Monday, 7 January 2019

Plus Size Clothing - Seeking Out Alternatives!

We all know that plus size clothing doesn't always have as many options as we would like, especially if you're above a size 22/24; where options get much more sparse.

That said, plus size fashion definitely has improved over recent years and it's worth celebrating this! Many brands are starting to offer a wider range of choice, and I really hope that 2019 this trend continues! However, we're still not at a stage we should/could be, so it's worth considering what you can do to dress exactly how you would like, no matter your size.

Men's Clothing

One of the biggest trends I have seen recently is people ignoring gender labels on clothing and wearing exactly what they want - which is great news if you ask me! Men's clothing can sometimes have more generous sizes which is good - but also if you're willing to wear things such as men's t shirts, you open up a whole new range of choice!

Think Oversize

One thing I saw taking off last year and I would love to see more of, is people wearing over sized items in a more fitted fashion. If you get an over sized dress in a size 18 then you can often wear this even if you would usually wear something nearer a 22/24. It is all about experimenting and working out what works for you.

Ignoring Sizes

I have always championed this and it is something I will continue to do. Clothing sizes aren't always worth paying attention to, especially if you're in a store. Instead try things, see how stretchy they are, how generously sized they are cut and you might just find something that will work, even when you didn't expect it!

What tips would you share for finding plus size clothing gems?

Debz xx

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