Monday, 30 January 2017

Living Off The Grid: I Would Miss

I have to admit, I am a bit of a social media addict! Well, when I say a bit I mean a lot! I can function without it in a sense - say for example when I am out for dinner or having drinks with friends, but I do generally check my phone all of the the time. So I guess my first thought when it comes to what I would miss if I lived remotely for a while would be social media.

That said, I am currently sat in bed, under a duvet because our boiler is being fixed and we don't have any heating at the moment - It's only today but I can't help but think that a couple of Flogas gas bottles might come in handy - after all, they're perfect for heating caravans so maybe they'd work for my house too?

Then I realise that I am sat watching Hollyoaks as I write this, so maybe it's actually TV I would actually miss. After a long day at work I like nothing more than watching a few soaps while I unwind for the evening, would I really want to be without those?

Actually when it comes to living away from home comforts it's really, really difficult to decide what i would miss the most. I love the convenience of clothes shopping online, chatting to my family on my mobile and watching TV as and when I want. Of course, in the real world I could survive without those things - plenty of people do - what the big question is, would I want to?

My Top 5 Things I Would Miss

 - Mobile Phone
 - Social Media
 - TV
 - Central Heating
 - Snap Chat Filters ;)

Also - I refrain the right change my mind on this list, at any given stage! 

What would you miss if you were to live without your home comforts for a while?


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5 Dreamy Shoes Perfect for Valentines Day

It’s finally payday - Didn't January seem like THE longest month ever?

And after the longest month ever, you’re once again free to spend your hard-earned cash buying the new season heroes you’ve been eyeing up over the past few weeks. 

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the timing couldn’t be better. 

Whether you’re heading on a hot date, hitting the cinema for a snuggly movie night or going for it with a Galentine’s cocktail session, you’ll need a killer outfit to see you through it. 

But instead of blowing your entire paycheck on a dress or skirtrework one of your old favourites and shake it up with a brand-new pair of on-trend shoes. 

We love the fashionable but purse-friendly footwear range from AX Paris – your bank account will enjoy a chance to recover from Christmas and you’ll still get to turn up to your date dressed stylishly chic. 

I've had a look at their website, and they have really nice shoes to go for - here's my wish list ;)

Rose gold strappy heels 
Every woman needs to own a pair of ridiculous but fabulous strappy heels that only come out to play a couple of times a year, and these rose gold cross front stilettos tick every one of those boxes. 

For a big Galentine’s night out, these are the perfect way to tap into this season’s metallic trend and make your outfit pop. 
Price: £28 

Velvet court shoes 

Court shoes are another classic wardrobe staple guaranteed to suit anything and everything you wear them with. 

These velvet beauties will add a touch of luxe to your outfit and see you happily through a romantic dinner date. For extra style points, clash textures by rocking them with a leather look skirt and chiffon shirt. 
Price: £28 

Tassel detail ankle boot 
For a slightly more casual but equally as stylish Valentine’s look, brighten up your denim jeans with these tassel detail ankle boots. 

The heel is just high enough to give your legs a flattering boost without sacrificing on comfort, whilst the decorative tie detail and the suede fabric keep them interesting. 
Price: £36 

Pom pom heels 

When it comes to fashion icons, no one is more shoe obsessed than the infamous Carrie Bradshaw.  
Her designer habit might be a bit over-budget for us mere mortals, but you can channel her fun and sexy style with these red tasselled pom pom heels – keep the rest of your outfit simple and let them do all the talking. 
Price: £34 

Side zip ankle boots 
You don’t have to go for skyscraper heels to nail a glamorous date night look. These side zip flat Chelsea boots have plenty of shine to give a casual outfit a glitzy boost. 

They’re perfectly cut to work well with tights, leggings or jeans, so you’ll have lots of freedom to play around with your current wardrobe and find a killer ensemble. 
Price: £33 

I have it on good authority that some of AX Paris shoes come up generous too, so they're worth trying even if you usually would need wide it! Maybe I'll treat myself to a pair wear with my infamous AX Paris Curve dress?

Image may contain: 1 person

What kind of shoes do you like to wear on a night out?

Debz x

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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Using The Internet To Save The Pennies

Is it just me or does this month seem like it's a super long one? I got paid early as it was Christmas last month so it's been a struggle to make the pennies stretch even further this month. Thankfully pay day is just around the corner, in fact I can practically smell it!

With the end of the month making things a bit tight, I thought I would write about my favourite topic outside of plus size dresses - saving money! You can absolutely thank my dad for the fact I am someone that enjoys to penny pinch now and then - we both love to save money!

Shopping for Deals Online

One of the best things about shopping online is that I can shop around for a bargain with minimal effort. It's not like shopping on the high street where you have to force yourself to trapse from shop to shop - instead you just open up a new tab and search again for something better.

One thing I like a lot more since I moved back to a major city is the like of websites such as Groupon and Living Social. I have always liked these websites but I when I lived up North there was far less opportunity to be able to take advantage of this - Where as last weekend I booked a 4 hour tattoo session for less than £50 on Groupon - You just can't go wrong (hopefully!)

Bargain Hunting Doesn't Mean Cheap

Just because you're on the look out for a good deal, doesn't mean you have to browse the likes of Poundland and bargain basement websites. There are plenty of ways to shop for luxury and shop online, thanks to the internet. For example I was really told about a website called Xupes which will allow you to be a second hand Rolex at the fraction of the price of a new one.

Now don't get me wrong, I know we're not all rushing out to by a new Rolex every now and then, but it's nice to know you can take advantage of deals online even if you're spending out on something high quality.

Ask Away

I don't know about you but I always feel I can be a bit cheekier online. A group of friends and 
I went out at the weekend - In advance I emailed the venue we planned to visit on the night out and told them we were coming in a big group and wanted a discount. In return we all managed to get free entry. Honestly, I probably wouldn't be brave enough to ask for something like this over the phone but a quick email takes no effort and makes it much easier to ask for something like this.

What bargains do you like to blag while you're shopping online?

Debz x

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Window Shopping with Boohoo

One of my favourite January hobbies is window shopping online. After December you would think that I would be all shopped out, but I have to say that the January sales get me a bit excited. I am a proper bargain hunter (I blame my dad!) and love it when I can save some money – so when sales are coming at me left, right and centre I have to take advantage.
The other day I was browsing the Boohoo Plus Size range and I have to say I was a little surprised, but very happy to see that they have extended their sizing. A couple of years ago when Boohoo Plus launched they went up to a size 24 – the brand were lovely enough to send me a few items that I managed to work in order to fit me. However as I am sure anyone who wears clothes they ‘force’ to fit, they often don’t feel as comfortable to wear as they would if you were wearing your actual size.

When I saw that Boohoo had a handful of items it a size 26 and a size 28 I was really happy. Even if those sizes still don’t technically cover what I need, it’s really nice to see a brand that actually listen to feedback. I understand that launching a plus size range isn’t always easy so you have to dip your toe in the water a little in order to understand what your customer base wants and what they’ll buy. I can only hope that Boohoo see their larger sizes start to sell and extend in further. Of course, it could also mean that other brands pay attention to this extension in sizes and start to follow suit – 2017 is off to a good start already!

Being by money-saving self, I am always on the lookout for voucher codes and ways to save money. I have to say as clothing brands good Boohoo are really good eggs with this, because they often have different ones to choose from. One of my favourite websites at the moment is My Favourite Voucher Codes as they seem to have loads to choose from. What I like about the site is that different brands have different pages, so finding the exact voucher code you want is easy – just like on this tailor made page for Boohoo here -

One of the things I like about Boohoo is that they have loads of different styles outside of what normal plus size brands. We all know that brands offer lots of skater dresses, cold shoulder tops and vintage skirts. These are all lovely and some of my favourite items – however I also appreciate the need for alternative looks so that there are styles for everyone. I love that brands like Boohoo offer yet another choice for everyone.

Have you browsed Boohoo lately? What are your favourite items?

Debz x

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