Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Time To Start Thinking About A Spring Wardrobe?

It might be a case of wishful thinking, but is it too soon to start thinking about Spring? I know most of us have woken up today to work full of ice and snow and January feels like it has been about 10 weeks long, but please can we start to think about Spring and warmer weather?

Spring Wardrobe

What I like about Spring is that you can wear pretty much what you have done in the colder weather, but with less layers! So if you’re into wearing designer ladies tracksuits you can do so without a massive coat and thick socks – which is perfect for me! Most of you will know I am not a fan of winter at all, so a life without having to wear a coat is definitely one I dream of!

Shopping For New Clothing

Of course, one thing that is GREAT about this time of year is the January sales, of which I’ve noticed OD’s Designer Clothing has a great one! This is fantastic for being able to treat yourself to some new bits and pieces without having to worry about the price tag too much!

Image result for spring cleanout

What I have been doing since January is a big sort out of the clothes I already have. I’ve sorted them into boxes for storage and boxes for stuff that I want to sell, as well as many coat hangers full of stuff I want to keep. I still have a few bags of stuff to sort out, but it has given me a firmer idea of what I have and therefore what I might want to buy.

When you know what you have in your wardrobe, it makes it much easier to shop for new things. You know what you have and what new items you can match with these so you can basically get a new outfit without having to buy everything brand new! For example, I discovered a few skirts I had forgotten about, so in the January sales I’ll be on the hunt for some new tops and possibly boots to go with this!

Be honest, am I too keen thinking about Spring or are you with me on this one?

Debz xx

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