Friday, 6 September 2019

3 Sure Fire Ways To Boost Your Confidence

You never know who may be lacking in confidence. People who struggle with their self esteem don’t always shy away from social situations, and may appear like the life and soul of every party they go to. While they may appear outwardly confident, they could be feeling acutely scared inside. If this sounds like you, you don’t have to suffer in silence or resign yourself to the fact that things will never change. You need to be proactive and look for ways that will boost your confidence. While confidence is a hugely personal thing, one of these three ideas might inspire you to give your confidence a boost.

Write Things Down

Some people aren’t the talkative type. While people say a problem shared is a problem halved, for some the mere thought of opening up to someone is panic inducing. Instead, consider writing things down. You could do this old school with a pen and paper, or you might like to find your own little patch of the Internet and start a blog. Your blog doesn’t have to be money making, it just needs to be a safe haven for your thoughts. Get yourself some decent hardware, and begin writing. If you have a Mac, look at how to update Mac OS Catalina so you have the fastest and easiest operating system to use. For Windows, ensure you have the 2019 platform. Enjoy writing down your ideas, worries, thoughts and rants if it helps. Before long, you may find people in the same boat commenting on your posts. This can make you feel like you’re not alone.

Do Something New

Sometimes we lack confidence because we feel stuck in a rut. If that’s you, then change things up a little bit. Forget getting in after work to watch TV every night and do something more worthwhile with your time. Head out for dinner with pals, take up a new hobby or enjoy pottering about in the garden. If you fancy trying out a martial art, sign up for a free session. If the gym appeals, get a basic membership and give it a go. Or if you have always wanted to learn Spanish, head to an evening class. Your free time can be as full and as satisfying as you make it. As you meet new people, and make new friends, your confidence will grow.

Get A New Look

While it’s a little cliched, getting a new haircut, heading to a spa or changing your wardrobe can boost your confidence. If you’ve had the same long bob for a decade, go shorter. It can be freeing and liberating to make people’s heads turn for all the right reasons. Your friends and family will begin paying you compliments which can help you stand with your shoulders back and boost your confidence.

If you are naturally shy, or struggle in social situations, don’t allow this to be a hindrance to you. Take things slowly, invite a pal along with you to anything new, and enjoy experimenting with your image. Use these ideas to inspire a new confident you.

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