Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Vaping: Is It More Than A Trend?

When it comes to trends, many of us are used to them coming and go; especially as fashion lovers! For example we've seen everyone wanting to wear converse trainers with oversize baggy jeans or shell suits day in, day out. They are trends we wouldn't look twice at now a days, but in the past they were band on trend and everyone wanted to wear them.

Over recently months we have seen vaping become more popular and it is easy to assume that it could just be another passing trend, but it really doesn't seem to be! Unlike fast fashion where trends do come and go, vaping is something practical which means it has real staying power.

We're a nation of people who are well aware that smoking is not one of the best habits we can have; and while I'm for everyone making their own health choices it's good to know there are options to help people give up, should they need/want to! 

The good think about vaping is that websites such as allow people to pick from a various flavours and styles, which means that there is something for everyone. This will also allow the trend to stay around, as people mix it up and experiment with different things!

Have you tried vaping?

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