Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Surviving Winter

I think it is time that I stop being in denial and admit that winter is, indeed, coming. I'm sat writing this with a cardigan on, which is a pretty big deal for me - so I think I have to accept that the cold weather is well and truly on its way! I am sure by now most of you know I hate the cold weather and wish for it to be summer every day, however that just won't happen so now is the time to start thinking survival tactics. 

Wrap Up Warm

I am sure most of us know that wrapping up warm is essential for winter, although I have to admit to being really bad at following my own advice on this one. One thing that is best for winter is layers as these tend to keep you warmest - also sensible for when you head inside buildings and want to take off a layer or two to avoid you overheating.

Getting Prepared

As much as I can be in denial about, it is time to start thinking about winter. Now is the ideal time to start thinking central heating systems. In lots of cases your heating won't have been on for a good few months, so you really want to test it before the really cold weather comes and it's too late! In fact, when it comes to central heating boilers, you should probably get yours serviced every few years. This can seem like an expense you can do without, but you need to think of it as an insurance - because a broken boiler could be much more costly!

Make Life Easy For Yourself

Thanks to the internet, we have loads of ways to make life nice and easy for ourselves. If the weather is icy don't risk it with heavy bags in from the shops, instead, get your groceries home delivered. I mean, I would use the same advice for dinner/takeaways but I might be pushing it a bit! Make sure you invest in good footwear and give yourself plenty of time to travel if you do need to go out and the weather isn't the greatest!

What tips would you share?

Debz x

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