Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Essential Grooming Products For Surviving Summer

There’s nothing quite like waking up on a summer morning to glorious sunshine and the promise of a spectacular day. 

Maybe it’s the sudden burst of Vitamin D, but everyone just seems to be in a better mood. 
Al fresco BBQs, strolls around the park and maybe a cheeky wee pitstop at a beer garden – there’s definitely lots to keep everyone smiling. 
But the downside of the sweltering heat and outdoor festivities – clammy skin, sunburn, frizzy locks – isn’t quite so much fun. 

With that in mind, here are a few essential grooming products that’ll see you stylishly and comfortably through even the hottest days this summer. Check them out. 

#1: a protective moisturiser 

Whilst you should hopefully be well versed in regularly slathering your shoulders, arms and other exposed body parts with sun cream, remembering to do the same with your face (especially if you wear makeup) isn’t always so easy. 

Before you leave the house and before you start applying any foundation, slap on a healthy layer of a facial moisturiser containing SPF (Dream Screen from Benefit offers factor 45 protection and won’t leave your skin feeling greasy). 

#2: salon professional styling tools 
Want picture-perfect beachy waves capable of surviving an afternoon in the blazing heat without going flat and limp? Stars like Blake Lively may make it look totally natural, but it’s a hairdo that requires some serious styling tools and plenty of patience to achieve. 

Shop the Mark Hill range to nab yourself a salon professional hair wand at a budget-friendly price – it’ll create curls and ringlets with the staying power to last all day. 

#3: waterproof mascara 

All it takes is one cramped, hectic bus journey on a hot morning to have all the makeup that you spent so long carefully applying running down your face. 

That’s why, if you make only one beauty product substitution this summer, it should definitely be swapping to waterproof mascara. Whether you’re heading to the office for work or enjoying a day of sunbathing, it’ll stay perfectly in place throughout. 

#4: a hydrating face mask 

hydrating face mask is the perfect way to get your skin feeling soft and pain-free after overdoing it in the sun. 

You can make your own at home but, if that’s too much hassle for you, you won’t beat Garnier’s Moisture Bomb tissue mask. At only a couple of pounds from Feel Unique, it won’t break the bank either. 

#5: a mattifying face powder 

Keep that shine at bay by carrying a mattifying face powder in your bag throughout summer. It takes barely a minute to pat some on, but it’ll totally transform your makeup from tired and sweaty to fresh and flawless. 
Matte Maker Powder from Maybelline is one of the cheapest available, plus it also gives a good amount of coverage. 

What are your summer grooming essentials? 

Debz xx

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