Thursday, 10 January 2019

Clothing Alterations And Beyond: How To Feel Confident In Whatever You Wear

Confidence is the key to happiness. Feeling great in whatever you wear could change how you live each day.

For years, society has dictated what’s in fashion and what should be in our wardrobes. We feel under pressure to fit in with the latest trends or to buy clothes specifically ‘suited’ to our body types, even though they may not necessarily be very ‘us’. It seems to be the way of the world these days.
However, to really become happy in your own skin when it comes to how you dress, it’s important to listen to yourself. What do you feel good in? Which style of fashion would you love to wear day to day? The answers to these questions should speak volumes.
So, how can you make sure you’re always confident with what’s in your wardrobe? Here are a few steps to consider:

Don’t be a sheep!

If you don’t feel confident in your own skin, it can show. As we’ve already mentioned, you need to listen to yourself. If you’re simply filling your wardrobe with the latest winter fashion that isn’t really ‘you’, then what’s the point?
You’ll have your own unique style hidden away somewhere – everyone does! This is what you should be embracing. Want to wear dresses whatever the weather? Are ripped jeans and a baggy shirt more your thing? Go for it! Don’t shy away from who you really are.

Cheaper can be better!

To be fashionable in your own way, you don’t have to search through designer brand rails or spend a fortune on an outfit. More than likely, you’ll find something perfect on the high street or even a charity store. In fact, sometimes, you can find incredibly similar items from a selection of different clothing stores!

Clothing alterations can be a godsend.

If you have a lot of great clothes already stored in your wardrobe but they don’t really fit anymore, you don’t need to throw them out completely. Clothing alterations could be just the ticket and adjusting your current clothing stash could be all that is needed. Whether you need jeans alterations or your favourite dress taking in or letting out, you can, a lot of the time, salvage your favourite pieces.
It can also be relatively simple to make a few tweaks to an outfit to make it suitable for any occasion. If you have a shirt you like to use as an everyday item, for example, then adding a belt and some leggings can make a lot of difference! It’s all about using your imagination to your advantage.

Don’t pay too much attention to size.

Size is just a number. If you’re thinking you need to be a certain size to fit in with the fast-paced fashion world, think again. It’s more important that an item of clothing fits you instead of you forcing yourself into a size that is uncomfortable, and, thankfully, a lot of clothing brands and stores are quite accommodating. Do your research and choose what fits!

Do the opinions of others matter?

Sometimes, the opinion of a friend or family member can be invaluable to a person. We’ve all asked the question, “Does this suit me?” when waltzing out of a clothing store’s changing room. However, sometimes, you just know when something looks good on you.
A dress, for example, may not be to the taste of others around you, but that doesn’t stop you feeling a million dollars in it. So, instead of always listening to what other people say, listen to yourself once in a while! After all, you do know best when it comes to your fashion choices.

Dress to impress – the right clothes will improve your confidence!

Hopefully, these tips will encourage you to live for the moment, and to dress for you and no one else. Do you have any tips in mind to stay confident in yourself? What is your preferred style? Let me know in the comments!

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