Sunday, 19 January 2020

Using Your National Culture As A Wedding Theme

Weddings are different all around the world. In Asia, they often wear traditional clothing such as the Japanese early modern style. For the many different nations in the world, there are even more cuisines to choose from. In the south of Italy, more classic Mediterranean cuisine is common for weddings while in the north, you have a more rustic and refined cuisine. In the Western world, a white wedding dress is the most common while in the East, red is far more frequent. With so many variations of weddings to choose from, it's little wonder that national cultures are often used as the themes for weddings. Depending on your nation, you can implement this style for your wedding. It all depends on what nation you’re from and the ways in which you will do it.

The colour scheme
The easiest way to visualise your national culture playing a part in your wedding is to imagine the colours of your flag, becoming the theme of your party. If you’re from France, white, blue, and red shall be seen all over the place. The flowers will be in these colours, the table cloth and seating covers can also be in these colours and you can even have the confetti in your nation’s colours. It's important to not become so predictable and be creative. It can seem a little lazy and unimaginative if the most obvious things are in these colours. Small details like the china pattern and colours can be utilised in the design. How about the ceiling lights, the colour of the candles or even the ribbons hung around the stairs and doors?
The dress code theme
Guests will be observing you and your groom, but your personal team as well. So pick out some classy clothes for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, but they can be in your nation’s colours. If you’re Swedish the navy blue weddings dresses on would be a treat. Check out the Alfred Sung Plus Chiffon v-neck sleeveless maxi dress for your bridesmaids. To go with it, they could wear golden earrings and headbands to symbolise the yellow in the flag. The cross back strap Dessy collection crepe dress would be sublime with some bright yellow flowers such as Begonias. For the groomsmen, their options might be limited in terms of suit colour, but they can wear cufflinks, ties, pocket squares and tie clips in your nation’s colours. There’s always plenty of options for a cultural dress code theme.

Your carriage awaits
Arriving at the church in a national icon is definitely something you will never forget. If you’re from the UK, arriving in a classic Rolls-Royce or Bentley would be a perfect way to pay homage to your nation’s culture. Think of the most classic and iconic cars from your nation and consider the top models when renting your wedding carriage.
Wanting a traditional wedding according to your nation's culture is quite a splendid choice of theme. There’s so much history you can pick from and make your wedding particularly connected to your country’s culture.

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