Monday, 7 August 2017

Dear Boohoo

Dear Boohoo

Imagine my excitement this morning, when I saw on Twitter that a major brand had launched a range for "All Girls". With hashtags such as #inclusivity and #allgirls I was really pleased that an international brand had seemingly taken charge and launched something that EVERYONE could be excited about - after all, you wouldn't launch such a campaign based about including everyone and then exclude people... would you?

Straight from the horses mouth - "boohoo is for all girls"

I excitedly went onto the Boohoo website to see what I would be able to spend my hard-earned money on. After all, I'm a girl so you're going to want my dollar when it comes to an All Girls campaign - right?

I have never been so angry to be wrong. I actually can't believe you have the audacity to use the words "boohoo is for all girls" for a range that excludes anyone that is above average size. Your range effectively stops at a size 16/8 - so when you say it is for All Girls. You're actually lying aren't you?

I wonder if it can be a trades description offence? You're advertising something supposedly for everyone, yet you're not actually providing the clothing you promise.

It's almost like you wanted to CREATE CLICK BAIT! You create a hard hitting headline, designed to get people to click and then the actual content doesn't actually live up to what is promised.

I genuinely don't know how you can sleep at night when a campaign about being inclusive, excludes so many people

Do Better.


Look at this #WeAreAllGirls campaign - a kick back to this #AllGirls attempt by Boohoo

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