Wednesday, 13 February 2019

What To Do With Electrical Items You No Longer Need

Most individuals recognise that there is a strong need to protect our planet. Most of us take recycling seriously by putting cardboard in the brown bin, paper in the blue bin, and so on and so forth. However, there is an area of recycling that is often overlooked and this is e-waste. E-waste is a major problem all over the globe, and it is increasing by the day. Not only does it damage the environment, but also it can pose a serious risk to human health, as toxic chemicals leak into the surrounding area. This includes the likes of lead, mercury, and cadmium. With that being said, read on to discover some top tips on how you can easily dispose of electronic and electrical products in a safe manner.

•    Don’t throw your electronic and electrical items straight into the bin – When something has broken or the user has lost interest in it because they have upgraded to a new gadget, it is not uncommon for this obsolete item to end up in the bin. A lot of us have a tendency to simply chuck it away and think nothing more about it. However, now you know the dangers that are associated with e-waste, you see how it is vital to carefully consider the disposal of every single electrical and electronic item beforehand.
•    Trade in the item when buying a new appliance – Another option you have is to trade the item in when you buy a new one. In the UK, companies are regulated under the WEEE regulations, meaning they need to offer assistance when it comes to disposing of e-waste. One of their requirements is to take back any electrical or electronic items when customers are buying on a like-for-like basis. Thus, it does not matter where you purchased your item from originally so long as you are purchasing a new item from the same category.
•    Why not donate the items to someone that needs them? – If the items you have are still in working order, you could consider donating them to someone else that needs them. There are plenty of lower income families that are bound to be over the moon with your old mobile phone or microwave. You can put these items in storage until you find someone to donate them to. You could also consider donating these items to charity. Or, if you have an old computer that you no longer need, why not see if a local school in your area could find a use for it?
•    Hire an expert e-waste disposal company – The final option to consider, which is the safest bet of them all, is to use the services of an e-waste disposal company. When you go down this route, you can be confident that your waste will be disposed of in a safe and secure manner. In regard to storage media, they will ensure that all data is destroyed before the item is recycled.

To conclude, the problem of e-waste is growing by the day, but we can be the ones to make a change. By following these simple tips and recycling with diligence, you can help to protect the environment and those who live near to these dangerous landfills.

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