Monday, 14 May 2018

5 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

A wedding photographer is one of the most important wedding services to commission. You’ll also notice a vast difference in quality the more you are prepared to pay for these services. Many people mistakenly lend the job to someone who hasn’t a track record of covering these kind of events. It might be that your cousin or nephew has covered a few nightclub events and knows his way around a lense, but should you really trust the biggest day of your life to someone inexperienced? After all, wedding photos will be referred to for years after the event, maybe even handed down the family.

Another mistake people make is neglecting to ask the wedding photographer a set of important questions. We’d recommend the following if you hope to be on great terms with them from the start:

How Long Can You Work?

It’s important to ask how long a photographer can work from the get go. This is because often people expect photographers to stick around for the whole event whereas they might have only paid them enough for a couple of hours in the reception. If you ask them how long they can work, they can either let you know the best hours for you to plan around, or will list you an extended price for coverage of the whole day. It’s best to completely agree on how long they will be there, so both of your schedules are respected.

How Many Cameras?

The photographer might use one camera. Some will bring a friend to cover other aspects of the event while they take control of the priority moments. Some will bring two cameras, one of the tripod and one around their neck. Knowing this will help you understand how many angles of your wedding you can expect to be covered.

Can I Access The Digital Photographs Afterwards?

Almost all competent wedding photographers will hand you the printed goods, and also a digital collection. If they do not provide this, ask them why, and if the reason doesn’t seem fair, find someone who can.

How Long For Editing?

Remember, wedding photographers are artists. They spend time carefully editing their products. They know best here. Respect and give them time to edit their photographs. They might give you an estimate of two to three weeks or even shorter/longer. Be sure to respect this timeframe.

Any Accommodations We Can Make?

Too often the photographer is ignored and neglected until it comes time to say ‘cheese!’ While they are at work and not a member of your invitee list, sometimes it can simply be respectful to accommodate them, and ask for anything you can help with within reason. Sometimes a simple drink and a bite to eat can work wonders!

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