Wednesday, 9 January 2019

4 Reasons Why Your Family Garden Needs an Artificial Lawn

We love our gardens. There’s nothing better than letting the kids out to play on sunny days and enjoying the warm weather with a glass of something chilled in hand.  

Keeping our gardens neat and tidy isn’t an easy task, however, and can sometimes prevent us from spending quality time with our families in the great outdoors. That’s why artificial lawns are becoming increasingly popular for many domestic households, and in this article New Lawn Artificial Grass Limited give us the low down as to why a fake lawn might be a great choice for you family.  

A Clean Home  

Do you dread letting the kids outside only for them to come in an hour later full of mud and grass stains? No matter the season, keeping the great outdoors where it belongs can be an arduous task when little ones are in and out of the house.  

While we can’t promise your children won’t make a mess elsewhere, an artificial lawn will at least take some of the headache out of keeping your home tidy. When artificial lawns are laid, the installers prepare the surface with an infill. This isn’t soil based, which means you can enjoy a mud free zone in your garden. Even after heavy rain, the water simply drains away leaving no puddles or slippy patches for kids to fall (or roll around) in!  

A Flat Play Area  

Whether your family consists of children or pets (or both!), natural lawns can take a significant beating from boisterous play and inquisitive minds.  

When the surface for your new lawn is prepped, a good installer will ensure the surface is completely flat. So, when the grass goes down, you’ll find no potholes or uneven patches that may cause a problem for users of the garden.  

Not only that but artificial grass is difficult for animals to dig up. In fact, they’re less likely to go on the hunt for buried treasure as there will be nothing to sniff out beneath your freshly laid lawn.  

A Non-Toxic Garden  

Artificial lawns are often created from nylon, polypropylene or polyethylene. These are perfectly safe materials that are sometimes even used in food-grade packaging! With this, you can be sure that whatever artificial grass product you decide on, it can be enjoyed by all members of the family without the worry of injury or harm.  

You’ll also never need to use nasties like fertiliser on your lawns when you’ve got an artificial one in situ. Artificial grass is UV resistant, so doesn’t fade after prolonged exposure to sunlight, nor will it wither and die due to drought or general ill health. Because of this, you can take comfort in the fact that children and pets won’t encounter any problems when they’re out enjoying the garden.  

A Beautiful Space for Minimal Effort  

What if we told you that you could scrap the lawnmower and still enjoy a gorgeous garden all year round?  
That’s exactly what an artificial lawn can do for you!  

Beyond the occasional brush and a splash of water (and, let’s face it, the rain can probably do that for you), a fabulous fake lawn requires very little maintenance to remain fresh.  

That means you can enjoy your outdoor space without feeling guilty when the lawn starts to resemble a mini rainforest in the growing season – and it will always be ready for the kids to hold an impromptu football match no matter the how much it rained earlier on in the day.  

Family friendly, low maintenance and beautiful. If those are the top three things you want from your garden, then an artificial lawn may be just the thing for you. New Lawn Artificial Grass Limited can support you in choosing a variety of artificial turf that meets your needs, so get in touch with them today (or, you can head over to the website and order a pack ofree artificial grass samples to see how great it is for yourself!) 

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