Monday, 14 May 2018

I'm Not Ready To Say Goodbye to Floral

My name is Debz and I love a good floral pattern! I don't know what it is about a pretty floral dress, but I absolutely love them! I have lost count of the number of floral dresses I own, I'm a massive fan - pun intended!

I know that there is a definite need for a variety of fashion to be offered, especially in plus size options. It really baffles me when ONLY floral is available, as I know plenty of plus size women who aren't fans of floral and would like something a bit different. In fact, some of my favourite dresses are non floral so I can definitely see the appeal! However, There are also lots of people who I know want florals banned from plus size fashion, and I can;'t say I agree.

I know there is a need for something different and definitely much more variety when it comes to fashion, but banishing pretty flowers from our fashion forever? No thank you! Straight sized websites such as SSENSE have loads of floral patterns available, so it would be amazing to see some of these come through into plus sizes too!

This Spring, pastels seem to be really popular - I am by no mean an expert, this is just something I have noticed. I love pastel flower dresses and feel that they can be a really welcome to addition to a wardrobe at this time of year! There is something really romantic and nice feeling about floral, or perhaps that's just me?

Do you own any floral clothing? Are you a lover or a hater?

Debz x

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