Wednesday, 29 August 2018

The Importance of Complaining

I have to admit, I am a complainer. That's not to say I am someone that complains about nothing, but if I have had poor service then I am not afraid to complain. I think that if a service has been poor, then one of the best ways to get this fixed is to make the company aware. After all, if they don't know there is an issue then they might just carry on doing things the way they always have, and that is no good to anyone.

The Right Way To Complain

Let me make things clear, I am not a screamer or a shouter. I might raise the issue in the shop/restaurant when it happens but this is just so I can get a quick fix. Otherwise I would much rather make a call or send a letter after the incident and I can put my thoughts together properly.

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Not only that, but often the person serving you, cooking your food, dealing with the customer service side of things is not the person that makes the decisions, so telling them you're unhappy just makes them feel bad, when they don't have the power to fix things.

Getting in Touch

What I would much rather do is get in touch with the right person, which often means contacting a companies head office. I use Head Office Finder to find their contact details, as this tends to make life much easier. I've found the website to be really accurate too, which is super useful!

A Job Done Well

That said, as much as I am a complainer, I like to say well done for a job that is done well. I'll always try to go out of my way to leave a Trip Advisor review, a few words on a Facebook page or even just tag them in an Instagram post about how good the service was. Good customer service is important and I love to celebrate this too.

Where do you stand on complaining? Do you do it or is it best avoided?

Debz x

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