Friday, 20 July 2018

Home is Where The Heart Is

I have been in my rented flat a few months now and I am definitely keen to start making it home. Although I can’t do as much as if I owned my own home, I am excited to get started. I do sometimes dream of what I would do if I was a homeowner, but I think my budget restraints would put a dampner on lots of what I would want to do – but what’s life without a little wishful thinking!?

Home Within These Walls

One of the things I would love is to be able to decorate exactly how I want. Although I can fill my rented flat with as many accessories as I like, it’s not quite the same as being able to go wild on the walls. I have to say I would love a living room decorated with a stunning floral wallpaper and that’s definitely something I would have if I had the choice – maybe I should speak to my landlord?

I actually quite like the idea of a mural on the wall – floral, or a nice quote and I think that would be my choice for a bedroom if I had my way. I love a bedroom being all cosy and welcoming and I think there are some great floral choices out there that watch this. Especially if you go for a neutral floral colour which means that any bedding choices go with this.

Carpets and Curtains

Me, personally, I prefer a laminate or wooden flooring over carpet – although then I like a nice fluffy rug. My home is all about cosy comfort and so I have lots of rugs, blankets and cushions everywhere. I am happiest when I am on my sofa, with my blankets watching something on the TV. For bedrooms I like bedrooms but for living rooms I like curtains – fussy aren’t I?

Your Home, Your Rules

Much like fashion and style I am a massive believer in your home being exactly how you want it. You’re the person who spends their time there, so it should absolutely be something that you love. Yes, there are trends and fashions and people might give you their advice, but why would you go for something someone else wants, when you’re the person who has to live there?

What are your home interior choices?

Debz x

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