Saturday, 11 August 2018

Oh, Where Will You Travel?

I am not very well travelled and it is something that I would really like to change in the future. Although I haven't given much thought to where I would want to go, I know there are some places that would be great to see! 

When I was younger, I became scared of flying and so haven't flown since. I have had plenty of chances to but always declined and stayed at home. As someone that is a massive advocate for living your best life, I guess this isn't the approach, but it's the one I have.

That said, when I saw friends looking up cheap holidays to Spain this year, or jetting off to America and having a few weeks of summer adventure, I think I want a piece of that! I definitely think sometime in the next few years I would like to travel aboard, the question is to where?

Seeing as lots of people seem to enjoy the tourist parts of places such as Spain, I think that could be a good start. I know that when it comes to Spain, there is something for everyone so once I got there, I could enjoy the exact type of holiday that I want. I've seen friends photos of Spanish beaches, food and bars and know that I would absolutely adore it if I was to get out there!

Image result for spanish beaches

As someone who gets excited walking around Birmingham parks in the sunshine and visiting Blackpool, I just know that a holiday to a place like this would blow my mind. Much like anything, shopping online for a holiday like this is a really good idea as there are some real bargains out there! By the looks of it, once I am there you can spend as little or as much as you like too, depending on the type of places you visit - perfect if you're on a budget!

Maybe I should make it my aim to go on a plane and visit somewhere like Spain before I turn 40.

Are there any travel adventures you'd like to have?

Debz x

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