Monday, 30 January 2017

Living Off The Grid: I Would Miss

I have to admit, I am a bit of a social media addict! Well, when I say a bit I mean a lot! I can function without it in a sense - say for example when I am out for dinner or having drinks with friends, but I do generally check my phone all of the the time. So I guess my first thought when it comes to what I would miss if I lived remotely for a while would be social media.

That said, I am currently sat in bed, under a duvet because our boiler is being fixed and we don't have any heating at the moment - It's only today but I can't help but think that a couple of Flogas gas bottles might come in handy - after all, they're perfect for heating caravans so maybe they'd work for my house too?

Then I realise that I am sat watching Hollyoaks as I write this, so maybe it's actually TV I would actually miss. After a long day at work I like nothing more than watching a few soaps while I unwind for the evening, would I really want to be without those?

Actually when it comes to living away from home comforts it's really, really difficult to decide what i would miss the most. I love the convenience of clothes shopping online, chatting to my family on my mobile and watching TV as and when I want. Of course, in the real world I could survive without those things - plenty of people do - what the big question is, would I want to?

My Top 5 Things I Would Miss

 - Mobile Phone
 - Social Media
 - TV
 - Central Heating
 - Snap Chat Filters ;)

Also - I refrain the right change my mind on this list, at any given stage! 

What would you miss if you were to live without your home comforts for a while?


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