Friday, 12 July 2019

Should You Discuss a Marriage Proposal?

Talking about marriage before getting married is a smart thing to do. The majority of couples
discuss marriage before getting engaged. However, the proposal is another matter. Should you
talk about the proposal and what you want it to be or leave it as a complete surprise? If you
choose to talk about it, is there any point in it happening?

The Pros

There are some benefits to talking about your expectations for a proposal. Firstly, you can both
make sure you get what you want. Maybe you both want to propose to each other. Maybe you
don't want to bother with rings. Perhaps you want a fancy affair, or just a quiet and private
moment. It sets your expectations, which is great if you don't like surprises. Being so practical
might not be for everyone, but perhaps you're a practical couple. You can create a moment that
you both love. Many people discuss possible engagement rings, so discussing the proposal is
only a small step further.

The Cons

There could be some downsides to discussing a proposal too. It removes the element of
surprise, except for if you don't agree on exactly when the proposal will happen. A completely
surprise proposal is what you might want, especially if you're hoping for something
truly romantic. It might also make the proposal seem pointless. If you've already agreed
on marriage, perhaps a proposal won't seem necessary.

Discussing your proposal in advance could be a good idea or it might not be. Whatever you do,
think about what the perfect proposal might entail.

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