Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Big Bad World of Online Dating

Good afternoon.

My name is Debz and I am an online dater. It sometimes sounds like a bit of a confession when you admit that doesn't it - but actually more people than ever are using dating websites, so why would be be ashamed?

One of the best things about online dating these days is that there are dating websites tailored towards your exact needs. For example if you want over 50s dating Nottingham or over 50s dating Jersey, there are websites out there that match your exact needs. 

This is great because online dating can mean that you are able to be messaged by so many people - which is great but do you really want to be messaged by someone that lives 500 miles away? By using a website such as a Merseyside Dating site.

I have used generic dating websites before, but it can be frustrating when you start to talk to someone, only to realise that realistically distance is going to be an issue. I know that nothing worth having comes easy, but still - I do need a partner that I will at least be able to see every now and then.

I feel that by using something exact like over 50s dating Cumbria means that you know what you are getting and that anyone you strike up conversation with is going to be someone worth talking to in sense of age and location. 

Have you used anything like over 50s dating Hampshire type websites? 

Tell me your online dating experiences!

Debz x

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