Monday, 24 September 2018

Glam Up Your LBD

If you're someone that listens to fashion rules, then every woman needs at least one great little black dress in their wardrobe. The LBD is one of the most versatile garments that can be worn for almost any occasion, and which you can quite easily dress up or down and change to suit any event simply by changing the accessories you wear and the way you do your hair and makeup.

One of the best ways to wear your little black dress is the glam way. You can look effortlessly elegant and undeniably glamorous in a little black dress with a few simple tweaks.

Here are some of the best ways to effortlessly glam up your LBD:

Layer Up Your Necklaces

If you want to really make an impact when you rock up in your favourite LBD by changing the way it looks for the better, layer up your necklaces. Pick a few of your favourite pieces and wear them all at once! This will work best if you have a few different styles, colours and textures, but even layering up lots of thin, simple silver chains will add some much-needed sparkle to your beautifully simple dress.

Add a Collar

If your LBD has a high enough neckline, you could add a little glam by wearing a detachable collar. If you choose one which is either jewel-studded or made of faux-fur, it will look amazing!

Stack Your Bracelets

If you want to keep your neckline simple, you could add some extra glam to your outfit by stacking up your bracelets instead. Whether you use costume jewellery or more expensive pieces, or even a mixture of the two, it will look fabulous. In this case., the more bracelets you stack the better,and again, if you can create a mix of plain bracelets and jewelled/beaded ones, it will look even better.

Wear a Statement Ring

If you want your little black dress to look subtly glam, then wearing one big statement ring is a great way to go about it. You could wear a sparkling costume ring or even one of those classic engagement rings that are big, bold and beautiful - it doesn’t matter as long as it looks good, it can be seen and you love it. Flash it around a little (without being obvious) and you will come across as glamorous even in the most simple LBD.

Add a Biker Jacket

You might not think that leather biker jackets are particularly glam, but they really can be, especially if they are studded and teamed with a beautiful LBD. They achieve a tougher kind of glam look, but glam they truly are, so if you don’t already own one. Invest now and you’ll look amazing even on those cooler evenings when you want to cover up a little.

Wear Tights

Again, you might not think of tights as being particularly glam, but these days, you can get tights that are glittery, jewelled, boldly coloured and patterned, and that means you can effortlessly create a beautiful, pretty look simply by covering your legs.

How do you wear your LBD?

Debz x

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