Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Midweek Entertainment with Boomtown Bingo

With the job I do, I am really lucky with my hours. I currently work a 4 day in, 4 day off rota; which means lots time off to myself. These days off are great because they mean I can travel home or to see friends without having to take annual leave, which is always a plus point!

However, it means lots of week days off - where lots of my friends are at work and I am left to entertain myself. There's only so much Instagram stalking, online window shopping and Twitter ranting that a girl can do, so sometimes I play online games.

I do the rounds of different ones, playing different games; because I like to mix things up. There are lots of different options out there however one of my guilty pleasures is a bit of online bingo. The good thing about this is that there are lots of new bingo websites to chose from, so there's always something fun to do!

I really like Boomtown Bingo the website makes it easy for me to find new bingo websites to play on. These often offer a cheeky sign up bonus so it's fun to switch it up and try a new one every now and then Boomtown Bingo has easy to click links and reviews to read which means like as easy as possible - and we all know I enjoy an easy life!

I found the whole sign up process easy too, which is always a bonus!

What online games do you enjoy playing?

Debz x

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