Friday, 10 April 2020

The Latest (Yours) Fashion

Last weekend I spent a few days in Manchester and Blackpool - and it was wonderful! A messy weekend with friends is just what I needed, and of course these plans meant I HAD to get a few new dresses.

This time, I actually promised myself that I wouldn't buy anything new - until 2 days before I was due to leave and suddenly wanted all of the new things! So, I placed a Next Day Delivery Yours Clothing order - 3 dresses and they were all great, that never happens!

I'm very much for the comfortable vibe at the moment, so I wanted something that looked good but was also comfortable. Blackpool weekends usually result in lots of walking, dancing and generally being an idiot and so I knew that wearing a dress that was tight and comfortable wouldn't be ideal, which is why I choose these.

Each of the dresses were less than £20 each, which really means that it would be rude not to buy them! So cheap you can't afford to turn them down! The purple dress I got in my usual 30/32 and the others are a 26/28, as I wanted them a bit more fitted. Yours Clothing have loads of these t shirt dresses and I have a few that I wear to work, they're a really nice fit and material; I would recommend getting a couple if you're looking for something easy to wear!

Have you bought anything from Yours Clothing lately?

Debz x

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