Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Planning the Perfect Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are probably hundreds of of magazines, blog posts and guides you can read that will tell you how to have the perfect day. However, as handy as these guides are - who really can say what is perfect?

The truth is that there is always a  big build up to a wedding, with worry about everything running smoothly and going to plan. This is fine, but I imagine that sometimes the worry of this can spoil the lead up to the big day and in some cases the day itself. The truth is that there is no real set list of what makes a wedding perfect. We're all different, have different tastes, needs and budgets. If I were planning a wedding, I think the most important thing would be staying true to myself and ensuring that whatever I do plan, I am doing it because I want to and not because I think it is what is expected or what I think my guests will like.

Planning What You Want

Whatever you plan, your guests just want you to be happy and enjoy your day. So, make sure you plan what you want to do and stick to it. That being said, there is nothing wrong with reading up on some wedding inspiration and getting ideas on what you would like for your big day. You can even Google ideas around what you would like and really plan something special.

For example, I am a massive fan of photos - I don't think you can take to many! So something like a wedding photo swap would be perfect. There are loads of ways that you can get photos involved in your wedding - for example I would almost definitely have a photo booth with some fun props! These are great ice-breakers to help get everyone chatting together and you'll be left with some fun photos and amazing memories to look back on.

Get Inspired

The internet is a hive of wedding inspiration, so you can definitely take something away from these. I think, for me, the important thing would be to not copy items exact – because whatever type of wedding I would have, I want it to be unique.

Don’t forget as well, there are many different types of ceremony you can have, even if the big white wedding idea isn’t for you. You can also use some wedding ideas of other parties and special occasions. Want a photo booth for your 40th birthday? Favours for the table when you turn 30? Guest book at your 21st? Why not!

Just remember that whatever type of celebration you are arranging, it is for you and all about you. So plan something fun, but make sure it is something that you want and you’ll enjoy. Plan it and then get on with enjoying it, because if we’re all honest with ourselves – that is the most important part!

What are your must haves for a wedding or party?

Debz xx

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