Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Saving Money Online With The Body Shop

Since moving house and having an actual bath, I have fallen in love with bath bombs. I know these have been everywhere for what seems like forever, but before now I only had a shower so I missed out!

My new place has a bath and I love it! Since then I have been trying all sorts of bath-bombs, mesmerised by that fizz they give when they hit the water and all of the colour changes - they're great aren't they?

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I know that everyone raves about a certain store for bath bombs, but I have been looking around at all sorts of places - basically wanting to try them all! haha. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that The Body Shop have a great range of them- I guess the days of just having White Musk body sprays are well passed them!

Although they already have a great price point, I still love a bargain and was really pleased to see that there are loads of new discounts on Groupon too! I love this because it means I can get more for my money - and who doesn't like that!? 

I really love online shopping, so being able to use a discount code and save a few pennies while I am at it is even better! I am actually a massive fan of Groupon deals, so these just give me an excuse to save even more money! And I get to buy loads of amazing Body Shop stuff, who wouldn't be happy?

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What I have noticed while browsing The Body Shop website is that they have loads of other things to choose from including some amazing body mists that I really want to try! And as much as I joke about White Musk, they have plenty of this - I think I'll have to try this even if just for nostalgia sake!

What was the last thing you bought from Body Shop?

Debz x

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