Saturday, 28 July 2018

Small Home Turned Glorious Mansion... Almost

Britain has some of the smallest houses in Europe. In fact, you would struggle to find another European country that understands the principle of the 0.5 bedroom you see in most modern homes in England and Wales! While size isn’t always an indication of value, it’s fair to say that homeowners would much prefer switching their shoebox homes for an XXL alternative. However, the property ladder has become increasingly more slippery over the years, so that homeowners struggle to afford bigger homes. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you can't find a solution to maximise the space in your current property. In fact, you’ll be pleased to know that you can build your perfect size home without moving out – and without breaking the bank. Indeed, you might want to consider dedicated home improvement projects to make a confined space feel like a mansion house.

The smart extensions that don’t break the bank
First of all, a basic single-storey extension would typically cost around £1,000 per square metre. In other words, it’s a lot cheaper to extend your usable floor surface than to look for a new home. But you will find a variety of options when it comes to home extensions. Conservatories are a great choice if you want to create a large living room or a home office and maximise natural light in your home. They are also a fantastic alternative to extend your kitchen. A loft conversion can also give you an extra bedroom or a study, especially in Victorian and Edwardian buildings. However, you will need to add skylight solutions to keep the light flooding in. Ultimately, when you plan an extension, you need to make sure that the home transformation will maintain a direct source of light in each room.

Nothing gives the illusion of space better than modernising your interior decor. In Victorian terraces, it’s not uncommon to find the bathroom just next to the kitchen. You need to be creative to transform the floor plan and break free from the archaic setting. Your bathroom doesn’t need to be downstairs anymore; move it upstairs. You can then make the most of the space by extending the kitchen. If you’re using a conservatory that extends the home into the garden, it could become your dining room. This lets you allocate the space of your former reception room to the next kitchen. And voila, you’ve got yourself a modern, open-area kitchen.

Less is more
It’s no wonder that one of the most popular interior trends at the moment is minimalism. Indeed, the secret to managing an open-plan extension is to minimise the decor. There is no miracle here: a cluttered room appears small and crowded. In comparison, using your furniture to define function-based areas within the space builds a sense of freedom. There’s also a sophisticated elegance in choosing only a few decorative items to add an accent in each zone. That’s precisely what makes your small home feels a lot bigger.

Can you have a small house and a big home at the same time? Yes, you can! Undeniably, you can accentuate the multi-dimensional impression through cleverly positioned mirrors and creative patterns. But you’ll be surprised how quickly redesigning your interior space can transform your tiny home into an affordable XXL alternative.

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