Friday, 7 June 2019

What Influences Your Style The Most?

When it comes to dressing, we’re all always going to be naturally influenced by different things.
Sometimes, you’ll know your own signature style really well. Sometimes, it’s harder to tell.
Either way, you may find that you’re influenced by a range of things. Let’s take a look.
Your Personality
First up, it would be incredibly hard to ignore the fact that your personality is going to be a
heavy influence here. Whether you’re girly or classic, modern or grungy – or anything else,
it can drastically impact on the kind of clothes you’re drawn to, and therefore your style.

So go with it and stick to what you love.
Social Media
Next up, you may also find that you’re heavily influenced by social media too. And you won’t
be the only one! Because, you’re going to find that there’s a lot of influencers, bloggers, and
YouTubers that you see on a regular basis. And when you see something that you like,
you may then trust that social media profile to provide you with more gorgeous outfit inspiration!
Notable Figures
And finally, you may then also find that notable figures, such as celebs and royalty,
influence how you dress. You’ll often find that there are people out there whose style you love.
Whether it’s a singer, actress, or a princess, you may love what they wear and imitate their
style. Even wedding dress styles!

Take a look at the infographic below for information on royal wedding dresses!

Infographic Design By Fabric Direct Online

*Collaborative post

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