Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Shine With The Right Accessories This Season

Every girl wants to look her best and to do that you'll know what the coming seasons’ trends will be, but that is
not the only thing you need to get right. In fact, you also need to pick accessories that are not only on trend but
suit your colouring, body shape, and own personal style as well. Luckily, that is a topic that I can help you with,
so keep reading for advice on all things accessories below.


Nothing brightens up an outfit like a necklace, but how do you know which one from the millions that are on offer
are right for you?

Well, traditionally us voluptuous ladies are meant to wear larger styles, a this can help create a sense of
proportion. However, while this is an excellent tip, it really shouldn't stop you wearing anything you like! After all,
there is so much choice, why should we limit ourselves to just one sort of style!

In particular, this season the bold and often irreverent perspex jewellery that is now on that market can work
particularly well to lift an otherwise everyday outfit. Also, as in the coming season, we are going to see a lot of
neon and bold, acid colours, choosing a piece in these tones will ensure you are bang on trend as well.


Picking the right style from the vast variety of bracelets that are on offer can be confusing! You can end up
asking yourself whether to go with a cuff, one with charms, or even beads.

Of course, the key here is to match your choice to the outfit that you are wearing. For example, a retro style
dress with a fifties flared skirt, and polka dots can be set off perfectly with a chunky beaded bracelet.

However, if you are going for more on an edgy or boho vibe, then cuffs that are layered together can give you
that right amount of delicate volume to complete your look.


There is all sort of advice out there on how to match your earnings to the out for you are wearing. For example,
halter necks are often worn with long, dangling earring as they elongate the face and direct attention to the neck
and decolletage.

Of course, even when you have decided on the type of earring to go for, there are still millions to choose from.
Particular favourites of this coming season include geometric shapes in monotone colours, something that has an
almost modish vibe. Although vintage look metallics are also big in SS 2019, so do look out for earrings finished
in old gold, pewter, and even copper to ensure you are wearing the most up to date look.


Shoes maketh the man and the woman, for sure, but I don't care what anyone says because if they are
uncomfortable, they are less than pointless. Happily, there is a distinct trend toward the chunky platform and
flatform sole this season. Something that means you can pick footwear that is will not only help you to shine
style-wise but will allow you to walk miles in comfort as well!

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