Friday, 31 March 2017

Look What's Cool : Gift Guide

As a busy woman, I'm always off my feet and rarely have the time to think about what to get for the men in my life for their birthdays etc.

Luckily for me though I have found this fantastic guide from look what's cool to help me work out what to get them, I know this is just a little thing but I hope that this helps you all

Cool Things For Men

Another cool, out of the box idea, is the gift of personal branding. People often think of logos as corporate, but with programs like Logojoy, anyone can brand themselves with a personalized logo design. It's super affordable (as little as $20USD), looks great, and perfectly pairs with a resume, social profile, or in an email signature. Just a thought!

Monday, 27 March 2017

Hair Transplants, Are They For You?

I have spoken before about the fringe/hair piece that I use to wear - I haven't since I dyed my hair red, but I used to love wearing it when I did. The thing for me is that, my fringe has never been as full as I would like - I have tried to brush it forward, cut it often, never cut it etc and it never as naturally full as I would like.

I've always liked having a fringe, when I was given the chance to try a hair piece from Campbell Wigs a few years ago, I jumped at the chance. I'd never been had anything like that, not even hair extensions so it was an interesting journey, but one that I really enjoyed!

Before I had the hair piece fitted, I never really how my thin fringe affected me - I always cope(d) with thin hair but the hair piece made such a difference. Before this happened I would have scrolled past adverts for hair transplants, without giving them a second thought.

Obviously any procedure like this is a serious one and it should be investigated fully, but I am definitely more open to the idea than I once was! Of course, I'd have to take into consideration the FUE hair transplat cost, but even so - it could be something that I would give some thought to in the future.

How do you feel when it comes to cosmetic procedures? Are they something that you would consider?

Debz x

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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Plus Size Issues: Easy Access Baths

It's all well and good talking about pretty dresses and where to buy wide fit shoes, but sometimes there are other issues that are involved in living life plus size. I know that if you're smaller than me these issues might not affect you, in fact I am at a size where many of them don't affect me but it is important to recognise that they are issues for people and that sometimes we need to look for solutions.

For example, I wouldn't sit in a booth at a restaurant because I know I would be too squashed and I wouldn't be comfortable and today I argued with a man on the train because he couldn't walk passed me in the aisle - why he couldn't wait until everyone was sat down before he got up I really don't know, but that's another story!

One thing I know many people with plus size bodies struggle with is baths - For example, I wouldn't be comfortable in a normal size bath - I'd be squished in about an inch of water and ain't nobody got time for that.

Without a doubt, if I ever win the lottery I'm going to build a fat friendly bathroom that is the stuff dreams are made of. I know for certain that a massive bath will feature heavily in this - maybe a big circle one! I've looked into easy access baths before and actually in the grand scheme of things they're quite affordable. 

I realise that these baths are designed for the disabled and people with mobility problems, but I would definitely consider one if it was large enough for me to bathe comfortably - goodness how much I would spend in Lush if this was ever the case! 

What practical thing do you have on your wishlist should you ever win the lottery?

Debz xx

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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Dear Simply Be...

Dear Simply Be...

I know as a brand you have done some really good things  - for starters even offering clothes up a size 32 puts you ahead of others! You've worked with bloggers on some fantastic campaigns incuding national TV advertising campaigns that even my thin friends have commented on.

That is why, your latest campaign really got me thinking....

You tweeted this today with the wording "We demand style & fit. No compromises." and you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! I am so glad that you're finally on the same page as your shoppers.

So... I assume that you're going to be doing something about this sizing situation and ensure that those over a size 26 don't have to compromise when it comes to clothing any longer.

As you can see - when you're a size 26 you have nearly 500 dresses to choose from, as a size 32 you have no where near 250 dresses that you can select. I am sure you will agree that a larger size having less than 50% of the choices of someone smaller is a compromise that none of us should have to make - after all, your latest campaign DEMANDS that we don't put up with this any longer - and you're right!

So... Simply Be - We demand that you stop making larger (and smaller) bodies compromise. 



Debz x

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Monday, 13 March 2017

Moving On, and Moving In.

Back in September I made the decision to leave the north once again and head down south - well to The Midlands at least. I've lived here ever since and I have to say I love it. Over recent months I have had a couple of where I have had to travel home for less than happy reasons, but even when I am far away from my family - I can't regret moving here.

One the things that have made moving easier is that my family are really good at using social media and Whatsapp. I speak to them most days on Whatsapp, so they never feel far away at all! In the next few months I'll move again - but staying in Birmingham!

When I moved in October, I moved into a house share - which made life much easier. Moving into a place where a landlord has to take care of everything certainly helps. I didn't have to worry about finding conveyancing solicitors or anything like that, which made the move a complete doddle! When I moved I wouldn't have known anything about any of this, so it's a good I didn't need them really!

Since moving I actually now work for an estate agents, so I have learned more about this side of things that I ever knew before - so when I do start to think about moving out of my houseshare I'm in a much better position than before. I'll feel like I actually know what I am doing when the time comes. I now know that they help with the contracts and exchanges of houses and that actually their job is a pretty important one!

Now the weather is starting to FINALLY get better I'm looking forward to getting out and about exploring Birmingham some more and perhaps deciding which area of this fantastic city I want to live in!

Where is your favourite part in the UK?

Debz xx

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Shoes: What I'm Feeling This Month

Last month I bought yet another pair of boring work shoes and I wondered to myself why I hadn't mentioned them on my blog before. 

I have to wear smart shoes to work but as I have a short walk to the office it's also really important to me that they're comfortable. These shoes from George at Asda have been a life saver. They're only £6 a pair, so they don't last the longest time ever but for £6 I don't really care.

What I love about these is that they come in half sizes, so even though they're not technically wide fit, I can size up to 6.5 and they fit perfectly - they're also cushioned, so they're nice and comfortable. 

Shoes I'm Lusting Over

These women's shoes from Brantano are really nice -  I like the fact that they come in wide fit and they're nice and colourful. If I am wearing a plain coloured dress then sometimes I want to wear a pair of bright shoes with it and these wide fit flamenco shoes fit the bill perfectly.

New Look always do really good wide fit shoes. As I always wear flats I know that often retailers stick to plain and boring styles for these, which isn't always what you want. I really like these wide fit navy gingham flat shoes from New Look.

Lastly I am in love with these seahorse shoes from ASOS - not only are they a really unique design but they're in wide fit, which is always a winner!

What shoes are on your lustlist at the moment?

Debz xx

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Thursday, 2 March 2017

New Plus Size Clothing Range: Quiz Clothing

Over the past couple of weeks there have been some whispering 's of a new plus size clothing range by clothing brand Quiz Clothing, and it finally launched yesterday. It's been put together by the very talented Felicity Hayward, who I know is very keen to make clothing inclusive for everyone.

When I first saw the Quiz Curve range was going to be launched I was both happy and disappointed that their range goes up to a size 28. For me, a size 28 just doesn't cut it when it comes to a full plus size range, but then it is better than the up to size 24 offerings we're so often given. I have to remind myself that fat fashion is improving and it is small steps that we're having to undertake. A range up to a size 28 means that it is inclusive of so many more people, and that has to be a positive thing!

Perhaps more importantly, the actual clothing range itself is really lovely. At some point I may get a couple of pieces myself and see if I can make them work on my body - after all, we all know the importance of ignoring clothes sizes and just trying them on!

That said, if you're below a size 28 then you should definitely give them a try - the range itself has some proper lovely pieces. What I love is that they have the same pattern across a number of items, which means that there should be something for most people.

I can't wait for people to start buying from the range, so I can read some reviews and see how they all fit different bodies.  Personally I'll be trying one or two of their going-out dresses, even if I have to team them up with leggings due to the length being short. And then, we can all keep our fingers crossed for a slightly larger range of sizes with the next seasons range?

What are your favourite pieces from the collection?

Debz xx

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Play to Win Bingo Bonuses Online

A gambling club can win you either a first store reward, bingo room or play cash. The underlying store, as the name suggests, is favourable position that you get when you enrol a record with an online gambling website and make your first store of cash. This may appear to be exhausting, however there are gambling clubs that offer a mind boggling 200% reward on first time sign up. Obviously, I don't feel that is the only sum you can get, so you can make one million and get two more in a moment, without doing anything for it.

An online bingo site is basically free cash for you. It might appear to be amazing, and it is normal to love free cash. Free online bingo games is unquestionably something that all online gamblers cherish, however as an accomplished bingo player, you ought to take in more about it, and somebody simply beginning to take in about what an online clubhouse is and how to get your hands on, one can surely turn into an awesome favourable position for you.

A few bingo websites give you a 200% to £300 Casino or 200% up to £250 that look truly stunning. In any case, you ought to realise that it's far better on the off chance that you pick huge stores. Different bingo sites even offer a 100% up to £1000 which implies fair chances of bonuses online!

So, the bonuses that you crave for, the prizes which you wait for, and the jackpots that you bait for are made accessible from your smart devices today. One can simply gamble online and win lots of cash on any bingo locale. The sign up bonuses site must be sought first and then the other offers must follow with the same site.

Make sure you do your homework and look into what Bingo websites are around, there's plenty of them and it can be a really fun way to spend sometime online. It's amazing what you can do online isn't it? I know I wouldn't want to be without the internet, that's for sure!

If you decide to have a look at some Bingo websites, don't forget to let me know how you get on!


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