Thursday, 2 August 2018

Giving Your Bathroom That Glam Factor!

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in our houses. Everyone in the family is going to be spending a good amount of time in there each morning and evening, and all those 2 minute trips to the toilet mean some tender loving care is needed each week to keep the wet room on its toes… But are you really happy with the way your bathroom looks afterwards?

We’ve all seen the pictures of those shower fittings that have wide open spaces and geometric designs to them, with plenty of different shower heads to hit you from all sides to really make sure you’re clean. And whilst we might not be able to afford an installation like that, we can do other small things to lift our bathrooms into the wow factor we’d expect of a celebrity mansion! So here’s some ideas to spark a bit of inspiration.

Even a simple potted plant on the bathroom counter can be a great touch, and instantly add about 50 points of glam to the space! (Unsplash)

Dot Some Amenities Around

We all love a good bar of soap, and we all love the smell one can introduce to the bathroom; it’s relaxing and clean on your senses, and makes you feel right at home, even when the tiles are cold and the walls are blank to the eyes! So if you don’t have any trays to sit next to the sink, to store some hand towels, a good bar of soap, and maybe a bath bomb or two on, now’s the time to invest in a couple!

It’s a cute little upgrade, and can very well imply that you’ve got plenty of comforts for anyone wanting to bathe to indulge in. As a design choice, it’s a strong one you can switch in and out whenever you want to.

Make the Sink a Focal Point

The sink is a big part of the bathroom, usually opposite the door, meaning it’s the first thing we see when walk into the bathroom. And because of that, it’s a good focal point to glam and glitz up a little, especially when people are going to be powdering their noses there! Make sure there’s some soft towels hanging off of the edge, or that there’s rug in front of it at the least.

Most of all, you’re going to want to make sure the mirror is well lit, and that there's a good backdrop to make the tiled wall look a little more interesting. So the next time you’re at a home depot store, or you’ve found yourself looking for a cheap renovation online, look for bathroom mirrors with lights to really introduce a change to your bathroom space. You never know, it could make the room look a bit bigger as well, which is great for a downstairs bathroom you had fitted in under the stairs. 

Giving your bathroom a glam factor is quick and easy when you get creative with your everyday items!

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