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Oil Painting Reproduction of Famous Nude Artwork

The art world is no stranger to nudity. A lot of the world’s famed artists have at one time or the other created nude pieces, some of which are now celebrated as master pieces. The truth is that according to history, a lot of these paintings were seriously frowned on at the time they were painted. Some of the artists who we today celebrate for these painting may not have actually received such high praise when they painted them. You can read some of their history here.

It will never be clear why these artists painted these nude works though some explanations have been attempted by experts. Whatever their reasons, the fact remains that these paintings are famous today and people are ready to part with millions of dollars to own any of them that comes into the market.

Examples of Famous Nude Artwork

There are a number of nude artworks that have attained celebrity status. These are artwork that many people will never get to see physically but will still know a lot about. Here is a list of some of these paintings:
The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli painted in the 1480s. It is currently in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy.

Venus and the Lute Player by Titian, the Venetian renaissance painter between 1565 and 1570. It is said that he did not complete this painting before dying and that there exist two versions of the painting. One version which is the more complete one is in Cambridge while a second version said to be in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is largely incomplete.

Adam and Eve by Albrecht Dürer, the German Renaissance artist. This was painted around 1507 and is currently located at ‎Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain.

Reclining Nymph painted by Lucas Cranach the Elder in 1518 in Germany. It is currently located at Museum der Bildenden Kunste, Leipzig, Germany.

Venus painted by Lucas Cranach the Elder in 1532 in Germany. Its current location is Städel, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The Fall by Hugo van der Goes between 1467–1468. It is currently located at Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria.

There are a lot other of these master pieces that we can list. However, we will make do with these for now.

How to Own a Famous Nude artwork

Anyone who has any little idea about famous artwork knows that they are beyond expensive. These famous nude paintings are no exception, with some of them costing millions of dollars. Given that these paintings cost more than an arm and a leg, it is practically impossible for most rich persons to own them how much more the average Joe.

A lot of times, even with your money ready to purchase them, you won’t find them for sale. This further increases their value.

Thankfully, oil painting reproductions of these famous artworks have now offered everyone an opportunity to own any of these that catches their fancy without parting with a fortune.

What is Oil Painting Reproduction?

According to a simple definition of oil painting as given here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oil_painting_reproduction - oil painting reproduction is the copying of an original oil painting by another artist. In most cases, there is only one original of any of these masterpieces which means that only one person can own any of the originals. In a lot of other cases, no one person owns any of the originals as they are only displayed at museums.

With a reproduction, a top-quality artist paints these famous painting, making them available for far less. These reproductions are by no means low quality paintings. If anything, given the advancement that has been made in art and technology, it is possible to achieve higher quality reproductions of these paintings, but that is not the objective.

What usually differentiates a good reproduction from the original is the fact that the reproduction is sold as a reproduction even though it can easily pass as the original. A reproduction can also be scaled up or down to give you any size of the painting you desire.

Choosing an Artist for an Oil Painting Reproduction Job

The quality of an oil painting reproduction is dependent totally on the skill and experience of the artist handling the job. It is therefore important that you choose an artist that has the ability to deliver the best quality of reproduction.

Finding such artists has become much easier with companies such as 1startgallery.com. These art companies employ the best artists to handle hundreds and even thousands of different oil paint reproduction jobs.

All you need to do is either browse through their collection of famous paintings or send them a sample of your own and they will reproduce it for you perfectly. You also get to choose the size in which you want the painting. Best of all, for as little as $305, you can own any of the famous nude paintings you’ve only admired from a distance.

Now you have no reason not to satisfy your artistic desires.

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