Friday, 17 February 2017

The Rise of the Cute Handbag Dog

 If you go to most major cities, you will see sweet miniature dogs popping over the tops of shoulder bags and hand bags, smiling at the from in their comfort pouches, beautifully groomed and usually sporting a glitzy collar. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are famous for their handbag dogs. Perfect little Chihuahuas, Pomeranians and teacup Yorkshire Terriers are the best breed to accompany us anywhere. There’s absolutely no doubt – they are super cute and we all want one!
So, how much does it cost to invest in one of these little furry friends? Recently, voucher provider Voucherbox looked into the cost of owning a pet and reported back that the typical amount we can expect to spend on the lifetime of our canine furry friends is £15, 382! While this figure does include vets, kennels, toys and treats, it is of course an average and does not account for the cost of a decent groomer, suitable handbags, doggie accessories and bling collars.
Being pampered is a necessity for most dogs, especially small toy dogs and a session can range anywhere from £25 upwards. Groomers are now offering all sorts of luxury treatments at doggie spas to give your furry friend the very best experience at the parlour. From aromatherapy baths to pooch makeovers and de-tangling treatments, dogs really can have the pure luxury they deserve.
From jewel-encrusted sparkly collars to cute little coats, dogs really can have the complete charming wardrobe to their owner’s heart’s desire! Tweed bolster dog beds (that look like a mini sofa!), luxury faux fur beanbags and chic wooden hand-carved beds are all the rage, ensuring anyone who comes to your home knows that your dog has the number one treatment. Not only can our little toy dogs have the luxury of a Barbour-style waterproof wax jacket, but they can also have a cashmere wool jumper underneath to keep them extra warm…
Handbags Galore!
Why have a cute little toy dog, if we can’t carry them in our handbag? Dog carriers are all the rage, from posh couture to designer Burberry and faux fur slings. Wooflink and Louisdog seem to be some of the most popular with their sleek but smart designs and PetLondon have a wide range of cute different styles to suit you and your pooch. Prices seem to start from £20 upwards but most of the funkier designer handbags are in excess of £120. Our little dogs are the perfect size to go anywhere with us, and their small legs should not be expected to walk far, so a handbag is an ideal solution. From graceful rucksacks, slings and backpacks to elegant travel bags and sturdy sports bags, or ditzy printed shoulder bags and leather handbags, there really is no excuse to go anywhere alone ever again! Always make sure you carry a warm blanket, so that your handbag friend doesn’t get cold in the winter months too.

Handbag dogs have become one of the ultimate accessories for all of us who love our sweet pet pooch and because they are so perfectly sized for the job, they are becoming more and more popular in fashion. Our toy dogs are easy to look after, conveniently small to come with us everywhere and above all, pure eye candy for fashion types. Dog handbags give us the best excuse to show off our ball of fluff, escorting us wherever we go and putting a smile on many faces who see them! 

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