Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Finding The Right Décor For The Perfect Home

Whether you’re moving home or have just decided to give your house a bit of a spruce up, shopping for home accessories can be really exciting. I love that there are so many choices out there now that you really can decorate and style your home in anyway that you like. There are plenty of retailers online that offer some amazing stuff and then places like Etsy offer homemade and outside of the box options to ensure that there is something for everyone. Of course, this also means that whatever you want to spend there should be something for you too!
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What Do I Need To Buy?
Chances are, like me, you’re on a budget when it comes to buying things for the home. Oh, it would be lovely to just be able to buy exactly what we want without worry but for most of us that simply isn’t the case. For me, when it comes to deciding what I need to buy, I start with a list! I’ll be honest, I do love a list so that probably comes as no surprise. I generally write down each room in the house and make a note of items that I really like and want to stay and then a list of items that I would like to replace, or simply don’t have at all.
This often gives me a good starting point on what I need to buy and how much I need to spend out. It also lets me make a decision on what is priority and perhaps what is more of a want rather than a need!
Finding The Right Items
Once I have this I can start to put together ideas of what I would like to buy. Pinterest is really good for this if you want to spend a bit of time exploring options as it allows you to get inspiration from all over the place. I actually discovered a really cool website called Lions Homes recently and they have loads of really cool items, so it’s always worth having a browse and seeing what you can find out there.
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For me, I know that I want to get more funky accessories, wall art etc around my home so that is definitely something that I am on the look out for. I love the accessories section on Lions Home because they have loads of different items, and a hand menu down the side which makes it easy for me to look at exactly what I want.
Share Your Ideas With Me
One thing I love doing is look at peoples home style choices online. I’m always looking at places like Instagram and getting home envy! I definitely want to perfect my home style choices so if you have any ideas on where I can shop or where I can get some really cool inspiration from please let me know as I would really love the advice!

Debz xx

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