, now that I am more of a grown-up I am starting to look at ways to improve this - and luckily there are different ways to do this!

Credit Card

One great way to do this is to apply for a credit card - although you have to max sure you resist the temptation to go shopping. When you get a card, make small spends on this and then pay off the balance each month. This shows that you are responsible with money and gets reported back to your credit file.

Take Out a Loan

In a similar way you can take out a loan and make the payments this way. Of course, it is important that you don't borrow more than you can afford to pay. Ensure that you use a responsible lender such as Cash Lady as then you know you are borrowing from a reputable firm.

Don't Take Out Too Much

Don't be tempted to apply for lots of credit, particularity if you start to get turned down for credit. Each application you make for credit shows on your file and this can have a detrimental affect on your credit file in general

What would you do to improve your credit?

Debz x

Friday, 12 May 2017

I Didn't Read The Memo: Fat Girls & Stripes

Apparently a few years ago, a memo was sent out to say that fat girls shouldn't wear stripes. SHOCK HORROR they apparently aren't flattering at all and you should always dress to look smaller - who knew?!

I 'unfortunately' missed this memo and have been gleefully wearing whatever I wanted, without worrying about what it did to my body shape. This week while at my parents I needed to buy some emergency leggings - and as Yours Clothing do next day delivery I opted to use them! Now, when you're buying just leggings and paying £7 for delivery, it seems rude to not at least browse the sale section before you check out to see what is there. 

                           Bag from ASOS. Shoes from Just Fab

I came across this really nice knitted tunic at just under £12 and had to get it. I actually sized up in this because I wanted the oversize look and it was nice to be shopping with a brand where I could actually do this - however I probably didn't need to as it is a bit 'too' big, I still really like it though!

I love the length (bear in mind I am short) and the fact it looks nice but is still so easy to just throw on and wear out. I wore this to dinner with my parents and it was nice to be sat comfy and cosy, without worrying about looking drab.

I really want a wardrobe with more of these easy to wear pieces - any recommendations?

Debz x

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

How to Save Money and Find the Perfect Pair of Prescription Glasses

Just because you need prescription lenses it doesn’t mean you should resign yourself to dull affordable practical glasses or very expensive designer glasses. If you’re a savvy shopper you can probably get an eye test for free and find a great pair of designer prescription glasses for significantly less than high-street prices. This guide will help you save money on your next pair of glasses and help you find the perfect pair for your face.

Free eye test

The first hurdle if you’re trying to save as much money as possible is the eye test. When we know we’re going to have to spend money on the actual glasses, forking out £20–£30 for an eye test is a tough pill to swallow. In fact, it can be enough to put some people off altogether. However, skipping the eye test and sticking with your old prescription is false economy as you may find that your glasses only last you one year before it’s clear that you need a new prescription. This is why it’s important to get an up-to-date prescription before you get a new pair of glasses. You just need to make sure you get your eyes tested for free!
If you live in Scotland, then the good news is that you don’t have to pay for an eye test – no matter what your circumstances are. This is because the Scottish NHS budget includes eye tests for everyone. The bad news for readers who live in the rest of the UK is that the NHS only covers the cost of your eye test if you have a pre-existing condition, such as diabetes or glaucoma, or if you are under 16 or over 60. There are actually loads of different reasons why the NHS may cover the cost of your eye test; to see the whole list and find out if you qualify, check out the NHS’s official page.
But don’t panic if you don’t qualify for a free eye test through the NHS, because you can still look out for special promotions at opticians in your local area. It’s common for opticians to offer free eye tests to encourage customers to come into their shop and buy their glasses. They often expect you to also buy a pair of glasses afterwards, but you’re not legally obliged to. You can just get your prescription, look about the shop for two minutes, tell them you need while to make up your mind, then leave with your prescription.

Shop online to save a lot of money on designer glasses

The best way to save money on glasses is to shop for them online. Online retailers are able to keep their overheads much cheaper than in-store retailers because they have cheaper warehouse premises outside of city centres, they don’t need sales staff, and they can buy in bulk from big brands. All of this helps online eyewear companies save a lot of money, and they pass these savings onto the customer, keeping their prices incredibly competitive.
It’s important to shop for high-quality glasses, as this will save you more money in the long run. This is because flimsy cheap glasses might only last you six months to a year. After that, you’ll need to buy more. So, it will save you money in the long run to invest in a better pair of glasses – especially if you’re going to wear them every day.
Another advantage of shopping for glasses online is that online stores have special discount codes, sales, and other money-saving promotions more regularly than normal stores. If you keep an eye out for special deals from a few of the biggest online stores, then you’re sure to save a lot of money. To do this, it’s a good idea to sign up to the news letters of several of the biggest online stores. Also keep an eye out for websites with special offers that run all-year-round, such as Red Hot Sunglasses who offer free prescription lenses on their large prescription glasses range. It’s special deals like this that can help you save a significant amount of money on high-quality designer glasses.

Figuring Out What Glasses Suit Your Face

The biggest downside of shopping online is that you can’t try on the glasses before you buy them. This means that you have to work out exactly which kind of glasses suit you and which ones don’t. This isn’t as hard as it sounds, however. There are two good ways to do this:
  1. Try on glasses in a store and make note of which ones suit your face. Write down the make and model so that you can then find them cheaper online. The width of the glasses is the most important detail, so make sure you check the inside of the frame for two double digits. The larger number will be the width of the rims in millimetres and the smaller number will be the width of the bridge in millimetres. If you find the perfect fit, then jotting down the numbers is the ideal way to ensure you can find the right size glasses online.
  2. Read a few different face-shape guides online. There are guides online that help you work out what glasses best suit your face. As there are so many different shapes of faces, it would take an entire article to explain it. However, I will say that the basic principle is to wear glasses that balance out your features: round face with angular glasses – top-heavy glasses with diamond-shaped faces as they balance out the pointier chin. Red Hot Sunglasses, who I mentioned earlier, have a comprehensive face-shape guide, if you’re keen to do a little more research.

And that’s all the advice I have time for in this guide. I hope this article has been useful, and that a few readers save a big chunk of money on their next pair of prescription glasses.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Loving Denim with Lovedrobe

Happy Sunday!

How annoying is this weather? One day I’m getting sun burnt and the next I’m walking to walk in the drizzling rain – so unpredictable!

That is why I was really happy when I saw this Lovedrobe shirt on my shopping trip to Topsy Curvy a couple of weeks ago. It is the type of thing I would have seen on the website but probably not ordered because it is hard to second guess sizes and with no stretch, it’s the type of thing that has to fit right.

When I was at the Topsy Curvy offices last weekend, Jo encouraged me to try this on and I am really glad I did. I really love the way it fits and I feel like it’s the kind of shirt that could be thrown on with pretty much anything.

Since I bought this I have seen loads of my favourite bloggers in it, which is fantastic too! I love seeing different shapes and sizes in the same outfit. It’s currently sold out on Lovedrobe I believe but Topsy Curvy have it in stock on their website!


What is your latest purchase?

Debz x

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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Midweek Entertainment with Boomtown Bingo

With the job I do, I am really lucky with my hours. I currently work a 4 day in, 4 day off rota; which means lots time off to myself. These days off are great because they mean I can travel home or to see friends without having to take annual leave, which is always a plus point!

However, it means lots of week days off - where lots of my friends are at work and I am left to entertain myself. There's only so much Instagram stalking, online window shopping and Twitter ranting that a girl can do, so sometimes I play online games.

I do the rounds of different ones, playing different games; because I like to mix things up. There are lots of different options out there however one of my guilty pleasures is a bit of online bingo. The good thing about this is that there are lots of new bingo websites to chose from, so there's always something fun to do!

I really like Boomtown Bingo the website makes it easy for me to find new bingo websites to play on. These often offer a cheeky sign up bonus so it's fun to switch it up and try a new one every now and then Boomtown Bingo has easy to click links and reviews to read which means like as easy as possible - and we all know I enjoy an easy life!

I found the whole sign up process easy too, which is always a bonus!

What online games do you enjoy playing?

Debz x

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Monday, 1 May 2017

Summer with Topsy Curvy

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see that last week I visited Manchester and popped into see jo at Topsy Curvy. It was at her temporary premises but still amazing – she moves into her new permanent shop hop next week and I am really excited to see what it is like!

One of the things I love about Topsy Curvy is that they do lots of clothes which have plenty of stretch, this means I can get away with things technically too small. When you’re used to being sized out of plus size fashion, this is a really nice feeling! I’ve spoken about it before and I love Jo for her passion for plus size fashion – she is constantly striving to stock items above a size 26 and she’s doing really well at it!

This floral jersey dress is a size 26, but it fits me well and I love the length of it. They have also recently started to stock over brands and this denim shirt is one of the items that have come from Lovedrobe. I wouldn’t usually wear something like this, but Jo encouraged me to try it on and see how I felt about it – and I have to say, I really like it and I am so glad I did.

Topsy Curvy are doing great for fast plus size fashion lately and it’s amazing to see the brand grow! I can’t wait to see what the new premises brings, hopefully more items like this!

Debz x

Monday, 17 April 2017

Easter Sunday with Scarlett & Jo

Happy Easter Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a nice weekend - I don't always get Bank Holiday weekends off, so it was nice to enjoy this one with some friends. Yesterday I went into Birmingham city centre and had lunch and a few drinks with some friends, which was really nice!

I think sometimes when we read blogs, we always see new items of clothing and people looking overly glamorous and as readers we can be left lusting over this type of lifestyle. However, the truth is that blogs (and social media in general) are designed to showcase the best parts - and so we don't always see the days where a blogger throws on a dress and leaves the house looking comfortable and cosy.

I don't wear this Scarlett & Jo dress often enough, but as I knew I would be in the pub for a good few hours yesterday I wanted something that I would be comfortable wearing all day. I knew this dress would be perfect because it's really nice and oversized and the material is nice and soft.

I literally threw this on, some leggings and a pair of pale pink trainers. I felt decent and was comfortable all day!

What have you been up to this weekend?

Debz x

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Monday, 10 April 2017

Dotty over Scarlett and Jo!

This weekend I had a night out at the new Figure 8 night in London, and it The really nice to see everyone. The night itself is a brand new Size Acceptance night, which was hosted at Club Nomad in Old Street. The turn out was fantastic, so if it sounds like your kind of night make sure you keep an eye on their Facebook to see when the next one is likely to be.

In the lead up to the event I decided that I wanted a new dress to wear. I'll be honest this year I have tried to buy less clothes, because I have so many and it felt like I was wasting money. So, as much as I wanted a new dress, it was definitely going to have to be a budget purchase.

By chance, an email arrived in my inbox to tell me that Scarlett and Jo were having a clearance sale. so I had to pop along for a nosey. I have loads of Scarlett & Jo dresses, so I know when it comes to sizing and quality, they're not going to let me down.

I picked up this teal jewel coloured lollidot dress for just £15. What I love about Scarlett and Jo dresses is the thick, jersey material that they use - it always falls really nicely and makes the dress so comfortable to wear.

Size wise I sized down once on this, because I know that they always come up quite generous. I probably could have sized down again, but it didn't feel too big and it was nice to have a floaty type dress to wear - I think it could also be a pub garden pub dress too!

What new fashion items have you bought lately?

Debz x

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Monday, 3 April 2017

Skincare Q&A

I will admit that I don't do enough to look after my skin - and at 34 years old, I really should start!

As I don't really know what makes up good skin care regime (I assume taking off your make-up at the end of a day with a babywipe doesn't count) I got Dermalogica retailer Pure Beauty’s resident skin therapist to put together some hints and tips for us (mostly me)

1.      Which skincare ingredients should I avoid?
The main ingredients to avoid include alcohol, mineral oil, lanolin and of course artificial colours and fragrances. While they may be included in ‘hydrating’ moisturisers, they are abrasive and can actually dry your skin out.

2.      How often should I wash my face?
Cleansing your face both morning and evening is one of the key steps in any skincare regime. Use gentle products and don’t scrub, as doing so can damage the surface of your skin.

3.      How often should I exfoliate my face?
The frequency of exfoliation depends very much upon your skin type and the nature of the exfoliant you are using. Daily exfoliants can be used daily – but only once within a 24 hour period.
Other exfoliants can be used up to three times a week. Exfoliate either in the morning or in the evening after cleansing and before applying your toner.

4.      How can I prevent acne?
Acne has many causes and only some of which are directly related to your skin. In general, regular cleansing and exfoliation using products targeted to your skin type will help prevent the build-up of sebum and dead skin cells, which form plugs that can block your pores and create the perfect environment for bacterial growth.

5.      Should I squeeze spots?
As a general rule, you should never squeeze pustular spots as it can worsen bacterial infection and can cause the scarring often associated with severe bouts of acne.
Blackheads can be removed through extraction but your hands must be very clean and you should wrap your fingers in clean tissue paper as a shield, which will then collect the residue.

6.      What moisturiser should I use?
You should always use a moisturiser specific to your skin type. There is not a one-size-fits-all moisturiser and this is where many people go wrong. Oil control moisturisers are specifically designed for very oily skin. Active moist and skin smoothing creams are suitable for a combination of skin types and there are more specific moisturisers for dry or prematurely aging skin.

7.      How do I get rid of bags under my eyes?
It is very difficult to get rid of bags under your eyes due to their delicate nature and the fact that it can simply be a hereditary trait. Plenty of sleep is the best thing, but you must also avoid using your moisturiser on the delicate area beneath your eye. The ingredients in most moisturisers are too strong and it can be a contributing factor.

8.      What causes dry skin?
The main cause of dry skin is your genetic makeup but age and environmental factors play a large part. It is also important to differentiate between dry skin (lack of natural sebum) or dehydrated skin (lack of water) in the skin. A moisturiser is used for dry skin, while a toner is more suited for dehydrated skin.

9.      How do I get rid of dry skin?
Dry skin can be aggravated by cold weather conditions outside and the drying central heating in our workplaces and homes. A well-designed and maintained skincare regime using products specifically recommended for use will help you combat dry skin.

10.  How do I get rid of oily skin?

Using products designed for oily skin will help you combat this skin issue. There are many products on the market that are deigned to absorb excess sebum in the skin, while regularly using masks designed for oily skin will be beneficial.

Sounds easy doesn't it? What top tip would you give?

Debz x

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Friday, 31 March 2017

Look What's Cool : Gift Guide

As a busy woman, I'm always off my feet and rarely have the time to think about what to get for the men in my life for their birthdays etc.

Luckily for me though I have found this fantastic guide from look what's cool to help me work out what to get them, I know this is just a little thing but I hope that this helps you all

Cool Things For Men

Monday, 27 March 2017

Hair Transplants, Are They For You?

I have spoken before about the fringe/hair piece that I use to wear - I haven't since I dyed my hair red, but I used to love wearing it when I did. The thing for me is that, my fringe has never been as full as I would like - I have tried to brush it forward, cut it often, never cut it etc and it never as naturally full as I would like.

I've always liked having a fringe, when I was given the chance to try a hair piece from Campbell Wigs a few years ago, I jumped at the chance. I'd never been had anything like that, not even hair extensions so it was an interesting journey, but one that I really enjoyed!

Before I had the hair piece fitted, I never really how my thin fringe affected me - I always cope(d) with thin hair but the hair piece made such a difference. Before this happened I would have scrolled past adverts for hair transplants, without giving them a second thought.

Obviously any procedure like this is a serious one and it should be investigated fully, but I am definitely more open to the idea than I once was! Of course, I'd have to take into consideration the FUE hair transplat cost, but even so - it could be something that I would give some thought to in the future.

How do you feel when it comes to cosmetic procedures? Are they something that you would consider?

Debz x

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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Plus Size Issues: Easy Access Baths

It's all well and good talking about pretty dresses and where to buy wide fit shoes, but sometimes there are other issues that are involved in living life plus size. I know that if you're smaller than me these issues might not affect you, in fact I am at a size where many of them don't affect me but it is important to recognise that they are issues for people and that sometimes we need to look for solutions.

For example, I wouldn't sit in a booth at a restaurant because I know I would be too squashed and I wouldn't be comfortable and today I argued with a man on the train because he couldn't walk passed me in the aisle - why he couldn't wait until everyone was sat down before he got up I really don't know, but that's another story!

One thing I know many people with plus size bodies struggle with is baths - For example, I wouldn't be comfortable in a normal size bath - I'd be squished in about an inch of water and ain't nobody got time for that.

Without a doubt, if I ever win the lottery I'm going to build a fat friendly bathroom that is the stuff dreams are made of. I know for certain that a massive bath will feature heavily in this - maybe a big circle one! I've looked into easy access baths before and actually in the grand scheme of things they're quite affordable. 

I realise that these baths are designed for the disabled and people with mobility problems, but I would definitely consider one if it was large enough for me to bathe comfortably - goodness how much I would spend in Lush if this was ever the case! 

What practical thing do you have on your wishlist should you ever win the lottery?

Debz xx

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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Dear Simply Be...

Dear Simply Be...

I know as a brand you have done some really good things  - for starters even offering clothes up a size 32 puts you ahead of others! You've worked with bloggers on some fantastic campaigns incuding national TV advertising campaigns that even my thin friends have commented on.

That is why, your latest campaign really got me thinking....

You tweeted this today with the wording "We demand style & fit. No compromises." and you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! I am so glad that you're finally on the same page as your shoppers.

So... I assume that you're going to be doing something about this sizing situation and ensure that those over a size 26 don't have to compromise when it comes to clothing any longer.

As you can see - when you're a size 26 you have nearly 500 dresses to choose from, as a size 32 you have no where near 250 dresses that you can select. I am sure you will agree that a larger size having less than 50% of the choices of someone smaller is a compromise that none of us should have to make - after all, your latest campaign DEMANDS that we don't put up with this any longer - and you're right!

So... Simply Be - We demand that you stop making larger (and smaller) bodies compromise. 



Debz x

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Monday, 13 March 2017

Moving On, and Moving In.

Back in September I made the decision to leave the north once again and head down south - well to The Midlands at least. I've lived here ever since and I have to say I love it. Over recent months I have had a couple of where I have had to travel home for less than happy reasons, but even when I am far away from my family - I can't regret moving here.

One the things that have made moving easier is that my family are really good at using social media and Whatsapp. I speak to them most days on Whatsapp, so they never feel far away at all! In the next few months I'll move again - but staying in Birmingham!

When I moved in October, I moved into a house share - which made life much easier. Moving into a place where a landlord has to take care of everything certainly helps. I didn't have to worry about finding conveyancing solicitors or anything like that, which made the move a complete doddle! When I moved I wouldn't have known anything about any of this, so it's a good I didn't need them really!

Since moving I actually now work for an estate agents, so I have learned more about this side of things that I ever knew before - so when I do start to think about moving out of my houseshare I'm in a much better position than before. I'll feel like I actually know what I am doing when the time comes. I now know that they help with the contracts and exchanges of houses and that actually their job is a pretty important one!

Now the weather is starting to FINALLY get better I'm looking forward to getting out and about exploring Birmingham some more and perhaps deciding which area of this fantastic city I want to live in!

Where is your favourite part in the UK?

Debz xx

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