Monday, 3 December 2018

6 Christmas gift ideas that aren’t toys

When it comes to buying gifts for all the adults in our families, we often lean towards things like bottles of wine, experience days and food and drink which arguably makes gift shopping a little easier for those we love; Vogue lists the top UK weekend breaks and you can find plenty of other ideas and places to experience by simply searching online.

But what about the younger people you have to buy for? Kids get so much over the festive period, especially if they have a large extended family – you run the risk of buying a similar or duplicating a gift. So, instead of buying something that’ll get lost in the tidal wave of Christmas toys why not get something that’ll last and really stand apart?

Try these 6 Christmas gift ideas.

Something to grow and nurture

A little pot of cress might spring to mind when we think of kids growing things. But how about taking it up a gear? A small fruit tree or plant is a beautiful gift that you can treat all the children in one family to – which means you won’t have to think of several other, individual ideas – it also teaches the kids about patience, how to care and nurture things and how all their hard work can be rewarded.

Something for their taste buds

Treating little ones to some super cute baking essentials means that you’re showing how much you value their creativity and their ability to make something scrummy. A little whisk, bowl, measuring cups, apron and rolling pin, even their very own cookery book are great starting points. They can start their baking adventures as early as Boxing Day!

Something for their curiosity

Never underestimate the power of a magnifying glass! There’s so much your little one can do with it. Whether it’s searching for a clue during their imaginative play, or hunting insects in the garden during the spring. Add a book about native insects and you’ll have a jungle explorer on your hands before you know it. Or how about a pair of binoculars and a bird book? Little ones will love being able to spot things that are oh so far away!

Something for their creativity

A sewing machine. It might sound a little complicated but being able to sew and craft is an important life skill to have. So, if you’re creative yourself, why not introduce them to the world of sewing and stitching. Or even just a hand sewing kit with thread, fabric and needles is a great starting point.

Something to burn some energy

Do the little ones you’re buying for have a favourite theme park, animal park, zoo or day out that they love visiting again and again? If so, why not treat them to a years pass?
Something for someone really small!

It can be difficult to buy for a baby. So how about making something? A tightly sealed jar filled with shells or dried pasta. Or even a box of tissues that they can enjoy pulling out again and again!

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