Wednesday, 25 July 2018

DIY - Do I Have To?

I'm not going to lie - I love Ikea! There I said it.  I have to admit it's a brand new love affair, which I have discovered since moving into my flat a months ago. I do keep meaning go and look around an actual Ikea store, but at the moment I am managing to live out my love with online shopping, and what a happy love affair it has been!

When I knew I was moving into my flat the first thing I did was a massive Ikea shop - I love the convenience of being able to get everything all in one place and the fact that they have so much to choose from. Of course, their purse friendly prices help! I know, this sounds like a sponsored post for Ikea, but I can assure you it isn't - I just love the website! I’m fact, in my living room I have three of their coffee tables in different colours, it really was meant to be! When I knew everything was arriving I persuaded Lucia from U Can't Wear That to come and have a furniture building party with me, she's a pro!

A Helping Hand

As much as I love Lucia for giving me a hand, a manual for what we needed to build definitely helped. The fact we were only putting together really easy stuff is irrelevant, I definitely needed some instructions! In fact, the TV stand was too much for me and I had to wait for my dad to visit to build it for me - who cares that he lives 2 hours away, sometimes you just need dad to put things right for you! That said, visual manuals definitely help!

That said, I realise I am very lucky because the manuals I needed were written in English, so I could follow them reasonably easily and without hassle. However, I can see why multilingual manuals would be handy because it means that they’re accessible to everyone. After all, if you’re putting together any sort of flatpack furniture it makes it much easier to know what you’re doing!

Tell Me More
I want to know your flat pack furniture hints and tips, tell me what handy hints you would share with someone wanting to put together furniture! Is there a hack I am missing, or is it literally a matter of reading the manual and getting on with it?

If I was going to share a hint it would be to make sure you have everything you need before you start. Nothing worse then getting everything unpacked and ready to go before you realise you’ve forgotten a screwdriver or need something that you haven’t got in handy reach! So read the manual, see what is needed and get everything ready before you get started!

I definitely will be buying more for my home, including a massive wardrobe and a sideboard for my living room – not sure how easy they’ll be to put together but I am excited to try!

Debz xx


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