Saturday, 5 August 2017

Sitting Pretty at Work

As someone who works in an office with a reasonably relaxed dress code I am lucky that I get to wear some of my favourite dresses to work, throw on a pair of leggings and smart shoes and I am good to go. In fact, all I have to worry about when it comes to work is what to wear and getting there on time.

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However this week I was sent a link to this infographic about office safety and I realised that actually the work place is pretty dangerous, if you're not careful. 

I guess different work places are going to come with their own worries and safety advice that they should follow, so it is worth looking up what is needed to ensure you keep safe and sound at work. I am pretty sure working on a building site is very different to working in a library, although no doubt they come with their own hazards and dangers.

I work in an office so the infographic highlighted different hazards - reaching up high for stuff is something I have to do all the time - the perils of being just 5'2! 

I know I'll be more aware of wires and keeping things in their rightly place from now on

What do you do to keep safe at work?

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