Friday, 15 September 2017

Things To Consider Before You Online Date

These days it is really easy to find dating website that suit your needs. Whether you're looking for something such as over 50s dating Aberdeen, over 50s dating Edinburgh or something different such as a BBW dating website there is something for everyone. However, just because there is an abundance of online dating choices doesn't mean that you should dive right in. Instead, give it some thought and ensure that if you are joining something such as an over 50s dating Cardiff based website, you know it is the right thing for you.

Do I Want A Relationship?

For me personally, I am on dating websites because I would ideally like to find a long term relationship. I make this clear when I am talking to people online and would only be interested in perusing something with someone who had a similar mindset. That said, if you're looking for something casual, you just want to see what happens or you simply want company for one night - that is okay too! Just be sure in your mind what you want and that way, you have the best possible chance of going out there and getting it.

What Website Do I Want To Use?

As there are many different websites out there, you can find one that suits you easily. So for example if you want to find a website that caters to over 50s dating Isle of Wight - you can! Just as you can find a website based around dating plus size women, or those who share the same religious beliefs as you. Spend a little time exploring these websites and the options, so you know that if you do take the plunge and just an over 50s dating Devon based website, it is the right choice for you.

Have you used online dating? What has worked for you?


Not So Mellow Yellow With ASOS Curve

A few weeks ago I visited my parents in Doncaster and while I was there decided I wanted a new dress to wear to an event. I saw this on ASOS Curve and it is one of the new items they do in a size 30 (yes, size 28+ is slowly creeping in) so I thought I would give it a try!

I thought the dress would fit a little longer seeing as it is a size 30 and I usually wear a size 28 with ASOS, but I still love it. I wouldn't be able to wear it without leggings but at this time of year, that probably isn't a bad thing. I love the retro vibe and colours of the dress, I don't have much yellow in my wardrobe so this was a welcome addition!

Have you bought anything new lately?

Debz xx

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Is Online Dating For Me?

I remember when I was younger, not many people talked about online dating. It was always a bit taboo and you'd probably say someone was a friend of a friend and you met that way, rather than saying you met on the big bad World Wide Web.

These days things are a bit different and people aren't so afraid that they met their significant other on a website for over 50s dating Merseyside or that they signed up to meet someone on an over 50s dating Leeds based website. This makes it much easier, because who wants to make up a lie about where they met someone and have to remember what story they made up.

I'm a fan of online dating and have met a real interesting mix of people - some good and some bad, but that is all part of lifes rich tapestry isn't it? As for whether online dating is for you - that is something online you can decide!

I would say if you are someone who is in the over 50s dating Strathclyde (or other local areas) category then you having nothing to lose. The best piece of advice I can give you is to go into everything with an open mind and your eyes wide open. If something feels to go to be true, then the chances are - it is!

A local based dating website can be a good place to start, so don't be afraid to look for something specific such as a Suffolk dating site. At least then you know anyone you're interested in is going to be nearby, so meeting them isn't a big effort - which makes life easier!

Whether you join an over 50s dating Cornwall based website or something else, your safety is the most important aspect. Keep your wits about you and don't meet anyone who gives you a bad gut instinct- it's usually right! Stay safe and meet in public places, tell people where you are going etc.

What online dating tips would you share?

Debz xx

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Uncommon Goods: Online Shopping

Can you believe we're getting to that time of year again where we're starting to think about how we're going to spend the holidays and what gifts to buy people. 

When it comes to gift bying, I don't have much family to buy for and with friends we tend to do secret santa and other gift swaps. This means that I can spend time really getting the gifts I do buy right. I actually love buying presents for people and even if I am shopping on a budget, I want to make sure what I buy is something that they're going to love.

The Uncommon Goods website is perfect for this, because they have so much choice! I love websites that mean I can buy most of what I want in one place, because then I don't have to worry about tracking and waiting for lots of deliveries. This website definitely ticks all of the boxes for this.

Everything is set out in handy sections, so if you're looking for gifts for him, baby shower presents or something else completely you have a really good idea of where to start; which makes present buying a much easier process!

I know it might seem a little early to start present shopping, but realistically the C-word is just around the corner, and will soon creep up on us! I would recommend starting to window shop for gifts for the men in your life, because then you can short list ideas - which means when it comes to actually buying, you'll be ready to go (and far less stressed!)

Have you started to think about Christmas shopping yet?

Debz x

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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Writing A Dating Profile As a Plus Size Woman

Let me start this by saying - I am not an expert when it comes to relationships. After all, I'm in my mid-thirties and single, so I can't pretend to know what it takes to be a dating pro. However, as someone who has online dated several times throughout my adult life, I know that writing a dating profile can be tough.

One of the things that I have seen a lot of plus size women write about is, how to get across that you are fat on your profile, without being too over the top. Whether you're using a local Norfolk dating site, a Northampton dating site or some other dating website online, it can be tough to get it right.

For me, I always make sure I have full length photos on my profile. Yes, those selfie angles and snap chat filters are fun, but if you're signed up to an Oxford dating site then you want to make sure that you're getting messaged by people who find plus size bodies attractive.

I know that when we join places such as a Shropshire dating site it's important to like who a person is on the inside, but the first impression someone gets of us is how we look.

For me personally, when I write dating profiles I always make sure to mention that I am super fat - and that I am looking to date someone that is comfortable with that. I want people to know that whether they've found me on a Staffordshire dating site or otherwise, I am comfortable in my own skin and don't intend to change.

Have you online dated? Share your experiences with me!

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Friday, 18 August 2017

This Dress is Bananas

I have to be honest and say that this Lady Voluptuous Phoebe dress is an old(ish) one so may be out of stock. The first time I wore it was around Easter and I loved it  - unfortunately I loved Jager a lot that night and didn't get a chance to take any photos

We all know I am a big fan of Lady V London so I won't go on about it. The Phoebe is probably my favourite cut of dress. I like that it is a bit tight under the best and the netting of the skirt helps it to flair out, which makes it a great dress for my personal tastes!

Lady V have some fantastic new dresses at the moment - do you have your eye on any?

Debz xx

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Back To Basics: New Look Skater Dresses

I am really lucky with my wardrobe, I have some amazing dresses and great choices when it comes to going out outfits. However, sometimes you don't want dressy or pretty outfits - for work especially I like basic items. There are times that you just want to throw on something comfortable for the day and know that you'll be well-dressed and feeling great all day.

Since New Look Inspire relaunched as New Look Curves I have been really impressed with the number of items they offer in a size 32, which seems to often match those offered in a size 24. I hadn't yet gotten around to ordering anything from them until I saw these skater dresses.

I bought 5 of them in total, for £45 delivered. The ones pictured and two black ones. They all fit the same and feel great. I like the fact that they are plain but the different necklines give them a different look for each one.

I've worn each of these a couple of times now and I would really recommend them. They're slightly elasticated under the bust which gives a shape I really enjoy wearing and they're a generous size, with stretchy material - what more could you want?

Debz x

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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Online Dating: Hints and Tips

I have been using online dating for a number of years, so while I don't pretend that it makes me an expert - you could say I am very experienced. These days, I am quite fussy when it comes to meeting people these days and don't meet anyone that I don't feel I am going to click with. In my younger days I would have been more keen to get out there and have a drink with lots of people but now a days my time is much more valuable.

Find the Right Dating Website For You

There are hundreds of different dating websites out there, so whether you're looking for Gwent dating, Grampian dating or dating someone with the same religious beliefs you'll be able to find an online platform that suits. In fact, if you want something a little more open minded there will be adult dating websites to suit you also.

Setting Up Your Profile

As a plus size woman, I am always really conscious of uploading the right type of photo. I know looks shouldn't matter and that it is about connection, but I always make sure I upload at least one full length photo. Even if you're using something such as an over 50s dating website (I'm not quite there yet don't worry) you want to make sure that someone finds you and your body attractive. We can pretend that attraction doesn't matter, but it does. I always mention being plus size on my profile and how happy I am with this, so people know where they stand when they message me.

Messaging People

As a female, I often rely on someone to message me first. However it is important to remember that if you're using something like a Gwynedd dating platform, everyone on there is looking to meet new people - don't be afraid to message! Lots of websites such as this West Midlands dating website even give you the option to send ice-breakers or express an interest in someone without actually having to send them a message.

The most important thing is make sure that you are safe when you message people and especially when you meet them. Meet in a public place and don't give out contact details until you feel ready!

Good luck and have fun!

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Thursday, 10 August 2017

The Laughable Side of Online Dating

The other day I wrote about online dating and how I have used different sites to find new people to talk to. I have to be honest and say that although I am single (woe is me) I do have some really nice, successful online dating stories, so it isn't all bad!

That said, I have had some amusing stories and so I thought I would share some of those now! You have to take the good with the bad when it comes to online dating, and these are definitley not some of the highlights!

At the moment I use mostly generic dating websites, so I havent't really thought of using something like a Berkshire dating site, but I can see how it would be handy. 

Of course, whether you're using a Wiltshire dating site or a more traditional one like Plenty of Fish, there is nothing wrong with you having a little fun of your own when replying to any sassy messages that you get - it certainly keeps me entertained! 

Image may contain: 2 people, text

Image may contain: text

One thing I would say about using any type of dating website is that you need to be open minded and thick skinned. Even if you use a tailor made website such as a Buckingham dating site, you will get a variety of messages. Don't forget that you are under no obligation to reply to anyone that is rude and most websites like this Cheshire dating site give you the option to block users. 

If you are interested in meeting new people then get online and look for something such as County Down dating, because you never know who you might meet

Be safe, have fun!

Debz xx

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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Big Bad World of Online Dating

Good afternoon.

My name is Debz and I am an online dater. It sometimes sounds like a bit of a confession when you admit that doesn't it - but actually more people than ever are using dating websites, so why would be be ashamed?

One of the best things about online dating these days is that there are dating websites tailored towards your exact needs. For example if you want over 50s dating Nottingham or over 50s dating Jersey, there are websites out there that match your exact needs. 

This is great because online dating can mean that you are able to be messaged by so many people - which is great but do you really want to be messaged by someone that lives 500 miles away? By using a website such as a Merseyside Dating site.

I have used generic dating websites before, but it can be frustrating when you start to talk to someone, only to realise that realistically distance is going to be an issue. I know that nothing worth having comes easy, but still - I do need a partner that I will at least be able to see every now and then.

I feel that by using something exact like over 50s dating Cumbria means that you know what you are getting and that anyone you strike up conversation with is going to be someone worth talking to in sense of age and location. 

Have you used anything like over 50s dating Hampshire type websites? 

Tell me your online dating experiences!

Debz x

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Monday, 7 August 2017


You may have seen this morning that I had a little rant at Boohoo and their newest campaign #AllGirls - which as it stops as a size 16/18, is actually not for all girls at all! You can read that rant here.

I wanted to use #WeAreAllGirls to show Boohoo just who they are excluding - here are some fabulous people who let me use their photos! Don't forget to get on social media, especially Twitter and post your own photo tonight too! #WeAreAllGirls

Kirsty Leanne // Vicky // Emma Jayne

Laura // Vicky G // Grace Francesca

Leigh Wharton / Becky Louise / Kelly Fletcher

Emma // Mookie // Jo

Kellie // Shannon // Lisa 

Lolly // Joanne // Michelle

Hardeep // Claire // Sophie 

Sam // Nikki // Kitty

Tamara // Danielle //  Emma

Courtney // Jane // Katt

Curvy Girl Thin //  Curvy Wordy // Jeannette

Image may contain: 9 people, people smiling, people on stage, people standing and indoor
Katherine Henry // Emma King //  Emily Blake //  Kimberly Holke // Lady Mya Amarise

Gioia // Ly // Jo // Linzi

Thank you to everyone that has submitted photos! Missed out? Use the #WeAreAllGirls tag on Twitter and post your own photos!

* The hashtag isn't the most ideal and I realise could be more inclusive, however it was chosen to be an exact reply to Boohoo and their campaign! Please continue to use #WeAreTheThey which is for everyone!

Debz xx

Dear Boohoo

Dear Boohoo

Imagine my excitement this morning, when I saw on Twitter that a major brand had launched a range for "All Girls". With hashtags such as #inclusivity and #allgirls I was really pleased that an international brand had seemingly taken charge and launched something that EVERYONE could be excited about - after all, you wouldn't launch such a campaign based about including everyone and then exclude people... would you?

Straight from the horses mouth - "boohoo is for all girls"

I excitedly went onto the Boohoo website to see what I would be able to spend my hard-earned money on. After all, I'm a girl so you're going to want my dollar when it comes to an All Girls campaign - right?

I have never been so angry to be wrong. I actually can't believe you have the audacity to use the words "boohoo is for all girls" for a range that excludes anyone that is above average size. Your range effectively stops at a size 16/8 - so when you say it is for All Girls. You're actually lying aren't you?

I wonder if it can be a trades description offence? You're advertising something supposedly for everyone, yet you're not actually providing the clothing you promise.

It's almost like you wanted to CREATE CLICK BAIT! You create a hard hitting headline, designed to get people to click and then the actual content doesn't actually live up to what is promised.

I genuinely don't know how you can sleep at night when a campaign about being inclusive, excludes so many people

Do Better.


Look at this #WeAreAllGirls campaign - a kick back to this #AllGirls attempt by Boohoo

The Curve Fashion Festival

Can you believe it's that time of year again? The annual Curve Fashion Festival happens again next month and I'm a bit excited!


I still remember attending the first event in Manchester 3 years ago - I feel a little bit proud of it when I realise how much it has grown and expanded over the years. One of the nicest things about the event is how much organiser Zoe actually listens to the people who attend and takes on their feedback. For example last year, it was in a much bigger venue with a more varied models, after feedback from the first event made her realise that this is what people wanted.

This year they have recently announced that the event is working with Debehams to kit out a lounge area, after comfortable seating was flagged up as being a little lacking during the 2016 event. They also have some mens ranges showing at the event for first time, including the Debenhams male Big and Tall range making an appearance.

The event really is one of the first of its kind, and seeing it go on a learning curve is fantastic and I am really pleased to be attending again! I know lots of brands have some exciting stuff up their sleeve for the event. 

My trains booked, hotels sorted - all I need to do now is decide what to wear!

Are you attending? Make sure you say hi if you see me!

Debz xx

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Sitting Pretty at Work

As someone who works in an office with a reasonably relaxed dress code I am lucky that I get to wear some of my favourite dresses to work, throw on a pair of leggings and smart shoes and I am good to go. In fact, all I have to worry about when it comes to work is what to wear and getting there on time.

Image may contain: 4 people, phone, selfie and indoor

However this week I was sent a link to this infographic about office safety and I realised that actually the work place is pretty dangerous, if you're not careful. 

I guess different work places are going to come with their own worries and safety advice that they should follow, so it is worth looking up what is needed to ensure you keep safe and sound at work. I am pretty sure working on a building site is very different to working in a library, although no doubt they come with their own hazards and dangers.

I work in an office so the infographic highlighted different hazards - reaching up high for stuff is something I have to do all the time - the perils of being just 5'2! 

I know I'll be more aware of wires and keeping things in their rightly place from now on

What do you do to keep safe at work?

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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Lady Voluptuous Dresses Can Now Be Yours

I won't talk again about how much I love Lady Voluptuous dresses, we all know I'm a massive fan of the range designed by Georgina of Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust and that is not likely to change any time soon. I wouldn't even like to guess how many dresses I have from their range, but it's a good few!

When I was browsing Yours Clothing the other day, I was reminded that they now stock a range of Lady Voluptuous dresses including this beautiful Lyra. What I love about this is that I can shop for all manner of items and they come in one package rather than having to wait in for deliveries from other places.

I really like the Lyra dresses because they are so easy to wear. They're a soft,comfortable material and the cut makes it nice and easy to dress up or dress down. 

I wore this to an afternoon in the pub and it felt nice and comfortable to wear all day, without any effort at all. The colours of this is what drew my eye to it - I really love the pretty floral pattern.

What is your favourite Lady V dress?

Debz xx

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Monday, 24 July 2017

Heavenly Dresses From Hell Bunny

Hell Bunny are one of those brands that I have always lusted over, but also known they are not for me. Their brand previously went to around a size 24, but I always heard horror stories about how they came up quite small, and therefore were not a brand that would ever work for me.

Then a couple of weeks ago I was browsing Yours Clothing and came across a selection of Hell Bunny dresses UP TO A SIZE 32! I immediately ordered one of next day delivery and tweeted my excitement. At the time a few people tweeted to say that previously the brand had come up small and they had struggled even when sizing up - so when I looked and saw the dress I had chosen had no stretch I was a bit disappointed.

And then the next day - THIS ARRIVED!

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this dress. The pockets, the bows, the sleeves, the detail - it's like nothing  have seen in a size 32 before and I was over the moon. The straps were a little bit long and I had to pin them, but apart from that I love it.

I love how much material the skirt has for that proper fluffy affect that these dresses deserve. Hell Bunny are by no means the cheapest brand you'll come across but I'll definitely be treating myself to more of their dresses.

...And when they look this good - it's easy to see why!

Debz xx

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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Broadband and Me: How It changed My Life

I think I was around 13 when we first got the internet in my house – which might seem like such an old age, but we were one of the first to get it. We had dial up and could only access at certain times of the day – and no one could call the house phone while we were online, how different things are now!

I have always loved the internet and it’s a love affair that has never died. I love what the online world can do and what it has bought me. I have friends I met online who I know will be lifelong 
friends, which is one of the many perks the internet has bought me.

Now a days I can use it to shop online, try new foods, learn new skills and so much more - it’s something that I wouldn’t want to be without. I realise that in many ways internet access is a luxury but it is one I would definitely want to keep above many others.

One of the many ways the internet benefits me is the world of blogging. Not only do I love being a blogger but it has opened up a whole new world for me. Main stream media isn’t forthcoming when it comes to the visibility of bodies like mine so having access to these thanks to the world of social media is live changing, in a way I never realised!

I love being able to browse Instagram and see fat bodies in clothing that I want (and can!) wear. 

I adore chats on twitter about plus size issues and interacting with brands. Being able to see people on Facebook with bodes like mind is fantastic and a luxury I would not want to change.

If you struggle with body imagine in anyway, I would recommend creating a social media world that suits you. Get a decent internet connection (more info here) and follow people who have a body like yours. You’ll see them achieving so much greatness, which is often the boost you need to realise that can be you too!

That’s my #BroadbandAndMe story – what’s yours?

Debz x

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